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China prepares to unleash US inflation nightmare

By Dan Weil

Forget about official inflation figures, which show consumer prices rose only 1.5 percent last year, says Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital.

“Inflation is here,” he tells Yahoo’s Tech Ticker.

“The first place you would expect to see it is in commodities, particularly agricultural commodities and precious metals. That’s exactly what we’ve seen.”

What’s causing inflation? “It’s all because of (expanding) money supply, quantitative easing and stimulus,” Schiff says.

“This is the consequence of what the government has done to try to stimulate the economy by running huge deficits. The Fed prints money to buy up Treasury’s. That expands the money supply and diminishes the value of money.”

So it’s we citizens who pay for government stimulus efforts. “We are paying for the government through a debased standard of living and a higher cost of living,” Schiff says. Read Entire Story in Money News

Yahoo! and Apple divide Jerusalem on iPhone

Internet giant Yahoo! and the Apple computer firm have apparently decided to pre-empt those pesky Israel-Palestinian Authority negotiations and divide the holy city of Jerusalem on their own.

Yahoo! — which runs the weather software application for the slick Apple iPhone — last month removed Israel’s capital city from its list of international locations from which to view weather conditions.

Instead, one must now choose between East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem in order to figure out what the weather is going to be in the city.

The latitude and longitude coordinates for both locations are exactly the same, as is the temperature and other weather details.

On the Yahoo! weather page, which is linked to The Weather Channel, one is offered two Middle East options when requesting weather information for Jerusalem – Jerusalem, Yerushalayim (IL), Jerusalem, and Palestinian Occupied Territories > West Bank, Jerusalem (PS).

Read Entire Story in Arutz Sheva

Journalists demand Yahoo explain hacked China e-mails

Journalists’ rights groups are demanding an explanation and stronger online privacy protections after reporters in China said their Yahoo! Inc. e-mail accounts were hacked.

The accounts of at least 10 foreign journalists based in China and Taiwan were targeted in cyber attacks in recent weeks, Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based press freedom group, said in a March 31 statement. The group cited the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, which is accusing Yahoo of failing to respond to questions or explain what happened.

Killer way to slay the Google beast!

‘They’re telling us they will turn data over to the feds’

Who in the world knows as much about you and your private thoughts as Google?

That’s the question Katherine Albrecht, radio talk-show host and spokeswoman for Startpage, a search engine that protects user privacy, is posing to American Internet surfers.