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A suggested survival list

This column was initially released last June. Without a doubt, this has been one of my most requested columns. So, in response to the large number of readers who have asked me to re-release this column, I do so today. And in doing so, I have added some new material to the original column.

One does not have to be a prophet to know that we are on the precipice of some potentially catastrophic — or at the very least, challenging — days. In fact, most of us are already in challenging days, and some are already enduring catastrophic events. That is, if one would call being out of work, losing one’s home, facing life-threatening medical conditions without any prospect of medical insurance, several families being forced to live in one house due to homes being foreclosed, etc., catastrophic.

The potential for an escalation of cataclysmic events, however, is very real. Only a “blooming idiot” would call someone who attempts to prepare for “the day of adversity” a Chicken Little now. Anyone who does not see the storm clouds on the horizon isn’t paying attention

Hamas summer camp trains 100,00 children

Participants undergo anti-Israel indoctrination; UNRWA run simultaneous camps for a further 250,000 children. Hamas continued to gain strength this past summer as about 100,000 youngsters underwent radical anti-Israel indoctrination at dozens of summer camps run by the terrorist group – which also attacked United Nations camps, its main competition – according to a report released on Tuesday by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center According to the report, more than 100,000 children and teenagers participated in the Hamas camps, which included paramilitary training and military parades. The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization also opened 51 different summer camps for over 10,000 children.

In contrast to the Hamas camps, the United Nations has been running summer camps throughout the Gaza Strip for 250,000 children. These camps, run by UNRWA, are being held at over 150 locations in Gaza. The participants engage in arts and crafts, sports and other cultural activities, and are mostly between the ages of six and 15.

On several occasions during the summer, however, groups of masked men believed to be affiliated with Hamas ransacked a number of UNRWA camps and in one case burned down the facility and all of its contents.

Texas Sheriff Says It’s all

“I think most of us knew the facts, but the thing that struck home the most to me was the fact that we’re doing so little about it at a federal level,” Tom Yarbrough, a guest at the meeting, said. “You leave it in the hands of these fine gentleman at the local level for a while but they’re fighting a military that exists as competent as ours is, but on the other side of the fence. It’s just scary.”
#imag1 Border sheriff shares views at local town hall meeting

According to Sigifredo Gonzalez, the sheriff of Zapata County, the battle on the Texas border is best described as “domestic terrorism.”

When is a Dirty Bomb Attack Not a Terrorist Attack?

“The exercise, called Liberty RadEx, is the largest drill of its kind sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to test the country’s capability to clean up and help communities recover from a dirty bomb terrorist attack.”
#imag1 Critics have been accusing The Philadelphia Inquirer of failing to accurately report on terrorism and terrorists for years and have pointed to the failure of the newsroom to use word terrorist when it is clearly called for as evidence.

Now The Inquirer has reached a new low.

It won’t even use the word terrorist when reporting or ersatz, simulated terrorist attacks.