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Greek debt crisis spreading ‘like Ebola

“This is like Ebola. When you realise you have it you have to cut your leg off in order to survive,” he added, saying the crisis is “threatening the stability of the financial system”.
#imag1 Greek debt crisis spreading ‘like Ebola’ and Europe must act now, OECD warns The Greek debt crisis is spreading “like Ebola” and Europe must act now to protect the stability the financial markets, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

British airspace lockdown sparks food supply concern

A ‘handful’ of lines have already been affected.

Smoke and ash billow from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokull April 17, 2010. Large parts of Europe enforced no-fly rulings for a third day on Saturday because of a huge ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano that has caused the worst air travel chaos since the September 11 attacks. (REUTERS)

British supermarkets could start running short on some imported goods such as certain fruit and vegetables if the island’s airspace remains closed into next week, a trade body warned.

Christopher Snelling, head of global supply chain policy for the Freight Transport Association, warned that some items, could soon be in reduced supply if the volcanic ash cloud remained over Britain.

Colony collapse disorder continues in 2009 as bees disappear from US

THE decline in the US bee population, first observed in 2006, is continuing, a phenomenon that still baffles researchers and beekeepers.

Data from the US Department of Agriculture showed a 29 per cent drop in beehives in 2009, following a 36 per cent decline in 2008 and a 32 per cent fall in 2007.

This affected not only honey production but around $15 billion worth of crops that depended on bees for pollination.

Freemasons keen to open office in EU capital

A French freemason has said that part of the movement is keen to open a bureau in Brussels to lobby against the rising influence of religious organisations in the EU institutions.

“The masonic orders should practice politics in the positive sense of the term: So that despite their own partisan divisions, they speak out on the side of secularism and voice their disagreement with this or that governmental or European decision,”

US links EU security partnership to bank data deal

US national security advisor James Jones on Saturday (6 February) reassured Europe that the transatlantic partnership continues to be strong, but underlined the need for the European Parliament to allow American investigators to access EU banking data to track terrorism funding.

US national security advisor James Jones (l) and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov (m) (Photo: Munich Security Conference/Kai Moerk)

“It has become fashionable in some quarters to suggest that the United States has somehow neglected the trans-Atlantic partnership. But …Europe today is our indispensable partner,”

Ayres’ wife heads to Middle East with group to collaborate with Hamas

Last month 1,300 pro-Palestinian activists from the US and Europe came to the region in the name of peace and social justice to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Led by the self-declared feminist, antiwar group Code Pink, the demonstrators’ plan was to enter Gaza from the Egyptian border at Rafah and deliver “humanitarian aid” to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Dubai is just a harbinger of things to come for sovereign debt

Watch out. This may be just the beginning. In the scale of things, the debt problems of Dubai are little more than a flea bite. Dubai’s sovereign debts total “just” $80bn, which counts for nothing against the trillions being raised by advanced economies to plug fiscal deficits.

Dubai has been a one-way ticket of economic expansion until recently

Kristallnacht’s timeless lesson

Converting the fires of Kristallnacht into the fire of Judaism and Jewish life.

Most of the time evil cloaks itself with some form of apparent righteousness. Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao killed millions for what they claimed were just causes that would benefit humankind. Many in the Moslem world mask their evil behavior and terrorism with the cloak of religion and faith.