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Honing terror’s dialectic

The dialectic of managed terror, attrition and threats of major conflict is growing in the Middle East. The client states in the region now are grouped into two clearly identifiable blocks one of which is escalating rhetoric and armaments at an alarming rate. One may lose oneself in everyday concerns and their imperatives and/or feel, at least at the edges of consciousness a heightening of terror. When violence occurs, the major media, mouth pieces of the powers will urge salvation through regional solutions arranged by the Quartet and United Nations.

Threats and tensions have reached such a high level that a series of explosions at Iran’s main underground base, near Khorramabad in the western Iranian province of Lorestan, for the Shehab – 3 ballistic missile, though “a devastating blow” to Iran’s offensive plans and pretensions is the least newsworthy of current events [1]. One could say that the non-coverage of this major event is in inverse portion to the posturing and hatred of those most effected.

During his two-day visit to Beirut, an advertisement for the continuing absorption of Syria and Lebanon by Iran, Ahmadinejad “announced the formation of a new anti-Israel Eastern Front encompassing Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinians and Iraq.” Amid the ranting against “the Zionist entity as the embodiment of the deception of the capitalist world order and [its] materialistic ideas,” [2] a phrase that could have been written in Moscow or London, the Persian chieftain sketched two groupings that reflect the dialectic conflict that indicate the shape of already extant counters and future fighting. A map shows that Ahmadinejad denotes a northern Middle Eastern grouping that is unstable and also a result of Anglo-American diplomatic maneuvers. Readers of Memri.org know that since 2003 the US State Department has driven Turkey toward Islamic – centered powers, alienating it from the Western coalition and facilitating its continued exclusion from the EU. Turkey’s recent receipt of SU -27 and Mig-29 fighters from China [3], arriving just as the Persian spree in the Lebanon occurred accentuates this northern grouping and obscures the instability of any arrangement between Syria and Turkey except that based on oppressing the Kurds, semi-autonomous in Northern Iraq.

Sycamore tree turns Jericho into a tourism hub

With a giant trunk and boughs towering 60 feet high, a gnarled sycamore near Jericho’s main square has long been touted as the very tree that the hated tax collector climbed to get a glimpse of Jesus.

Now it’s taking center stage in a plan to transform this ancient desert backwater into a tourism hub.

The tree, once tucked obscurely away on a side street, is a featured attraction of a Russian-funded museum complex to be unveiled this month as part of Jericho’s 10,000th birthday celebrations.

At the Oct. 10 launch of yearlong festivities, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will outline ambitious plans for Jericho, a Jordan Valley oasis that bills itself as the world’s oldest and lowest-lying town, at some 780 feet below sea level.

“This is to promote Palestine as a destination,” Palestinian Tourism Minister Khouloud Daibes said of the venture, which includes a resort to be built on the shores of the nearby Dead Sea. The Palestinians even hope for an airport in the area, though both projects hinge on Israeli approval.

Egypt prevented 190 antiaircraft missiles found in Sinai

Arsenal including antitank charges intended for Gaza discovered by police in peninsula Ali Waked

Egypt has prevented a shipment of antiaircraft missiles and explosives from entering Gaza. Security forces uncovered stores of ammunition in the northern Sinai Peninsula, probably intended to be smuggled into the Strip.

Palestinian news agency Maan reported that Egyptian police exposed a hidden arms arsenal containing explosives, in a desolate area near at the center of the peninsula.

UN moves forward to implement Goldstone Report

Among the multitude of attacks on Israel that the United Nations has sponsored over the decades, last year’s Goldstone report on the 2009 Gaza war stands out for its dangerous distortions of fact and law. Now the UN Human Rights Council has sponsored a second-team of investigators to press forward with the report’s implementation. Just as with round one, the United Nations has guaranteed the result of round two by selecting individuals whose independence is compromised from the start.

This second rendition of Goldstone was crafted by a March 2010 resolution of the Human Rights Council. That resolution first declares that Israel – and only Israel – committed “unlawful acts” in the Gaza war. And then it establishes a committee of experts to monitor and assess all judicial and other proceedings taken by Israel to respond to the General Assembly’s endorsement of the Goldstone report and its long list of supposed Israeli crimes.

Obama, Israel and the Genesis prediction

Most observers, right or left, pro-Israel or anti-Israel, would agree that Israeli-American relations are the worst they have been in memory. Among the many indications is that only 9 percent of Jewish Israelis think President Barack Obama’s administration is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian, according to a Smith Research poll taken during the last week of March on behalf of the Jerusalem Post. Given how much Israelis love and admire (and emigrate to) America, this level of mistrust is all the more remarkable.

A nuclear Iran could become the first “‘Suicide State’

President Barack Obama–today launching a special nuclear security summit in Washington–finally acknowledges that Iranian threats to annihilate Israel are serious. Still, Obama fails to understand that applying so-called economic sanctions to Iran will be ineffectual. Somehow, despite very good reasons to the contrary, the president is now insisting that Israel learn to “live” with a nuclear Iran.

Obama confidently assumes that Tehran could be dealt with using the normally-compelling dynamics of nuclear deterrence. The problem with such threat-based optimism, however, is the always-underlying presumption of enemy rationality. Without rationality, deterrence will fail.

No system of nuclear deterrence can operate unless all of the involved countries value their own physical survival more highly than anything else. Significantly, Tehran’s new nuclear status could coincide with an unshakable leadership belief in the Shi’ite apocalypse. Here, Israel would face not only more Palestinian suicide-bombers (President Obama’s recycled Road Map toward a “Two-State Solution” will only encourage Palestinian terrorism), but also a “suicide state

Netanyahu cancels trip to Obama’s nuclear summit

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference dinner in Washington.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his trip to Washington next week for President Obama’s global nuclear summit in the wake of escalating tensions between the two nations over Israel’s planned housing expansion in East Jerusalem, Fox News has confirmed.

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Recent Palestinian attacks have ratcheted up tensions A Palestinian man walks through a destroyed workshop at the scene of an overnight Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on Friday. GAZA – Israeli warplanes bombed the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday, following a rocket attack on southern Israel a day earlier.

Three children were reported injured by flying debris after the air raids that came in the early hours of Friday in eastern Gaza City, al-Jazeera reported.

Despite ‘row,’ US seals military deal with Israel

The US gives written consent to generously boost the Israeli military despite Washington’s alleged dissatisfaction with Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Upon agreeing on a relevant deal, the United States agreed to hand over roughly 250-million-dollars worth of Hercules C-130J aircraft to the Israeli army, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper said on Thursday.