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CIA, FBI paranoid about Mossad

Charges of espionage against US Defense Department scientist Stewart Nozette reflect “extreme views” against Israel that could harm US-Israel relations, former AIPAC staffer Steve Rosen told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

‘Gomer’ and ‘Beth Togarmah’ turns on Israel

Are the intensifying Turkish-Israeli tensions prophetic? Turkey is a beautiful, wonderful and fascinating country.

The Apostle Paul wrote much of the New Testament either in Turkey (then “Asia Minor”), or to the churches located throughout that remarkable land. The Apostle John saw in Turkey the startling vision of the End Times that became the Book of Revelation. The country later became the seat of the Ottoman Islamic empire. Later it became a modern democracy, a NATO ally, a friend of Israel, and the original “Reformer” country. I have been there numerous times and shot part of the Inside The Revolution documentary film there last year.

But something is amiss. Just back from a family vacation

If Israel strikes Iran, U.S. will likely join

The United States would find it difficult not to join an Israeli air strike in the event that Jerusalem decides to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, a former top-ranking U.S. Air Force officer told participants at a conference this weekend organized by a Washington think tank.

First swine flu vaccinations arrive in Israel

The first swine flu vaccinations arrived in Israel Sunday, and 350,000 doses are expected to be here by the end of the week.

The vaccinations, produced by the Swiss company Novartis, were flown in. They are expected to pass inspection, have the relevant stickers in Hebrew applied, and be distributed to the health maintenance organizations and hospitals over the next two weeks.

Jordan’s king warns Israel on Jerusalem ‘red line’

In talks with Spanish PM, King Abdullah urges international community ‘to act firmly against any Israeli measures aimed at changing identity of Holy City’

Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned Israel of “disastrous repercussions” if it crosses a “red line” on Jerusalem, in talks on Friday with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.