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US preparing military for possible Iran conflict

The US does not want to see confrontation with Iran but is still preparing its military for that possibility, America’s top uniformed officer said Thursday.

“We’ve looked to do all we can to ensure that conflict doesn’t break out there, while at the same time preparing forces, as we do for many contingencies that we understand might occur,” Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during an appearance at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

How the ex-PM has become a one-man multinational money-making machine.

Add to My Stories So, as the job of European President apparently recedes from Tony Blair’s grasp, should we feel sorry for our former prime minister, sitting at home watching his dreams of returning to the world stage turn to ashes? Perhaps not. In fact, there is every reason to believe that Mr Blair might be rather relieved if he doesn’t have to go to Brussels, because taking the job would have meant renouncing his current role as a one-man multinational money-making machine. If you were to take Mr Blair’s activities at his own evaluation, you would believe he divides his time between trying to save the world in the Middle East as the representative to that troubled region from the UN, the U.S., Europe and Russia; running his own faith and sports foundations in London; and organizing various other charitable endeavors. But the truth is a lot more complicated – and vastly more lucrative – than that.

Heavy rains and winds lash Israel

Central Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, was hit by heavy rains and strong winds Thursday night and throughout the day Friday.

While the rain is desperately needed amidst a growing water crisis, it also wreaked havoc in lower-lying areas.

Jordan Valley may be hurdle in peace talks

Israelis, Palestinians each stake claim to section of West Bank

The backhoes are busy on housing plots for this new Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley, and young families, under army guard and toting M-16s, have begun cultivating dozens of acres of land with dates, olives and other crops.

‘The PA is Taking Over Jerusalem’

The Palestinian Authority is taking control of eastern Jerusalem, warns Jerusalem city councilman Yakir Segev. In an interview with Arutz-7’s Hebrew news service, Segev said, “Today there is no real Israeli sovereignty in eastern Jerusalem.”

Iran, Turkey aim for $20 billion trade by 2011

Deals between two countries include power plants, industrial zone, bank branches Reuters

Iran and Turkey said they agreed on Wednesday to strengthen energy, banking and transport ties in a drive to almost treble trade between the two neighbours to $20 billion in the next few years.

“The two countries are seriously determined to expand their bilateral relations in all fields,” Iran’s first vice president, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, told a joint news conference with visiting Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan spoke of plans to increase trade to $20 billion in 2011 and said he welcomed an Iranian call for trade volume to reach $30 billion eventually. Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said last week bilateral trade was $7 billion in 2008.