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Syria shouldn’t test Israel

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday reiterated his view that Jerusalem must enter peace talks with Damascus in the near future, prefacing his message with a warning to Syria not to make a military gamble against Israel.

“I’ve heard some statements about Syria. I do not recommend to any neighboring country, including Syria, to put us to the test. Having said that, I do believe a genuine negotiation with Syria is one of Israel interests. I keep on calling on [Syrian President Bashar] Assad — we all understand what’s on the table and the time is now,”

Netanyahu heading to war

PM knows that rejection of peace with Syria will lead to terrible war

Enough has been said about the war mongers, ranging from Yossi Peled to Avigdor Lieberman. These are honest and transparent people. However, at this time we must raise a hue and cry vis-à-vis the peace imposers. We must scream in the prime minister’s face: You are not heading towards peace, so stop talking nonsense. You are heading towards war with Syria.

If you declare war on Israel, you and your family will lose your reign

FM Lieberman to Assad: If you declare war on Israel, you and your family will lose your reign

Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman this morning warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that he and his family would lose their reign in the event of war with Israel. Lieberman made his statement at a Business Forum hosted by the Friends of Bar-Ilan University.

Syria and Egypt more dangerous for Israel than Iran?

Peace, real peace comes through victory, not through endless negotiations.

Had England or the Allied Forces taken seriously Adolf Hitler’s peace initiative when he sent his deputy, Rudolf Hess to Britain – no peace would have come to the European continent. To attain a true peace you have to win a war.

Britain, thank God, understood what few in today’s Israel understand.

Russian Navy to upgrade Tartus naval base by 2011

Russia will finish the fundamental renovation at its naval logistics base in the Syrian port of Tartus by 2011, said the Navy’s General Staff on Wednesday.

Having been upgrading the Tartus port for several years, the Navy’s General Staff said in a statement that “the main purpose is to develop logistics…to upgrade the existing coastal infrastructures and create new ones that will provide convenient moorage and stable supply for Russian ships pulling into Tartus with fuel, water, food and other supplies.”

New Israeli unmanned wonder boat

The first unmanned stealth craft on the seas, designated Protector SV or Death Shark, recently deployed in the Persian Gulf, is in high demand after its successful performance with the Singapore Navy. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that India and South Korea asked Israel’s Rafael to build craft to their specifications when chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi visited their capitals earlier this month.

More than 100 groups sound alarm over UN

More than 100 religious and non-religious organisations, including several Muslim, have signed a petition against the proposed United Nations resolutions on the ‘defamation of religions,’ which they state will do more harm than good for religious freedom.

We’re on the Alert

Wary caution is the order of the day in the Golan Heights, in light of Netanyahu’s apparent readiness to enter into negotiations with Syria.

Sammy Bar-Lev, mayor of Katzrin, the Golan’s only city, told Arutz-Sheva, “We have to be ready and on the alert, though at present I see no immediate danger to the Golan. I don’t know exactly what message Netanyahu gave the Syrians, of course, but if all he said is that he’s ready for talks with no pre-conditions, then that’s OK, because that’s what should be said.”

Damascus Deception

Two years after their reactor was destroyed, the Syrians still haven’t come clean about their covert nuclear program and the world’s nuclear watchdog is powerless to make them.

Hezbollah Readies for War While UN Can Only Observe

In a Lebanese village 10 miles west of the Israeli border, black-capped Hezbollah militiamen stand guard in front of a suspected weapons cache.

Even though they are unarmed, their presence deters United Nations peacekeepers from approaching the house in Khirbet Silim, preventing the UN troops from fulfilling their mission, which is to stop Hezbollah from rearming.