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‘The day of reckoning is fast approaching’ for Iran

An Iranian pro-democracy activist provided Israel National News with impressions from a visit to Tehran just before the widespread student protests there earlier this week. The report, by an Iranian who currently lives in the West, begins with a clear declaration: “Let me make one thing completely [clear], most everyone hates, with a capital H, this murderous regime.”

‘UN-backed deal beneficial to Teheran’

Russia’s ambassador to Iran on Sunday urged Teheran to agree to a UN-backed proposal to ship its uranium abroad for enrichment, saying the deal was “beneficial” to the Islamic republic. “We believe that reaching this agreement and signing the technical contract to produce fuel for the Teheran reactor is beneficial to Iran and will help in resolving the nuclear issue,” Alexander Sadovnikov said in an interview with the official IRNA news agency, according to AFP. “This is not to trick Iran in order to take its low-enriched uranium out of its hands,” Sadovnikov reportedly added. Earlier Sunday, however, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad