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PM hits back at Obama: I know what’s best for Israel


Photo: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White HouseNetanyahu visits Gaza border, says over last four years Israel has stood up to strong pressure and will continue to do so. US President Obama, PM Netanyahu at White House

A day after American Jewish columnist Jeffrey Goldberg quoted President Barack Obama as saying that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not understand what is in Israel’s best interest, Netanyahu visited the Gaza border on Wednesday and essentially shot back, “Yes I do.”

During the visit to the headquarters of the IDF’s Gaza Division, Netanyahu was shown figures indicating that December was the quietest month in the South – in terms of rocket and terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip – in the past 12 years, since January 2001.

“I think everyone understands that only Israel’s citizens are those who will be the ones to determine who faithfully represents Israel’s vital interests,” the prime minister said in his first direct response to Obama’s reported criticism.

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Israel moves troops toward Gaza; Barak wants 30,000 reservists

At least a dozen trucks carrying tanks, armored vehicles were seen late Thursday moving toward border area, while buses ferried soldiers; Barak asks government to okay reserves call-up ahead of possible ground invasion. IDF reservist: Time to do what must be done

Israel has begun moving troops toward the Gaza Strip and authorized the call-up of reservists for a possible ground invasion of the Palestinian territory.

At least a dozen trucks carrying tanks and armored vehicles were seen late Thursday moving toward the border area, while buses ferried soldiers.

IDF official: Army ready for ground op in Gaza

Iran encouraging Islamic Jihad to fire rockets at Israel, escalation could prompt ground incursion, senior officer says. IDF hasn’t used all measures at its disposal, he says Yoav Zitun
Is Gaza war in cards? The current round of fighting between Israel and Palestinian terror groups could prompt Israel to launch a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, a senior IDF official said Monday. The comments were made as Gaza terror groups continued to shell southern Israel communities with dozens of rockets and mortar shells Monday.

Two such rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system over Ashkelon Monday evening. Military officials said the advanced system shot down 85% of the rockets fired from Gaza in the past four days. Meanwhile, the IDF struck several targets in Gaza, killing at least two terrorists Monday night.

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A Face-to-Face Solution to the Mideast problem

By Andrei Kozhinov The situation in the Arab world is now as fragile as ever. Popular street protests are overthrowing regimes. Yet, somehow, it always comes back to Israel and the Palestinians, who are considered the root of regional instability.

It is widely believed that if Israel only withdrew its forces and settlements from the West Bank, there would be everlasting peace, the Iranian nuclear threat to the region and the world would disappear, and radical Islamism would cease to exist. Last week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Moscow, where both expressed a willingness to return to the negotiation table.

During the past week, Israel’s southern districts have been suffering from continued massive mortar, rocket and missile shelling from the Gaza Strip, ruled by Hamas. Last Wednesday, after nearly seven years of relative calm, there was a serious terrorist attack in central Jerusalem. Two weeks ago, an Israeli family, including babies, was slaughtered in its home in Itamar, a settlement in the West Bank.

Hamas summer camp trains 100,00 children

Participants undergo anti-Israel indoctrination; UNRWA run simultaneous camps for a further 250,000 children. Hamas continued to gain strength this past summer as about 100,000 youngsters underwent radical anti-Israel indoctrination at dozens of summer camps run by the terrorist group – which also attacked United Nations camps, its main competition – according to a report released on Tuesday by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center According to the report, more than 100,000 children and teenagers participated in the Hamas camps, which included paramilitary training and military parades. The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization also opened 51 different summer camps for over 10,000 children.

In contrast to the Hamas camps, the United Nations has been running summer camps throughout the Gaza Strip for 250,000 children. These camps, run by UNRWA, are being held at over 150 locations in Gaza. The participants engage in arts and crafts, sports and other cultural activities, and are mostly between the ages of six and 15.

On several occasions during the summer, however, groups of masked men believed to be affiliated with Hamas ransacked a number of UNRWA camps and in one case burned down the facility and all of its contents.

Iran to make ‘advanced’ attack drones

Iran has begun making ‘advanced’ unmanned drones capable of carrying out ‘assaults with high precision’.

Ahmad Vahidi, the Iranian defence minister, opened two production lines for the manufacture of the aircraft, the Fars news agency reported.

The drones would be able to carry out “surveillance, detection and even assaults with high precision”, the report said.

Israeli tanks and infantry slice the Gaza Strip in two in battle against HamasUS Predator drones have killed hundreds of suspected terrorists in Pakistan in recent years. Iran’s sworn enemy Israel uses drones for reconnaisance. But it was not immediately clear what purpose the Iranian drones would serve.

In the past week Iran has announced a spate of technological advances and military achievements in the run up to the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution on Feb 11.

Europe unwilling to condemn Israel for war crimes at UN

While the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday endorsed a scorching report that accuses both Israel and Hamas of war crimes during the Jewish state’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip at the turn of the year, European countries on the council opposed the resolution or abstained from the vote after heavy diplomatic pressure from Tel Aviv.