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Will PA’s UN vote be held on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur?

Foreign Ministry receives reports Palestinian move an attempt to neutralize Israel’s ability to speak before the assembly or exert pressure behind the scenes

ByItamar Eichner

The Palestinians are considering bringing their statehood bid for a vote at the UN on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur, two of the holiest days in the Jewish calendar, according to reports that have reached the Foreign Ministry.

By doing so, the Palestinians hope to neutralize Israel’s ability to speak before the assembly or exert pressure behind the scenes, Yedioth Aharonoth reported.

Israel just approved 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem

Israel approves 1,600 settler homes in East Jerusalem Talks between the two sides are stalled over continued building of settlements in the West Bank Continue reading the main story
Israel and the PalestiniansIsrael suffers summer of economic discontent
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Poisoned atmosphere in talks
Heated diplomacy of statehood bid
Final approval has been given for the building of 1,600 settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem by the Israeli interior ministry.

The ministry is expected to approve the building of a further 2,700 homes, an official has said.

This comes weeks ahead of expected moves by the Palestinian Authority to have a Palestinian state recognised at the United Nations.

Bolton states that the UN vote on a PA State means next to nothing.

by Gavriel Queenann

Former United States envoy to the United Nations John Bolted said the PA statehood bid at the UN in September means “next to nothing” without a peace agreement with Israel, The Associated Press reported Friday.

Bolton, who served as President George W. Bush’s envoy to the UN, said the General Assembly is certain to support the PA bid due to the ‘automatic majority’ the Arab League and its factional allies can call to arms but added it will be meaningless without approval in the Security Council, where it faces a US veto.

Visiting Israel on Friday, Bolton said Israel and the U.S. should “not to take it so seriously.”

The Palestinian may try and block the US from using their veto power in the UN

Foreign Minister Riad Malki says emergency session of the General Assembly known as ‘Uniting for Peace’ could override any veto en route to Palestinian statehood.

The Palestinian foreign minister says the Palestinians will try to bypass the UN Security Council if the U.S. vetoes their attempt to win independence.

If peace talks remain deadlocked, the Palestinians plan to seek UN recognition of an independent state in September.
United Nations General Assembly Hall on Oct. 12, 2010.

EU wins new powers at UN, transforming global body


EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy will now be able to address the United Nations no differently from US President Barack Obama, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez or Russia’s Dimitri Medvedev.

In order to win the vote, the EU had to agree to changes to the global organisation that transforms the UN from an assembly of nation states into a body that also offers representation rights to regional blocs as well, including potentially the African Union, the Arab League and the South American Union.

The EU on Tuesday was given almost all the rights in the global chamber that fully-fledged states enjoy after the General Assembly backed 180 to two a resolution giving the bloc, which until this week only maintained observer status at the UN, the union the right to speak, the right to make proposals and submit amendments, the right of reply, the right to raise points of order and the right to circulate documents.

There will also be additional seats put in the chamber for the EU’s foreign policy chief, High Representative Catherine Ashton and her officials.

Ashton and her team have lobbied heavily over the last six months, according to her representatives, with a major offensive in the last 48 hours by the high representative herself in New York, to push through the changes after the EU was dealt a surprise defeat last September when other regional blocs voted against a similar resolution.

East J’lem residents prefer Israeli citizenship

Elior Levy
Survey held ahead of PA’s bid for statehood finds 35% of east Jerusalemites would opt to remain Israelis, 40% likely to move to Israel if their neighborhood became part of Palestine

A recent survey conducted by Pechter Middle East Polls, in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, ahead of the possible Palestinian bid for statehood in September, revealed that given a choice, the majority of east Jerusalem residents would prefer to remain Israelis.

The survey sampled 1,039 Palestinians living in all 19 neighborhoods of east Jerusalem, and was supervised by Dr. David Pollock.


