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They found Solomon’s Wall

Around the world, people love to have their minds stirred by humanity’s ancient edifices. Be it the Parthenon in Greece, built 2,400 years ago for the goddess Athena, China’s Great Wall, Rome’s famous Coliseum, the Vatican’s Basilica of St. Peter or the Taj Mahal, these iconic structures capture imaginations and have become gateways into history.

In June, another imagination-stirring edifice was added to that list.

This structure is not only older, but more remarkable and more inspiring than any of the others. Situated just outside the Old City in Jerusalem, the Ophel City Wall site sits between the City of David and the southern wall of the Temple Mount. Now open to the public, the Ophel Wall features ancient artifacts dated to the 10th century b.c., a period during which the ancient kingdom of Israel experienced extraordinary expansion under King David and his son and heir, Solomon. Among the Ophel discoveries is an impressive edifice—a 70-meter-long and 6-meter-high wall—constructed during King Solomon’s reign.

Unfortunately, Solomon’s towering wall hasn’t captured enough imaginations. Not yet anyway

Arabs leaving their mark Israel Independence Day

Many Arabs in the region consider the rebirth of Israel as a nation-state 63 years ago to be the greatest catastrophe to befall the Muslims in centuries.

Accordingly, many Arabs mark Israel’s Independence Day with unrestrained violence.

Such was the case in Jerusalem on Friday, when an Israeli Jewish woman was assaulted by Arab stone throwers because she was flying a small Israeli flag from her vehicle. These small flags are sold at intersections around Israel in the run-up to Independence Day, and can be seen flying from about half of the cars in Israel.

Friday’s attack took place in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, known to Jews as Shiloach or the City of David. One of the stones hurled by the attackers shattered the car’s front windshield, lightly wounding the Jewish woman.

Israeli Border Police officers moved in and dispersed the rioters, but were themselves targeted with stones and firebombs.