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Beck moving Restoring Courage to another loacation


American talk show host says security concerns prompted move away from the Temple Mt.; suggests event may be held at Mt. of Olives.
Conservative radio host and former Fox News commentator Glenn Beck announced that he is moving a mass rally planned for August from the Southern Wall of Jerusalem’s Old City.

On his radio show Monday, Beck said that warnings from security officials led him to fear that the event could turn violent, and possibly result in the outbreak of “World War III.”

Noting that “this is a country that has experienced the death of Yitzhak Rabin,” Beck said, “obviously, that would be horrific in nature if something like any kind of violence would happen” at the rally.

The August 24 event has been billed “Restoring Courage,” and it was originally slated to take place at the Southern Wall excavation site in the Old City of Jerusalem

Time has come to let Jews pray on Temple Mount

Op-ed: Time has come to end the discrimination, allow Jews to pray at Jerusalem holy site

Hagai Segal

The day the Old City was conquered was the happiest day in the sovereign State of Israel’s history. It was a rare day where imagination and reality, prayers and actuality came together. Even David Ben Gurion characterized it as a more joyous day than the day our independence was declared.

Regrettably, it was also a day of historical failure: Instead of celebrating on Temple Mount, the paratroopers ran to the Western Wall.

They simply got confused. That generation was still closely attached to the memory of the Diaspora, where the Kotel served as a symbolic substitute for Temple Mount. This period kept on extending and with the passage of time we saw emotional confusion between the substitute and the original.

The end of the line on Jaffa Road

Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road has been a main thoroughfare in the holy city since before there were cars. However, the multi-year light rail project putting above ground train lines throughout the city has wreaked havoc in the downtown area of the street, which begins at the entrance to the city from Tel Aviv and continues all the way to the Old City near Jaffa Gate.

And now for the unkindest cut, over the weekend, Jaffa Road was closed for good to vehicular traffic to make way for the testing of the new trains. That means that all the bus lines comprising two thousand buses a day that traveled on the avenue have now been rerouted to narrow, cramped nearby side streets like Agrippas (home of Mahane Yehuda) and Hanevi’im St.

As expected, it’s not going so well a few days into the process with passengers complaining of bus rides that were triple or even quadruple their normal time. Never mind the shop owners on Jaffa Road who have been hurt by the five years of track and infrastructure building, and are now being further penalized for their location.

The Old City under renovation

New tunnel in Jewish Quarter will lead to underground parking lot with dozens of apartments on top.
Talkbacks (1) The last time someone blasted through the Old City walls was in 1898, and it’s going to stay that way, architect David Sherki told The Jerusalem Post while clarifying his plans for the proposed construction in the Old City.

Sherki’s firm is building a parking garage in the Old City, and it will have a new entrance, but not a break in the walls. Instead, the architect proposes to create a tunnel underneath the southern wall between the Zion and Dung Gates.

The tunnel is part of a larger plan that includes new public parks, dozens of apartments and a 600-space parking area underground.

Sherki’s company, Jerusalem Building Workshop, was in the media recently amid reports that it was planning to break through the Old City’s walls in order to build the new garage.

Turkey building 10 meter high wall inside Jerusalem

For no apparent reason, the Turkish government is building a 10 meter high wall along a section of the Old City wall in Jerusalem.

Aryeh King, Chairman of the Public Complaints Bureau in eastern Jerusalem, recently noticed signs in Turkish and English around a section of the Old City wall near the Lions’ Gate. The signs proclaimed that a construction project was being carried out by Turkish governmental fund TIKA. Next to the signs, Arab workers were working on completing a huge 10 meter high wall around the Muslim cemetery there, and the wall is now virtually finished.

Archaeology and the struggle for Jerusalem

The City of David site attracts archaeology students from across the globe

“I like to travel and when I travel, I like to have a guide book. Here in Jerusalem, that guide book is the Tanah, the Bible.”
This is how guide Asher Altshul likes to start his tours at the expansive City of David archaeological site in Jerusalem.

Jewish activists planning Temple Mount ascent

A group of activists dedicated to bringing Jews to the Temple Mount told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that they were hoping to see hundreds of participants take part in a planned “mass pilgrimage” to the site scheduled for Thursday morning in honor of Hannuka, which celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple after it was recovered from Hellenist Greeks more than 2,000 years ago.