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The holocaust yet to come

Just an amazing piece by Moshe Feiglin: This article is not about the Holocaust that happened. It is about the Holocaust that is liable to come knocking on our door. If you are weak of heart, stop reading now. But if you are staying with me, please take a deep breath, forget about secondary political issues and internalize what I am writing. The trains to Auschwitz did not have separate cars for Right and Left, Haredi and secular. It is popular to pontificate on the lesson of the Holocaust. Every person takes the Holocaust to the place that is comfortable for him. I would like to discuss a very basic lesson that I have never seen disproved: The Western world will not try too hard to close down the gas chambers. Not only that. It will even indirectly stoke them. True, after the Holocaust, in a rare moment of good will, the world voted to partition the Land of Israel and to recognize the fledgling Jewish state. But this recognition had no practical implications. Seven Arab armies invaded the tiny area allocated to Israel. The world did not lift a finger. The Egyptian army got to within thirty kilometers of Tel Aviv, murdering and destroying every person and settlement in its path. They cut through the Negev and reached Beit Lechem. The Jordanians were just twenty minutes away from Israel’s coast. The Syrians captured Mishmar Hayarden – and destroyed it, of course. Three years after the Holocaust, the Western world waited once again for the Arabs to finish off the dirty work. It did nothing to help Israel. But then, with G-d’s loving grace, the situation turned around. The nascent IDF stopped the Arab armies. On the southern front, Yigal Alon commanded over some brilliant maneuvers that more or less eliminated the Egyptian army. The IDF forces got all the way to El Arish inside Egypt. When that happened, Britain threatened that if the IDF would not retreat, it would invade Israel. America pressured, Ben Gurion gave in and the new norm was set: When the Jews are in danger, the world waits patiently. When they start to win, the world stops them. The Western world – upon all its beauty and advantages – will always act as a static anvil for the murderous hammer descending upon the Jews from above – be it the Nazi hammer, the Arab hammer or any other murderous, anti Jewish hammer. The time when we will have to decide if we are willing to entrust our fate to the very same West that will always be happy to be rid of the “Israel Problem” is rapidly approaching. We see ourselves as an inseparable part of the Western world. It is difficult for us to accept that the West, our cultural patron, will simply close its eyes with relief when six million Jews in Israel will once again be facing wholesale slaughter. But that is precisely the direction that events are taking. The only difference between 1948 and today is that then we were a rabbit that thought it was a lion and today we are a lion that thinks it is a rabbit. In 1948, our physical weakness invited invasion. Today, our mental weakness invites invasion. What invasion am I talking about? If we were not living in denial, the media would be abuzz about Samantha Power, head of the National Security Council, who advocates taking the funds that the US now invests in the IDF and investing them instead in the ‘Palestinian’ army. In no uncertain terms, she discusses a possible US invasion of Israel – to keep the peace, of course. When that goal is accomplished, Power advocates leaving us here to enjoy the loving kindness of the righteous souls in Ramallah. As surrealistic as all of this sounds now, it is most important to remember that only terror organizations and Arab states used to deny Israel’s right to exist. Now this concept is coffee table talk throughout Europe. The denial of the right to exist always precedes physical annihilation. That is another important lesson of the Holocaust. Tony Blair, the European Union’s envoy to the Mid-East, recently said that Europe would accept the Hamas as a negotiating partner, refusing to make that contingent on Hamas recognition of Israel’s right to exist. When officials of the stature of Power and Blair make these statements, they are charting the course for Western policy. After the UN will recognize a Palestinian state at the 1967 borders, the Arabs will demand an Israeli retreat. To make sure we know they mean business, they will punctuate their demands with missiles on Israel’s cities. Israel will be forced to respond and the international coalition will rev up its motors to come save the peace. All signs point to the fact that Israel is currently building the foundations for a Palestinian state and is planning an instant, southern-Lebanon-style retreat from Judea and Samaria. Something like, ‘Get on the buses now and we’ll explain later.’ But the Arabs don’t really want a state. All that they want is to end Jewish sovereignty in Israel. Their demands will intensify after Israel’s retreat from Judea and Samaria as per the Gush Katif aftermath model. They will demand the Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, right of return for their ‘refugees’, compensation payments, an international peace keeping force and what not. In the meantime, they will continue to bombard us with missiles. Israel’s military response will serve the West with its excuse to intervene. At this point, an exhausted Israel will have to decide: Either open the Ashdod port to the US Navy forces or fight against the entire world. All of Israel’s ‘enlightened’ elites will unequivocally support opening Israel’s gates to the ‘Peacekeeping’ forces. From the President all the way down to the writers in the major newspapers, they will have no other solution. “And what is better?” they will ask. “Living in the shadow of the West, or fighting a war being forced upon us by Jewish fundamentalists?” The patriotic declarations being sounded today in the Likud will turn into ‘pragmatic’ rhetoric. The West is the very air that we breathe and the lesson of the Holocaust will be ignored. The last thing that the policy-makers are capable of thinking is that we are a nation in our own merit, a nation that relies on its own ethical code. They will never come to terms with the fact that we are not Western or Eastern; we are simply Jews who, as opposed to 1948 – are not weak at all. We are a formidable economic and military power and are capable of extracting a terrible price from any country in the world that will threaten our sovereignty. We will never even think that the entire problem does not exist in reality, but only in our minds. In other words, our psychological dependency on the West actually invites this scenario. No Western country would challenge our sovereignty if it had the slightest fear of an Israeli response. We are a lion that thinks it is a rabbit. But knowing this country, I do not expect that we will respond to threats on our sovereignty in the manner that any normal nation would respond. Instead, Israel will open its gates to the ‘Peacekeeping’ forces. The IDF will be disbanded and the rest of the story has already been experienced by the Jewish People throughout its long and painful history. As a believing Jew, I pray that our Father in heaven will perform a miracle and that one year from now, you will be able to take this article and laugh at me. I am a great believer in the Nation of Israel and anticipate that unexpected energies will emerge in the nick of time to prevent this scenario.

