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Say no to civil war

Hagai Segal As opposed to the impression created around here in recent days, the settlement enterprise’s continued existence does not hinge on the settlement regularization bill. With the help of God and Zambish (settler leader Zeev Hever,) this enterprise is doing quite well already.

PM issues threat ahead of Wednesday’s Knesset vote on legislation aimed at preventing Ulpana evacuation; hundreds of settlers demonstrate outside Supreme Court in Jerusalem: ‘Land of Israel belongs to Jews.’ Meanwhile, dozens of tires delivered to Beit El neighborhood

Organizers of March to Jerusalem vow ‘no violence’

Thousands of protesters from PA, Lebanon and Jordan slated to head towards Israel on March 30 Elior Levy, Roi Kais

A Global March to Jerusalem on the occasion of Land Day will take place on March 30. Convoys from Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority are scheduled to arrive at Israel’s borders at 11am at the end of Friday prayers.

Organizers are claiming that more than 700 institutions from 64 countries support the initiative, directly or indirectly. Protests will also be held outside Israeli embassies in various European and Arab countries. It appears no marches will be leaving Egypt and Syria due to the volatile political climate in those countries.

Palestinian Liberation Theology

By: Shelley Neese

Replacement Theology—the belief that the Christian Church replaced Israel in God’s plan—has found a new home in the work of the Sabeel Center—the Jerusalem-based ecumenical organization for Palestinian Christians. After experiencing decades of decline and total rejection by many denominations, Replacement Theology has resurfaced in the form of Palestinian Liberation Theology (PLT)—a theological movement pushed by Sabeel. PLT rejects the eternalness of God’s promises to the Jewish people based on a dangerous manipulation of scripture. PLT’s goal is to radically reinterpret the Bible to make it more relevant to Palestinians and less partial to Jews. PLT grew out of the Liberation Theology movement popularized in Latin America in the 1970s and 80s, a faddy form of Christian socialism where Replacement Theology met Marxism. They emphasized oppression of the poor and encouraged political activism to abolish perpetual class struggle. The rich were against God by way of their wealth, and the poor were privileged by way of their poverty. The Bible was reduced to nothing more than stories about the poor and the persecuted.

The heyday of Liberation Theology was its inception. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the failure of Marxist revolutionary movements in Latin America, Liberation Theology lost most of its justification and influence. The premise did appeal to Palestinians, because of its favor for the underdog and its potential to de-Zionize the Old Testament.

It’s no secret that Israel’s founding ignited a theological crisis in the Palestinian Christian community. The Abrahamic covenants and Old Testament prophecies justified Israel’s national rebirth. According to Naim Ateek, founder of the Sabeel Center, the Torah was seen as a “Zionist text” and became “repugnant” to Palestinians. Palestinian Christians needed a new theology that would in Ateek’s words “liberate God from the Old Testament.”



PA President Abbas’s statement that UNESCO decision “is vote for peace” is utterly incomprehensible; Rather, it is a vote for bigotry, hatred and conflict.

A huge cheer of joy erupted Monday in the General Assembly room of the Paris-based UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) after “Palestine” was voted in as the organization’s 195th member.

However, the event was, in reality, not a cause for celebration but another lamentable example of the moral bankruptcy of the UN and its organizations.

While the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel voted against it, such bastions of human rights and freedom as China, Russia and Brazil voted in favor.

Disappointingly, Austria and France – two states which should have known better – voted in favor, while Britain and Germany could do no more than abstain.

In its rush to aid the Palestinians in their unilateral bid for internationally recognized statehood status, UNESCO completely disregarded its own declared educational and cultural standards based on equality and mutual respect.

Instead, UNESCO effectively endorsed the warped, hate-mongering Palestinian national “narrative” as reflected in the Palestinian Authority’s official school textbooks, cultural policies and popular media.

Impact-SE, a research organization that monitors and analyzes schoolbooks and curricula across the Middle East, with an eye toward determining their compliance with international standards on peace and tolerance – like those set by UNESCO – found shameful examples of anti-Semitism being taught in the Palestinian educational system.

I’ve Had it With the Jews

Radical left journalist Amira Hass not only doesn’t like the Israeli government, she doesn’t like a “purely Jewish environment,” either. By David Lev #imag1While most Jews were busy celebrating Rosh Hashana, far-left journalist Amira Hass was regaling an audience in Vancouver with chilling tales of “the occupation” – the horrors that Hass claims Israel has been perpetrating against Arabs in Judea and Samaria for decades.

But besides talking politics, Hass also talked about Israeli society – and how she no longer sees herself as a part of it. Accusing Israel of being an “apartheid state” that was carrying out an “ethnic cleansing against Palestinians,” Hass told attendees at the event sponsored by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East – a far left “activist” group that supported the illegal Turkish flotilla and the attempted lynch of IDF soldiers – that she had felt far more welcome during the several periods she lived in Gaza and Ramallah than she did in the country of her birth.

