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Look where ‘Audacity of Hope’ is stirring things up now

Flotilla advocate has history of ‘bold action,’ specialty is ‘getting in the way’

By Aaron Klein

IDF footage from first Gaza flotilla

TEL AVIV – In a presage of trouble, a leader of a U.S. activist ship making its way to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has a history of violent confrontation with Israeli forces as part of a group whose motto is “Getting in the Way.”

The ship is named “The Audacity of Hope,” the namesake of Obama’s 2006 book and his 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention. Obama himself took the name from the title of a sermon, “Audacity to Hope,” given by his controversial pastor of more than 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.

Several of the ship’s endorsers and fundraisers have been close associates of Obama’s.

The U.S. ship, with 50 passengers expected on board, departs for Gaza today as part of an international flotilla attempting to break Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The Jewish state maintains the blockade to ensure against Hamas arming itself by sea. The terrorist group had been caught several times attempting to smuggle weapons, including rockets and advanced missiles, into Gaza by sea.

The CIA is building a secret air base in the Gulf in preparation of worse case scenario

The United States is building a “secret” CIA air base in the Gulf region as it prepares for a worst-case scenario Yemen, the Associated Press reports.

As the political situation in war-torn Yemen deteriorates, Al Qaeda terrorists are taking advantage of the situation to carve out parts of the traditionally divisive nation for themselves. Meanwhile, US strategists are said to be preparing for the possiblity that anti-US factions would win the current power struggle and shut US forces out.

The White House has reportedly increased the numbers of CIA officers in Yemen in anticipation of that possibility, and has accelerated the schedule to construct the new air-base from two years to eight months.

US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because parts of the military and CIA missions in Yemen are classified, asked the AP withhold the location of the base

Osama bin Laden was shot with bullets soaked in pork fat !

Was Osama bin Laden shot with a bullet soaked in pork fat, denying him a place in paradise? Yes, if one rather shady website, that peddles gun oil containing liquefied pig fat, is to be believed.

The makers of Silver Bullet Gun Oil claim it contains 13 per cent USDA liquefied pig fat thus making the product ‘a highly effective counter-Islamic terrorist force multiplier.’ The apparent owner of the gun oil site, who goes by the name ‘The Midnight Rider,’ explains how the pig fat will transfer onto anything the bullet strikes.

This ‘effectively denies entry to Allah’s paradise to an Islamo-fascist terrorist,’ Rider adds.

The oil, which costs $8.95 for 4oz, apparently puts the ‘fear of death into them (terrorists)’.

Is our food chain at risk by poisoning through terrorist ?

Food and drink sold in Britain is under a growing threat from terrorist groups which might try to poison supplies, the Government’s security advisers have warned. By Richard Gray Manufacturers and retailers have been told that their sector is vulnerable to attacks by ideologically and politically motivated groups that may seek to cause widespread casualties and disruption by poisoning food supplies.

The warning from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure [CPNI], which operates as part of the Security Service, comes as experts warned the deadly E.coli outbreak in Germany has highlighted the vulnerability of the food chain and how quickly bacteria can spread.

The highly virulent strain has claimed 18 lives and left more than 1,800 seriously ill, with the true number of cases expected to be far higher.

A senior German doctor last night called for an investigation into the possibility that the bacteria had been spread deliberately.

Terrorist threats cause apocalyptic thinking as rich Russians buy bunkers

Apocalypse Angst Adds to Terrorist Threat as Rich Russians Acquire Bunkers By Lyubov Pronina An artist’s rendering shows a view of an underground shelter of Vivos Group’s Upper Dome Level Plan. Source: Terravivos.com via Bloomberg

The construction site of a nuclear bomb shelter built by Northwest Shelter Systems . Source: Northwest Shelter Systems via Bloomberg Terrorism can be good for bunker builders. An apocalypse can be even better for business.

Danila Andreyev started building “panic rooms” three years ago, when fears of terrorist attacks and commercial disputes turning violent created demand in Russia. Now he’s selling “survival bunkers” for as much as $400,000 each to capitalize on angst over theories the world will end next year.

