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Being a woman is a ‘pre-existing condition’

The first woman to ever hold the title Speaker of the House is giving a bad name to her species– Speaker of the House. Promising to clean the House (get it?) with transparency, she has instead presided over an institution that is getting dustier and grimier daily. This not so ditzy, just scary, lady, who airily dismissed the actual contents of Obamacare by stating she’ll find out what’s in it after it’s passed has now–unwittingly–transparently displayed how little she understands insurance–and being a woman–by discussing it with another not so ditzy–also scary–woman, Rachael Maddow.

How much Vitamin D do You Really Need to Take?

On November 3 at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, noted doctors Cedric Garland and Tracey O’Connor are running a seminar on how vitamin D can be used to prevent breast cancer — as well as infectious diseases, type 1 diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, and falls in the elderly.

Dick Armey still has a seat in Washington

Dick Armey joins in to stop the Obama train.

Six years after retiring from Congress, the Texas Republican helps lead a rally Saturday opposing President Obama’s healthcare overhaul.

“If I hadn’t stood up, Obamacare would be a train running right through this country,” says the former House majority leader, shown in Arkansas with state Rep. Bryan King.