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Iron Dome deployed in central Israel

Anti-missile battery to remain in Tel Aviv metropolitan area for several days for training purposes Yoav Zitun

Israel’s Air Force deployed an Iron Dome battery near the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area on Wednesday. Previously deployed in the Gaza vicinity area and Eilat, the battery has been placed in the area for training purposes.

The innovative anti-missile system, whose developers recently won the Israel Defense Prize, continues to travel the country. After being deployed in more volatile regions such as Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, it is now arriving at central Israel.

Recently, it has been exposed that despite the great praise the system has been receiving, the soldiers operating it have been complaining of tough conditions on the ground. They lack permanent accommodations, warm meals and other basic provisions.

School Bells and Rocket Sirens

Although the third Hamas-Israel ceasefire is still in effect, Sderot schoolchildren began the 2009 school year both excited and yet apprehensive. Two days before the doors to Sderot’s nine schools opened, two rockets fired from Gaza triggered the city’s rocket…