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5 true stories for Yom Kippur

From a Soviet labor camp to an ISIS prison, inspiring stories of people who clung to observing Yom Kippur, despite the odds. by Yvette Alt Miller Here are five true stories of people who clung to observing Yom Kippur despite…

Arab states looking to turn IAEA meeting into referendum on Israeli nukes

By George Jahn (photo credit: Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)

Jerusalem says attempt to seek censure over nuclear program designed to distract from Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons

Muslim nations and Israel are heading for a confrontation at a 154-nation nuclear meeting next month over an Arab initiative to criticize Israel’s secretive atomic program.

Documents submitted for that gathering show that Arab nations are seeking Israel’s censure — a move the Jewish state says is a sideshow that deflects attention from the real danger to Mideast peace — Iran.