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Our legacy passed along

by Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky My dear child,

It is now a quiet moment late at night. After an exhausting day of Passover cleaning, you have sunk into the sweetest of sleeps, and I am sitting here with a pile of haggadas, preparing for Seder night. Somehow the words never come out the way I want them to, and the Seder evening is always unpredictable. But so many thoughts and feelings are welling up in my mind and I want to share them with you. These are the words I mean to say at the Seder.

When you will see me at the Seder dressed in a kittel, the same plain white garment worn on Yom Kippur, your first question will be, “Why are you dressed like this?”

Because it is Yom Kippur, a day of reckoning. You see, each one of us has a double role. First and foremost we are human beings, creatures in the image of God, and on Yom Kippur we are examined if indeed we are worthy of that title. But we are also components of Klal Yisrael, the Jewish People, links in a chain that started over 3,000 years ago and will make it to the finish line of the end of times. It is a relay race where a torch is passed on through all the ages, and it is our charge, to take it from the one before and pass it on to the one after. Tonight we are being judged as to how well we have received our tradition and how well we are passing it on.

“It is now 3,300 years since we received that freedom in Egypt. If we imagine the average age of having a child to be about 25 years of age, there are four generations each century. That means there is a total of 132 people stretching from our forefathers in Egypt to us today. 132 people had to pass on this heritage flawlessly, with a devotion and single-mindedness that could not falter. Who were these 133 fathers of mine?

‘Hacktivists’ Vow to ‘Erase Israel from internet’

“Hackers Anonymous” vows to “erase Israel from the Internet” in coordinated attack.
Arutz Sheva staffA group of international hackers, dubbed “Hackers Anonymous,” has vowed to “erase Israel from the Internet” in a coordinated attack against the Jewish state scheduled to take place on April 7.

The campaign, titled #OpIsrael, was initiated and announced by a hacker who goes by the name of Anon Ghost, the Arabian Gazette reported Wednesday.

It is being supported by a number of other known hacktivists who have gained notoriety for carrying out similar state-targeted attacks.

Passover Cleaning Made Easy

by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits


God took the Jewish people out of Egypt in the springtime. The Talmud notes that God was very thoughtful. Not only was He interested in redeeming the nation, He wanted to do so at a time when the weather was just right. Not too hot, not too cold.

Everything about the Passover season is beautiful. The whole idea of re-doing your house — your environment — for the holiday should be a beautiful experience. For some reason, though, the burden of all that cleaning often hangs heavy over us, and as a result we lose much of the joy of Passover.

I’d like to not only make Passover cleaning a little easier, but above all to change the attitude once and for all to stop being frightened. Passover is not a monster. It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

Sukkot and the secret of happiness

by Rabbi Joel Padowitz

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Sukkot, known as “Time of our Happiness,” marks the crescendo of the Jewish year. Throughout the seven day festival, Jews have a Divine mandate to be completely and exclusively joyous (Deut. 16:15). That’s quite a tall order! Sure, we’d all love to be happy for seven straight days — but how?

There is much we can learn about Sukkot and the secret of happiness from Dr. James H. Clark, a man who has probably never even heard of the holiday. Jim, as his friends call him, is an entrepreneurial genius and a self-made billionaire. In 1981, he left his prestigious position as a professor of computer science at Stanford University to establish his first company, Silicon Graphics. Academia was nice, but he wanted something more. At the time he said that a fortune of $10 million would make him happy.

“Once I have more than Larry Ellison, I’ll be satisfied.” Silicon Graphics became the undisputed world leader in computer graphics technology. Things were looking good for Jim — he had attained his ten-million-dollar dream. But somehow he wasn’t satisfied. In 1994, he invested $5 million to create Netscape, an interface to access the nascent World Wide Web. At the time he said a fortune of $100 million would make him happy.

Recipes for a sweet New Year

Rosh Hashanah recipes comprised of the sweetest ingredients. Tradition with a twist.

by Jamie Geller

I love honey. I don’t claim to know exactly what the Sages had in mind when they said that during this season we should avoid tart or bitter foods and slop honey on everything, but my guess is that we’re supposed to look for the sweetness in life and try to make ourselves a little sweeter too. You are what you eat.

In any case, a few weeks before Rosh Hashanah, my head starts to twirl with holiday recipes comprised of the sweetest ingredients – to give my family a yummy new lease on life. Now, you know I love and respect tradition – but when it comes to recipes, I like to put a novel twist on things. Let’s be sweet in new ways!

Butternut Squash Kugel

Thank you, Abby for this delicious, melt-in-your mouth soufflé that really is like dessert right at the meal.

Symbolism of the Shofar

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Is the quintessential symbol of Rosh Hashanah more than just a primitive trumpet?

During the blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashana, notice there are three distinct sounds:

Tekiah ― one long, straight blast Shevarim ― three medium, wailing sounds Teruah ― 9 quick blasts in short succession

Let’s examine each of these shofar sounds, and see how they relate to the different themes of Rosh Hashana.