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An administration ready to blame Israel for everything . . . including anti-semitism

By Jonathan Tobin

The ground is fast sinking beneath the feet of President Obama’s Jewish defenders. While the president is trying to raise money from Jewish donors by patting himself on the back as Israel’s greatest friend in the White House, the Secretary of Defense has now made it clear that he sees the Jewish state as responsible for the isolation it faces. Equally as egregious is the fact that Howard Gutman, Obama’s ambassador to Belgium, told an audience this week he thinks Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians is responsible for the creation of a new kind of anti-Semitism that he believes is understandable on some level.

Panetta’s speech on Friday at the Brooking Institution in Washington and Gutman’s comments to a conference held by the European Jewish Union were obviously not coordinated, but they combine to give us a clear view of the distorted mindset of administration officials. This is an administration that sees Israel as a source of trouble, not an ally. Combined with the sorry history of three years of Obama’s picking fights with Jerusalem, the positions of both Panetta and Gutman give the lie to the notion this is an administration friends of Israel can trust.

That the secretary of defense would choose to blast Israel in this manner just as Obama is starting to crank up his re-election campaign speaks to the cognitive dissonance many Jewish Democrats are experiencing. For Panetta to claim Israel is responsible for its own isolation just as Obama boasted of his friendship for the Jewish state shows either a lack of coordination between the Pentagon and the White House or a desire on the president’s part to signal the Arab world he is prepared to put the screws to the Israelis as soon as the election is concluded.

Clinton warns UNESCO of loss of US funds

US secretary of state says UN cultural agency could lose tens of millions of dollars if it agrees to admit Palestine before Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is concluded

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that the UN cultural agency UNESCO should “think again” on plans to vote on Palestinian membership, noting that such a move could cause the United States to cut funds for the organization.

Clinton, speaking to reporters in the Dominican Republic where she was on an official visit, said she found it “inexplicable” that UNESCO would consider moving ahead on a Palestinian vote while the issue was still before the United Nations Security Council.

Israel army prepares for possible clash in West Bank

Ron Ben Yishai

Israel’s security forces are on high alert ahead of Friday’s Palestinian statehood bid in the UN and are preparing for all scenarios: Aerial photography balloons, helicopters dropping stink bombs and teams that will upload videos to Facebook – these are just some of the measures taken by the IDF in preparation of the possible aftermath of the bid.

While armed forces and intelligence assessments suggest that UN bid will go ahead with relative calm, the IDF is taking no chances.

The IDF’s readiness and state of alertness for clashes with massive Palestinian crowds, should they present themselves, is at its peak: The number of troops in the West Bank has received a major boost of three regiments and plans for the swift mobilization of a 14 additionl regiments are in place, in order to reinforce the troops already in place.

Will PA’s UN vote be held on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur?

Foreign Ministry receives reports Palestinian move an attempt to neutralize Israel’s ability to speak before the assembly or exert pressure behind the scenes

ByItamar Eichner

The Palestinians are considering bringing their statehood bid for a vote at the UN on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur, two of the holiest days in the Jewish calendar, according to reports that have reached the Foreign Ministry.

By doing so, the Palestinians hope to neutralize Israel’s ability to speak before the assembly or exert pressure behind the scenes, Yedioth Aharonoth reported.

Hundreds of Egyptians:Million man protest against Israel

Hundreds of demonstrators attended the ‘million man protest’ in Cairo demanding Israel’s ambassador to Egypt be expelled on Friday. by Gavriel Queenann

Flash 90Far short of a “million man protest,” hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Friday demanding that the ambassador be expelled from the country. It is unknown if more will arrive after Friday afternoon Muslim prayers.

The protests came amid tensions following the deaths of three Egyptian security officers apparently shot inadvertantly by IDF troops pursuing the terrorists who carried out last weeks lethal bus-atack near Eilat that left 8 Israelis dead.

Egyptian security forces were deployed in the area around the embassy amid fears the potentially large demonstrations could turn violent.

Israel just approved 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem

Israel approves 1,600 settler homes in East Jerusalem Talks between the two sides are stalled over continued building of settlements in the West Bank Continue reading the main story
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Final approval has been given for the building of 1,600 settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem by the Israeli interior ministry.

The ministry is expected to approve the building of a further 2,700 homes, an official has said.

This comes weeks ahead of expected moves by the Palestinian Authority to have a Palestinian state recognised at the United Nations.

Abbas goes for broke to the UN Assembly

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
Arutz Sheva photo: Flash 90Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is “going for broke” in his bid for United Nations recognition of the PA and a moral victory in the face of what a Saudi Arabia news column called “Obama’s gutlessness.”

The Arab News column stated that Abbas has no choice but to go to the United Nations due to “Obama’s state of gutlessness and Netanyahu’s core expansionist agenda.”

It added, “Success in the UN General Assembly is not a recipe for changed facts on the ground, but if the world endorses their rightful demands it will provide Palestinians with a massive moral victory and illuminate America’s honest broker status as a sham. To avoid embarrassment and a split with numerous U.S. allies, President Obama has taken to using weasel words and empty promises he knows cannot be fulfilled.“

Syria orchestrates the border clash with Israel

A leaked Syrian government document shows that the regime orchestrated last month’s border clashes with Israel.

Syrian security forces were told to grant free passage to 20 protester-filled buses and allow them to cross the cease-fire line with Israel, according to the memorandum, which was obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

“All security, military, and contingent units are hereby ordered to grant permission of passage to all [20] vehicles (47-passenger capacity) with the attached plate numbers that are scheduled to arrive at [10] in the morning on Sunday, May 15, 2011 without being questioned or stopped until it reaches or frontier defense locations,” the memorandum says.

The document, which bears the Syrian state emblem, was written and sent after what it describes as an “urgent meeting” between the army’s deputy chief of staff and senior intelligence officials in Al-Qunaitera province, which is adjacent to Israel.

Nakba Day flying in 500 Palestinians July 8 to Israel


Pro-Palestinian activists planning to send hundreds living abroad on commercial flights July 8. In the wake of “Nakba Day,” “Naksa Day” and an anticipated Gaza-bound flotilla later this month, pro-Palestinian activists are planning to send hundreds of Palestinians living abroad on commercial flights to Ben-Gurion Airport next month in a dramatic display of solidarity.

According to a report released this week by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, an Israeli NGO, organizers believe the planned Gaza flotilla is too limited in scope, and broader action is needed to “remove the blockade from the entire land of Palestine.”

PM Netanyahu rejects Obama’s pre-67 borders

JERUSALEM — Israel’s prime minister on Thursday gave a cool reception to President Barack Obama’s Mideast policy speech, warning a withdrawal from the West Bank wold leave Israel vulnerable to attack and setting up what could be a tense meeting at the White House.

In his speech, Obama endorsed the Palestinian position on the borders of their future state, saying it should be based on Israel’s lines before the 1967 Mideast war. Israel captured the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza Strip in the fighting, and the Palestinians claim those areas for their state.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas planned to convene a meeting with senior officials as soon as possible to decide on the next steps, said Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Abbas is determined “to give President Obama’s effort and that of the international community the chance they deserve,” Erekat said.