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Eli Cohen’s message he left the world

A former Syrian prisoner said that he discovered the last message Eli Cohen left the world. By David Lev

Flash 90A Kurdish activist from Iraq, who was formerly a prisoner in a Syrian jail, told journalists that he had apparently been in the same prison cell that once held Israeli hero Eli Cohen – and that he had seen a sort of last will and testament by Cohen scrawled on the wall of the cell.

According to the activist, Daoud Bagastani, Cohen wrote in Arabic “I do not regret what I did, and if I do regret anything, it is what I could not accomplish. Sometimes a person fails because of his friends and comrades,” the text continues. Bagastani contacted IDF Israel Radio with the information, which organized a conversation between him and Cohen’s widow Nadia.

Cohen, who was born in Egypt, valiantly worked as an Israeli spy in Syria for several years in the 1960s, providing invaluable information on the Syrian regime and army. Under the alias Kamel Amin Saabet, Cohen posed as a well-connected expatriate businessman who was returning home from Argentina, and built relationships with some of the top members of the Syrian political and military elite, and it was said that he was even friendly with Syria President Hafez al-Assad. He was finally captured and killed by the Syrians in 1965. His burial place has been kept a secret by Syria.

Over 100 killed in the Syran anti-government rallies


Britain urges Syria to respect people’s right to peacefully demonstrate; 20,000 gather to protest Wednesday’s killing of demonstrators.

More than 100 protesters have been killed by police gunfire in Deraa, the Syrian city where a recent wave of anti-government protests have taken place, AFP cited human rights activists and witnesses as saying Thursday.

Britain urged Syria to respect its people’s right to peaceful protest after reports of many deaths when security forces cleared a mosque in Deraa. “We call on the government of Syria to respect their people’s right to peaceful protest and to take action about their legitimate grievances,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague said.

We’re on the Alert

Wary caution is the order of the day in the Golan Heights, in light of Netanyahu’s apparent readiness to enter into negotiations with Syria.

Sammy Bar-Lev, mayor of Katzrin, the Golan’s only city, told Arutz-Sheva, “We have to be ready and on the alert, though at present I see no immediate danger to the Golan. I don’t know exactly what message Netanyahu gave the Syrians, of course, but if all he said is that he’s ready for talks with no pre-conditions, then that’s OK, because that’s what should be said.”