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Israel braces for ‘retaliation’

Israeli media on Friday warned that an alleged air strike on a convoy carrying arms from Syria to Lebanon’s Hezbollah could set off a chain reaction, and reported troops on high alert in the country’s north.

There was still no official Israeli comment on Syrian claims that Israeli warplanes bombed a military site near Damascus on Wednesday or on separate reports that its aircraft struck a weapons convoy along the Syria-Lebanon border.

Newspapers, however, seemed to have little doubt on what had happened or the likely consequences.

“Complete restraint over the long term to Israel’s actions could be considered weakness by Hezbollah, so we should expect some form of response, even if not immediately and not necessarily a broad rocket and missile attack on Israel,” defence commentator Amos Harel wrote in the left-leaning Haaretz daily.

Row erupts in east Lebanon over Hezbollah telecommunication network

Christian residents of Tarshish claim Hezbollah followers threatened them after municipality refused installation of private network. By DPA

A row has erupted in eastern Lebanon between Christians and followers of the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah movement over the installation of a private Hezbollah telecommunication network, Lebanon’s MTV reported Monday.

Christian residents of the village of Tarshish, 57 kilometres east of Beirut and near the Syrian border, said Hezbollah followers threatened them after the municipality stopped the Shiite movement from installing a private telecommunication network in the area.

Tarshish Mayor Gaby Semaan said Hezbollah is threatening “another May 7, 2008” if the Tarshish residents insist on preventing the party from installing its telecommunications network in the area.

Iran 9/11 dirty secrets

by Kenneth R. Timmerman It has taken nearly ten years, but the real story of Iran’s direct, material involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy is finally coming to light. And it’s being revealed not by the U.S. government or by Congressional…