PM: Palestinian state – only through peace deal / Attila Somfalvi

Netanyahu tells US senators international demand for peace deal would take sting out of Palestinian statehood declaration in UN; shares concerns over calls to annul Egypt peace treaty

Obama risking civillian lives for the New World Order

By Cliff Kincaid

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show on Sunday, host Howard Kurtz asked: “One major question about the assault on Libya, what happened to the media’s skepticism?” He’s right, but his comparison to the war in Iraq was wrong. The correct parallel is President Bill Clinton’s illegal and unconstitutional military intervention in the civil war in Kosovo, then a province of Serbia. Serbia, like Libya today, did not present a threat to the U.S., but in both cases Democratic presidents went to war with those nations anyway, in order to strengthen international organizations.

What the media are missing is the fact that Obama’s war on Libya has no basis in law or the U.S. Constitution. He has decided to wage this war on his own with the authorization of the United Nations, not the U.S. Congress.
The Washington Times has it right in an editorial headlined “Obama’s illegal war. Congress, not the U.N., should authorize force against Libya,” the paper said, “Removing Moammar Gadhafi from power would probably advance the cause of freedom, but the United Nations has no legal authority to take a step of this magnitude. By bowing to the will of the U.N. Security Council, President Obama is diluting the sovereign power of the United States.”

The goal is control

Which is more important: reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy sources, or add 2.85 million acres to the existing 200 million acres of protected areas? According to the United Nations, 27 percent of the total land area in the United States is already locked up in some kind of protected area, along with 67 percent of the total marine area. This means, of course, that there can be no development of energy or other natural resources in 27 percent of the nation’s land and 67 percent of the nation’s marine resources.

Only the most avid preservationist, or the most anti-American, could possibly choose to lock up the nation’s natural resources rather than develop them. Nevertheless, the federal government continues to block readily available and affordable energy development while subsidizing, at great public expense, the development of exotic energy sources such as wind and solar. There is much more than the discredited global-warming scare driving this ongoing obsession to lock up natural resources.

The goal is control. In order to control people, the government must control the use of land. Control of the use of land includes control of the use of natural resources. Energy is the fuel that produces prosperity, and the government bureaucracy has decided that it will control access to energy by controlling the use of land and marine resources.

Will Obama give Manhattan back to Native Americans?

President believes nation can spare some sovereignty

By Eugene J. Koprowski

President Obama is voicing support for a U.N. resolution that could accomplish something as radical as relinquishing some U.S. sovereignty and opening a path for the return of ancient tribal lands to American Indians, including even parts of Manhattan.

The issue is causing alarm among legal experts.

In recent remarks at the White House during a “tribal nations conference,” Obama endorsed the “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People,” which includes a sweeping declaration that “indigenous peoples have a right to lands and resources they traditionally occupied or otherwise used” but that later were acquired by occupying forces.

Read the scoop on the United Nations, in “The Beast on the East River”

“U.N. resolutions like this claiming amorphous rights can be a stalking horse for future attempts to have international courts enforce broad interpretations of those rights at the expense of American sovereignty,” Theodore Frank, a fellow with the Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute, a leading public policy think tank in New York City, told WND

UN Rachel’s Tomb is a mosque

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted recently to officially declare Rachel’s Tomb to be a mosque. UNESCO director Irena Bokova had previously stated “concern” at Israel’s decision to treat the tomb as a heritage site.

The vote called for Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs – the burial site of the other Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs – to be removed from Israel’s National Heritage list.

The Palestinian Authority has claimed that Rachel’s Tomb is holy to Muslims as the site of a mosque called the Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque. The PA demands control over both the tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, as well as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

UNESCO appeared to support the PA demand for the Temple Mount as well, asking that Muslim officials be allowed to examine the Mughrabi Gate near the Western Wall (Kotel). Muslim leaders have accused Israel of attempting to damage the Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount under the guise of repairs to the Mugrabi Gate. Israeli officials have warned that if the gate is not repaired, it could collapse, putting worshipers at the Western Wall at risk.