Switching gears


Israelis have to be adept at moving quickly from sorrow to celebration, from despair to iron resolve. Shortly after our eldest son, Ari, fell in battle in Nablus almost nine years ago, I went shopping for a car. The salesman was quite surprised when I told him I wanted a manual shift rather than an automatic. He told me that while in generations past, virtually every car in Israel had a standard transmission, those days were long gone. “What you’re looking for is the ‘old Israel,’” he told me, sure that I was making some kind of mistake. “No,” I corrected him, “this car exactly represents the character and condition of Israel – then and now – and that’s why I insist on it.”

This is a country where, if we are to survive, we must be adept at switching gears – emotional gears. We are constantly, continually confronted by highs and lows, ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies, and must be prepared to ride out those extremes of daily life. One day we are trumpeting the discovery of one of the largest natural-gas fields on the planet; the next day we “tank” as our petrol prices rise to their highest level in history. One moment we are in mourning for the massacred members of the Fogel family; the next moment we rejoice that arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden has been sent to a well-deserved watery grave. The front page of our newspaper buoys our spirits by reporting that Israel’s “satisfaction level” is the 7th highest in the world, while the same page records that our Palestinian “partners” have once again stabbed peace in the back by cutting a deal with the bin Laden-loving terrorists of Hamas

IDF arrest terroist butcher of Fogel family

The Israeli army on Sunday confirmed the recent arrest of two young Palestinian Arabs for the March 11 slaughter of the Fogel family in the northern Samaria Jewish community of Itamar.

An army spokesman told Israel Radio that 18-year-old Hakem Awwad and 19-year-old Amjad Awwad confessed to the murders of Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their young children, and that they showed absolutely no remorse for their crime.

Reenacting the murder, the young suspects told security officials that they infiltrated Itamar at around 9 PM armed with knives. They proceeded to enter a home that was empty and stole an M-16 rifle that they found there.

The killers then broke into the Fogel home, found the bedrooms of 11-year-old Yoav Fogel and 4-year-old Elad Fogel and stabbed them to death. They then

The new Christian settlers

Yair Altman

Will US Christians settle in Samaria? About 1,000 Americans have signed a document requesting to convert to Judaism, move to Israel, and settle in Samaria.

The group members are seeking to serve in the IDF and later establish communities based on the Kibbutz movement model.

The document was presented to Yisrael Beiteinu Knesset Member Lia Shemtov, who met with the group’s representative last week and promised to offer her help in facilitating the initiative.

The Christian group’s representative, Baruch Abramovich, said he was hopeful that MK Shemtov would be able to elicit the government’s support for the initiative.

Ironically, the venture received a boost through the help of priests at some 70 different churches in the US, who last summer urged their followers to boycott Abramovich and his new community. The broad media coverage attracted many new participants to the initiative.

Israel’s army prepares for war on all fronts


Military holds drill aimed at preparing forces for all-out war against Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas; exercise did not include soldiers, live-fire.
The exercise did not include soldiers or live-fire exercises, but was held to drill commanders and their decisions in the event of a large-scale war on multiple fronts.

The exercise was the first overseen by new Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz. It was organized by Maj.-Gen. Gershon Hacohen, head of the IDF Colleges.

