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After 15 years: IDF brigade-level parachute jump

Skill viewed as critical ahead of future conflicts where fighting could be far from Israel.

In preparation for future conflicts far from Israel, the IDF Paratroopers Brigade held a brigade-level parachute jump late Tuesday night, the first time the military has conducted such an exercise in close to two decades.

The last time such a drill was held was over 15 years ago, even though soldiers in the Paratroopers Brigade, as well as some other IDF units, continue to undergo parachuting training on a regular basis.

Iran Nukes Are Obama’s Litmus Test

MK Shaul Mofaz says Iran’s nukes are not just a “Jewish problem” and that no one is safe — adding that the time for talk is past. By Gavriel Queenann

MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima), a former IDF Chief of Staff, on Tuesday said that Iran’s nuclear program was the ultimate limtus test for US President Barak Obama’s foreign policy.

“We are approaching the point where there is a balance of terror in the Middle East,” Mofaz said during a speech to the heads of Jewish Federations in Denver, Colorado at their yearly General Assembly.. “Iran’s missile umbrella already covers most European capitals. Anyone who thinks he is safe is making a mistake.”

“The Iranian nuclear issue is not just a Jewish problem, and leaders can no longer hide behind that excuse. It’s time to for the nations of the world to stop talking and eradicate the problem posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” Mofaz said.

“It’s time to deepen economic sanctions on Iran, to its intellectual institutions and its critical economic engines,” said Mofaz, stressing “Israeli military action is the last option – and worst – at the moment, but all options should remain on the table.”

Israel army prepares for possible clash in West Bank

Ron Ben Yishai

Israel’s security forces are on high alert ahead of Friday’s Palestinian statehood bid in the UN and are preparing for all scenarios: Aerial photography balloons, helicopters dropping stink bombs and teams that will upload videos to Facebook – these are just some of the measures taken by the IDF in preparation of the possible aftermath of the bid.

While armed forces and intelligence assessments suggest that UN bid will go ahead with relative calm, the IDF is taking no chances.

The IDF’s readiness and state of alertness for clashes with massive Palestinian crowds, should they present themselves, is at its peak: The number of troops in the West Bank has received a major boost of three regiments and plans for the swift mobilization of a 14 additionl regiments are in place, in order to reinforce the troops already in place.

Israel trained mice to rat on terrorist

Start-up company says rodents are better than dogs in sniffing explosives, require 10 days’ basic training. By Gil Ronen : Flash 90An Israeli start-up uses mice to sniff out explosives at security checkpoints. The company, named BioExplorers, is staffed by IDF Special Forces reservist soldiers and biologists. They say that mice have a keener sense of smell than dogs, and can be trained to identify the odor of explosive material as an unpleasant one.

“Bio Explorers systems are based on combining the hyper- sensitive olfactory capability of rodents with the care-free reliability of a hi-tech machine system,” the firm explains on its website. “Many millions of years of evolution made the olfactory system of rodents incredibly sensitive, quick and specific as this is their main sense used for foraging, mating and avoiding predators.”

IDF planning robot striking forces

Robots to lead the way in the first stage of engagement, in which there is usually a greater danger of casualties. by Gil Ronen IDF battle lore reserves a special place for the call “Acharai!” – “follow me!” – uttered by commanders who lead their soldiers on a charge into enemy positions. If Israeli military technology firms succeed in meeting the IDF’s latest challenge, though, the exclamation may soon be uttered by robots.

According to the IsraelDefense website, Israeli defense companies are competing for the nod to develop a robot-based combat solution dubbed “Advance Guard,” which the IDF ground forces are keenly interested in.

“The basic idea is for robots to function as a strike force, leading the way in the first stage of engagement with the enemy, in which there is usually a greater danger of casualties,” the website explained. “The defense establishment wants the industries to examine a range of possible robotic forms on the battlefield, from micro-robots to large unmanned vehicles. An essential feature of the program is that the robots will be capable of interacting with each other and not only as individual warriors.” Brigadier General (ret.) Shmuel Yachin, former director of R&D in the IDF, told IsraelDefense that Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is reviewing different types of robot designs, including “see-fire” systems that can identify a target in the field and zero in on it.

