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Start Your Centrifuges

by Hal Lindsey Saturday, November 23rd, in Geneva Switzerland, the United States of America sent a clear message to the major powers of the Middle East: “Gentlemen, start your centrifuges.” The contestants were already in place, ready for the order…

WikiLeaks shows Arab nations against Iran more than Israel

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

WikiLeaks exposures are a dangerous precedent but have revealed to the world the Arabs’ private fears of the Iranian nuclear threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday.

He added that Israel was not damaged by the leaks, which at worst caused some embarrassment to American officials, who were quoted in diplomatic cables as using negative terms to describe several world leaders.

The documents officially revealed what everyone already knows from “sources” quoted in the media – that the Arab world is frightened of the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

A nuclear Iran could become the first “‘Suicide State’

President Barack Obama–today launching a special nuclear security summit in Washington–finally acknowledges that Iranian threats to annihilate Israel are serious. Still, Obama fails to understand that applying so-called economic sanctions to Iran will be ineffectual. Somehow, despite very good reasons to the contrary, the president is now insisting that Israel learn to “live” with a nuclear Iran.

Obama confidently assumes that Tehran could be dealt with using the normally-compelling dynamics of nuclear deterrence. The problem with such threat-based optimism, however, is the always-underlying presumption of enemy rationality. Without rationality, deterrence will fail.

No system of nuclear deterrence can operate unless all of the involved countries value their own physical survival more highly than anything else. Significantly, Tehran’s new nuclear status could coincide with an unshakable leadership belief in the Shi’ite apocalypse. Here, Israel would face not only more Palestinian suicide-bombers (President Obama’s recycled Road Map toward a “Two-State Solution” will only encourage Palestinian terrorism), but also a “suicide state