The IDF stressed that the drill was part of the military’s routine exercise program and included all of its various branches – ground, air and navy – with an emphasis on interoperability and operational continuity.

The scenarios simulated during the drill included a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, sparked by a terrorist attack overseas as well as the involvement of Syria, Hamas and Iran.

“The drill is part of our need to retain a level of readiness,” Gantz said.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak and members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee visited the base where the exercise was held, even though the political echelon did not play an active role in the war games.

IDF are removing settlers weapons

Hebron Brigade commander orders Jewish residents to return arms received from army in light of relative calm in territories in recent years. ‘This isn’t Switzerland,’ says enraged settler Akiva Novick The Judea and Samaria Division has decided to collect hundreds of weapons handed to West Bank settlers by the army in light of the relative calm in the territories in recent years, infuriating settlement leaders. At the start of the al-Aqsa Intifada, more than a decade ago, the settlers received weapons from the army to help defend their communities.

The recent improvement in the security-related situation in the West Bank, alongside a significant increase in weapon thefts in the settlements, has led to a decision to reduce the amount of military weapons available to settlers.

IDF officials have also expressed their fear that settlers may take the law into their own hands and fire at Palestinians approaching the communities’ fences.

Hebron’s Jewish residents will be the first to be affected by the move.

The security coordinators in Hebron, South Mount Hebron and Kiryat Arba have been instructed by Colonel Guy Hazut, commander of the Judea Brigade, to collect the military weapons from the settlers and hand them over to the army.

Syria uncovers Israel’s spy network with Egypt’s help


Arab press reports Kung Fu coach bribed security officials to share intelligence; arrest comes shortly after four spies found in Egypt.
A security official was arrested and three “spy networks” were found in Syria, allegedly gathering intelligence for the Mossad, UK daily Al-Quds al-Arabi reported on Friday, days after four were arrested in Egypt on suspicion of espionage.

Tarek Abdel-Razek, a Kung Fu coach, reportedly bribed a senior Syrian security official “for a huge sum of money” to give him security-related files.

Egypt reportedly shared intelligence with Syria, that led to the arrest.

Onward, Jewish soldiers

A surge of ‘knitted skullcaps’ is transforming Israel’s military—and that worries their secular countrymen.

An Israeli soldier sits on his tank and prays.

Among the elite troops of the Israeli military’s Maglan special-forces unit, Naftali Bennett was an oddity. As an officer in the unit in the early 1990s, he commanded more than 80 young men, all of them secular and many from kibbutzim communities aligned with the left-center Labor Party. Bennett is an observant Jew, and among combat officers throughout the military he was one of the few who wore a yarmulke, didn’t travel on Saturdays, and never ate cheeseburgers because of the Jewish ban on mixing milk and meat.

Now long a civilian, Bennett had a chance recently to visit with new recruits in his old unit. Two things struck him: the large number of religious Jews among the young men, and the Army’s extraordinary efforts to accommodate them. “In my day, no one gave it a thought,” he says.

A transformation is sweeping the Israeli military: deeply religious Jews are now filling leadership positions in numbers far exceeding their share of the general population. Given that religious Israelis tend to be more hawkish than most, the trend raises a real question about whether Israel can rely on the Army to implement the toughest parts of any future peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Israeli Forces deploys cyper warfare

Geopolitical concerns and two wars in recent years have put Israel at the forefront of cyberwar and cyber-defense. As the most computerized country in the Middle East, Israel stands to lose a great deal if its military and civilian networks prove vulnerable to cyber-attack.

According to Maj. Gen. (ret.) Isaac Ben-Israel, a professor at Tel Aviv University and an expert on digital warfare, Israel’s defense community has been aware of the dangers of cyberspace for two decades. In the late 1990s, the government established a special authority to supervise all aspects of national information security. The internal security authority (Shin Bet) took responsibility for civilian and national assets, while military security supervised defense networks. These activities eventually came under the supervision of the national security council, which also advised on national research and development initiatives in cyber-security systems. This initiative led to the formation of high-tech companies specializing in cyber-security, which became market leaders internationally. Most of these firms were founded by former Israel Defense Force (IDF) veterans who became experts in computer systems during their service.

Israel is also involved in developing an offensive cyber-doctrine. While air force Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, chief of intelligence, is concerned about defensive capabilities in cyberspace, he also promotes an offensive dimension to cyberwarfare, stating that both fit well within Israel’s combat doctrine. According to Yadlin, cyberwarfare covers three areas—intelligence-gathering, defense and attack. The IDF plans to be active in all three. Although authorities keep a low profile on such activities, foreign sources highlight some of the latest Israeli successes in the field.