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School to use hi-tech child tracking system

In the wake of the tragic death of a kindergarten student two months ago, after she was left locked in a minivan for hours, an Indian school here is set to implement a high-tech solution that will enable the school and parents to monitor students’ entry into and exit from school buses.

Called Automated Child Tracking System (ACTS), the state-of-the-art monitoring system will be adopted for the first time in Qatar by Birla Public School when the school reopens in September after the summer vacations, officials said yesterday.

“We have been working on this system for quite sometime so children can be monitored to ensure their security and safety,” said A K Shrivastava, the school principal.

Hezbollah Readies for War While UN Can Only Observe

In a Lebanese village 10 miles west of the Israeli border, black-capped Hezbollah militiamen stand guard in front of a suspected weapons cache.

Even though they are unarmed, their presence deters United Nations peacekeepers from approaching the house in Khirbet Silim, preventing the UN troops from fulfilling their mission, which is to stop Hezbollah from rearming.