Americans and Israel soldiers are now training together

A company of US Marines was in Israel last month for joint urban warfare training sessions with Israeli soldiers.

Most of the exercises took place at the IDF’s state-of-the-art Urban Warfare Training Center at the Tze’elim army base in southern Israel.

The Americans had traveled to Israel from their base in Europe. Speaking to the IDF Spokesperson about the experience, Platoon Sgt. Robert Hattenbach said, “We’ve never been to a mock town like that of the IDF.”

A number of the Marines reportedly spoke positively about the size and realistic feel of the IDF training facility.

The IDF’s Urban Warare Training Center has been used repeatedly by the US military to train soldiers preparing to deploy in Iraq and Afghanistan, where urban warfare againt insurgent forces in the norm.

IDF gathering major intelligence collection

By YAAKOV KATZ New data-processing center under consideration; plan is an integral part of Halamish – new IDF multi-year plan that is currently under review.

The IDF plans to dramatically boost its intelligence collection capabilities with a new multi-year plan aimed at upgrading its technological capabilities and the procurement of new systems.

The plan is an integral part of Halamish – the new IDF multi-year plan that is currently under review and expected to go into effect in the beginning of 2012.

Under the plan, the Israel Air Force is expected to grow in the number of Gulfstream G550 jets that it has that serve as special electronics mission aircraft and gather signal intelligence from standoff positions. The IAF currently operates three such aircraft.

In addition, the IAF will also look to upgrade the visual intelligence gathering systems it has on its two squadrons of Beechcraft twin-turboprop aircraft, which are located in the Sde Dov Air Force Base and have seen a major increase in missions since the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Israel fears that the Syrian army will be backing protesters


Military training for scenario in which Syria defends protesters attempting to rush border following PA statehood bid in September. The army is preparing for the possibility that Syrian soldiers will deploy along the border and actively defend men who try to infiltrate the Golan Heights during demonstrations expected to break out following the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral declaration of statehood at the United Nations in September.

The IDF got its first taste of the demonstrations along the Syrian border on May 15 when Palestinian protestors crossed into Majdal Shams.

A few weeks later, protests again broke out near Majdal Shams but the IDF succeeded in preventing an infiltration.

Syria media later reported that more than 20 people were killed.

The IDF has been training forces for a scenario during which soldiers from the Syrian military will also approach the border and try to actively defend protesters attempting to infiltrate Israeli territory.

“We could face civilians who start a demonstration and are then joined by the military as part of the regime’s so-called desire to protect its civilians,” one IDF officer explained.

Part of the IDF’s strategy is to contact various international organizations and governments to work together to contain the demonstrations. The IDF is holding talks with UNIFIL in Lebanon and UNDOF in Syria in an effort to get the two peacekeeping forces to deploy along their respective borders.

Israel warned Syria if attacked we will attack you personally


Israel reportedly sends message through Ankara following intelligence reports revealing unusual troop, missile movement, Kuwaiti paper reports.

The government sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days, warning him that if he started a war with the Jewish state in order to divert attention from domestic problems, Israel will target him personally, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the personal warning was sent through Turkey following intelligence reports of unusual Syrian troop movements, including the moving of long-range ballistic missiles that could be used to attack Israel.

Cyber defense force is being created by Israel

by Chana Ya’ar

Israel is establishing a cadre of IDF professionals to contend with the threat of Internet terrorism.

According to a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, a task force has been created to develop a cyber defense force.

The government is hoping to expand Israel’s reach in the field of cyber defense, thereby expanding the country’s reputation as a global center of knowledge in this area.

The plan includes a five-year budget with investments in academic research and development, creation of a computer center at an Israeli university, academic centers of excellence, incentives to bring Israeli intellectuals home, increase the number of students in the field and an upgrade in university research infrastructures.