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New civil defense system alerts cell phones to incoming missiles

TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has been testing new ways to enhance its missile alert network.

Officials said the military’s Home Front Command has been working to refine a method to use standard cellular phone communications to warn Israelis of an impending missile strike. They said the command conducted a test of its new SMS alert system on Jan. 1.

“The system will provide warnings in real time according to location,” the military said.

The test was conducted amid criticism of civil defense exercises over the last 18 months. Officials said the exercises pointed to a major gap in interoperability between military and civilian authorities.

During the Jan. 1 exercise, the military tested the SMS network for the Tel Aviv area. Officials said messages were sent to an unspecified number of Israelis in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Russian.

This marked the second test of the SMS alert system. The first test took place in 2011 during the Turning Point-5 exercise, which sought to simulate an Israeli response to a missile attack from Lebanon and Syria.

Future Jerusalem, new film probe

By Reuters- (Video) Israeli-sponsored competition of animated short movies envisages capital in 2111. Winner of $10,000 prize shows Jewish couple, religious and non-religious, coming face-to-face as UFOs remove huge cages sealing off their neighborhoods

VIDEO – Will aliens and zombies rampage through these ancient stone causeways, forcing Israelis and Palestinians to turn their weapons against a common foe?

Or will Jerusalem be miraculously rid of sectarian division, its barricades levitating into space and replaced, perhaps, with Dubai-like skyscrapers or a rash of commercial branding? What would Jesus do, were Arab and Jew to stop warring there at last?

To judge by an Israeli-sponsored competition of animated short films envisaging Jerusalem a century hence, things won’t go easier for the city at the heart of the Middle East conflict.

But against the drag of science-fiction dystopia, there are currents of hope – the kind that organizers believe will have Hollywood appeal, not least given the world-class filmmakers who served as jury for the contest, dubbed “Jerusalem 2111”.

Kofi Annan’s holocaust problem,

In June, a shockingly disturbing article about Holocaust education appeared in The New York Times online and The International Herald Tribune and was written by Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations. Annan questions the value of teaching about the Holocaust in the first place and deletes the memory of the Jewish victims from the Holocaust — not mentioning Jews one time.

Annan wrote: “[I]t is surprisingly hard to find education programs that have clearly succeeded[.]” He then linked Holocaust education to other events. Annan declared that Holocaust education has failed to prevent genocidal campaigns “from Cambodia to the Congo, from Bosnia to Rwanda, from Sri Lanka to Sudan.”

Can Annan be blind to the fact that his beloved U.N. bears the largest portion of international blame for failing to prevent these post-World War Two tragedies?

Jordan Valley may be hurdle in peace talks

Israelis, Palestinians each stake claim to section of West Bank

The backhoes are busy on housing plots for this new Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley, and young families, under army guard and toting M-16s, have begun cultivating dozens of acres of land with dates, olives and other crops.