“I myself am not a believer in doomsday scenarios,” Andreyev, 31, whose Spetsgeoproekt company is completing 15 bunkers at hidden locations across Russia, said at his office in central Moscow. “But when you start hearing clients talking about the end of the world, it gets you thinking.”

While Russia has been a target for terrorists, with 37 people dying in a blast at Moscow’s busiest airport in January, more people are looking to protect themselves from what Andreyev calls a “global cataclysm” in 2012 based on predictions such as interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar.

The reunification of Gaza and the West Bank

by Moshe Phillips

What Does “the Reunification of Gaza and the West Bank” Really Mean? By Cheryl Lewin, Chair AFSI Chicago

As a concerned US citizen and in my capacity as the Chicago co-chair of AFSI/Americans for a Safe Israel (

Please read this statement from Robert Serry, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace (he is from the Netherlands). He is applauding and in favor of what will be the destruction the State of Israel – the entire State of Israel (and there is no differentiating between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem).

Supporting Hamas and Fatah and an alliance between the two is dangerous to all of us.

Below I have included a link where you can contact your congressional representatives and senators.

Our tax dollars must stop supporting the UN and their funding of terrorist regimes.

Read Entire Story in Town Hall

IDF arrest terroist butcher of Fogel family

The Israeli army on Sunday confirmed the recent arrest of two young Palestinian Arabs for the March 11 slaughter of the Fogel family in the northern Samaria Jewish community of Itamar.

An army spokesman told Israel Radio that 18-year-old Hakem Awwad and 19-year-old Amjad Awwad confessed to the murders of Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their young children, and that they showed absolutely no remorse for their crime.

Reenacting the murder, the young suspects told security officials that they infiltrated Itamar at around 9 PM armed with knives. They proceeded to enter a home that was empty and stole an M-16 rifle that they found there.

The killers then broke into the Fogel home, found the bedrooms of 11-year-old Yoav Fogel and 4-year-old Elad Fogel and stabbed them to death. They then

The other tsunami

By Dennis Prager

It takes a special person.

As morally wrong as it is to murder innocent adults, mankind seems to have a built-in revulsion against killing babies. If a baby does not evoke any tenderness, if a baby is regarded as worthy of being deliberately hurt or murdered, we know that we have encountered a degree of evil that few humans — even among murderers — can relate to.

That is why what Palestinian terrorists did to a Jewish family on the West Bank this past weekend deserves far more attention than it received.

Normally, Palestinian atrocities get little attention — certainly far less attention than Israeli apartment-building on the West Bank receives. But this particular atrocity got even less attention than usual because the world was focused on the terrible tsunami that hit Japan.

Solidarity for jihad terrorists

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Showing solidarity with terrorists, the Palestinian Authority has charged Israel with “attacking our people” by targeting five Gaza Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees terrorists who were preparing to fire missiles on southern Israel over the weekend.

The PRC was also involved with the 2006 attack on a western Negev checkpoint at a Gaza crossing in which terrorists kidnapped IDF soldier Gilat Shalit. Shalit is thought to be alive, but his fate and condition are not known.

Although the de facto Hamas government in Gaza is sworn to the destruction of Israel while the Palestinian Authority ostensibly refutes terror and is pledged to halt incitement, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Al-Maliki condemned the strike on the terrorists as an “attack against our people.”

Rendell’s record on Islamofacism and terror

The retrospectives on Governor Ed Rendell’s twenty-four years of service to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are starting in earnest now. As he marks his last weeks in the governor’s mansion, there is no question that Rendell has made his mark on the Keystone State and the City of Brotherly Love.

What will likely go unevaluated, however, except perhaps in this small space, is how much Rendell hurt the cause of Israel, and the cause of United States, due to his approach to Islamic radicals and their allies.

In two important instances — one when he was mayor of Philadelphia and one while serving as Pennsylvania’s governor — Rendell’s infamous tendency to act and speak without considering the full ramifications did significant damage. Remarkably, Rendell almost never incurred a word of criticism for these acts of direct aid and comfort to the enemies of America and of Israel — perhaps because of his Jewish roots, but more likely because he is a Pennsylvania Democrat.

Here is how Seth Gittell, writing at National Review in September 2001, described Rendell’s contribution to preparing Israel’s “peace partners” for war: