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God removes a remnant before judgment

By Chuck Baldwin

Let’s settle one thing first: God has never used a majority to achieve anything substantive or revolutionary. It has always been a tireless, committed, and courageous remnant that He has used to accomplish things considered noteworthy and lasting. Any dead fish can swim downstream!

Christ used a handful of apostles to turn the world upside down. In Jewish history, it was Gideon’s 300, David’s 300, Nehemiah’s remnant, and small bands of men here and there that God used to defeat mighty enemies and raise the banner of victory. In our own history, the men who fought against the powerful British army never comprised a number larger than 3% of the whole. The brave men whom we refer to as America’s Founding Fathers numbered less than 200. In fact, in most instances (if not all), the majority has either contributed little to the cause of liberty or has even been tools of opposition and hindrance to the principles of liberty. It has always been a relatively small number of people who have turned the tide of history.

And while we are at it, let’s define exactly what is a “remnant.” A remnant primarily connotes pieces of cloth that have been cut off from a garment and thrown away. When we talk about a remnant, we are talking about those who are regarded as leftovers, cast offs, rejects, discards, etc. They are the ones who don’t fit in with the mainstream. And they certainly do not fit in with these mainstream non-profit government corporations called churches. That is for sure!