And in an interview with Paul Weinberg of the Canadian site Rabble, Hass, the daughter of Holocaust refugees, said “To tell you the truth I cannot see myself living in a purely Jewish environment. I will not be able to move back to Israel if I had to, and to live in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem…. I told my Palestinian friends, who are Israeli citizens, okay if I am kicked out of Ramallah, I will go and live in a Palestinian neighborhood, in Israel itself.”

Obama pushes for new talks as Abbas keeps UN hopes alive

By Lesley Clark . Divided…pro-Israeli protesters against the upcoming vote to grant Palestine United Nations membership outside the United Nations. Photo: AFP

UNITED NATIONS: With his administration and United States allies unable to dissuade the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, from pursuing membership at the United Nations, President Barack Obama will make a case for reviving the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Mr Obama, who was set to meet Mr Abbas yesterday, is expected to include in his remarks to world leaders before the UN General Assembly a reiteration of US policy: that for the decades-old conflict to be resolved, Palestinians and Israelis need to negotiate.

”Peace is going to have to be made between the parties,” the deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, said, offering a preview of Mr Obama’s remarks. ”It’s going to have to be the Israelis and the Palestinians sitting down, dealing with the very hard issues that have divided them. There’s no shortcut to peace.”

‘I will give birth in mourning’

What should have been a day of joy for Lilach Shushan – the birth of her third child – will instead be a day of tremendous emotional upheaval.

Lilach, nine-months pregnant, buried her husband Yossi Shushan on Sunday. He was the one fatality resulting from a barrage of 100 Palestinian missiles on southern Israel over the weekend.

A tear-drenched Lilach was forced to attend the funeral of her beloved husband on a stretcher for fear she would go into labor.

“His family was everything to him,” Lilach told Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot. “He was such a wonderful father, always putting the joy of his children before his own desires.”

Police gearing up for September riots

Commissioner Yohanan Danino says police faced with new reality marked by attempts to infiltrate borders, Facebook campaigns as forces fear Palestinian UN bid will spark violent outbursts Aviad Glickman

Israel’s police are gearing up towards September when the Palestinian Authority is slated to ask the United Nations to recognize Palestine.

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino said Sunday that police forces are preparing in case the declaration sparks violent riots.

Speaking at a legal conference in Eilat, Danino said that attempts to infiltrate borders, calls on social networks and the current state in the Middle East pose a new reality which the police must take into account. “It’s a national task, a security challenge and Israel’s police must act as an initiator.”

Destroying Hamas is the only goal that makes sense

Posted By Moshe Phillips

The May 11, 2011 Wall Street Journal editorial “Engaged to Hamas” at first glance seems like the type of clear thinking on the Middle East that is missing from The Washington Post and The New York Times. The conclusion of the editorial stated:

There’s no way for any donor or for Israel, which transfers customs and other receipts to the Palestinian Authority, to ensure that money won’t be used by Hamas to launch more rockets on Israeli school buses.

Good, right? But here’s the problem – and it’s a big one – everything in that last line is correct, it is what is not being said that is the key to why the entire Arab-Israeli conflict goes unresolved. Even if Hamas does not “launch more rockets on Israeli school buses” assumes that Hamas is not evil and both needs and serves to be utterly and completely destroyed. Destroyed because it is evil. The moral thing to do is to destroy evil when it poses a “clear and present danger” or likely will again.

When the Allies after World War Two conducted a systematic effort of denazification it was not because the Nazi Party or Nazi ideas were going to be threat in 1946 or 1947 but because the Nazis’ ideas were dangerous enough that if not outlawed and fought and vanquished on the battlefield of ideas then the Allies had every right to believe that they might have to return to combat on the actual battlefield in the 1950s or 1960s and fight the Nazis again.

The purpose of war is to permanently eliminate the threat coming from your enemy. Far too often history has revealed that wars are things that must be won decisively or they will cause subsequent conflicts that grow in both intensity and the degree of devastation. Evil must be confronted and evil must be destroyed. Hamas is evil. Hamas is the enemy. Hamas must be eliminated.

Cut PA aid Democrat Senators tell Obama

Dozens of senators urge president to end aid to Palestinians if Hamas joins government

Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – Obama pressured by own party members: Following the recent Hamas-Fatah unity deal, 29 Democratic party senators sent a letter to President Barack Obama Friday, urging him to end American aid to the Palestinian Authority should Hamas join the PA government.

Now, along with Republican party senators endorsing the move, there is a clear majority in support of cutting the massive aid offered by the Administration to the Palestinians.

Head of Hamas politburo says in Wall Street Journal interview that nature of struggle against Israel to be determined by Palestinian consensus. Fatah official: Hamas willing to adopt nonviolent resistance; Israeli official: We don’t buy it

In their letter to President Obama, the Democrat senators write that “the decision of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to form a unity government with Hamas – a designated terrorist group – threatens to derail the Middle East peace effort.”