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The goal is control

Which is more important: reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy sources, or add 2.85 million acres to the existing 200 million acres of protected areas? According to the United Nations, 27 percent of the total land area in the United States is already locked up in some kind of protected area, along with 67 percent of the total marine area. This means, of course, that there can be no development of energy or other natural resources in 27 percent of the nation’s land and 67 percent of the nation’s marine resources.

Only the most avid preservationist, or the most anti-American, could possibly choose to lock up the nation’s natural resources rather than develop them. Nevertheless, the federal government continues to block readily available and affordable energy development while subsidizing, at great public expense, the development of exotic energy sources such as wind and solar. There is much more than the discredited global-warming scare driving this ongoing obsession to lock up natural resources.

The goal is control. In order to control people, the government must control the use of land. Control of the use of land includes control of the use of natural resources. Energy is the fuel that produces prosperity, and the government bureaucracy has decided that it will control access to energy by controlling the use of land and marine resources.