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Row erupts in east Lebanon over Hezbollah telecommunication network

Christian residents of Tarshish claim Hezbollah followers threatened them after municipality refused installation of private network. By DPA

A row has erupted in eastern Lebanon between Christians and followers of the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah movement over the installation of a private Hezbollah telecommunication network, Lebanon’s MTV reported Monday.

Christian residents of the village of Tarshish, 57 kilometres east of Beirut and near the Syrian border, said Hezbollah followers threatened them after the municipality stopped the Shiite movement from installing a private telecommunication network in the area.

Tarshish Mayor Gaby Semaan said Hezbollah is threatening “another May 7, 2008” if the Tarshish residents insist on preventing the party from installing its telecommunications network in the area.

Christian Protesters Attacked, At Least 19 Dead

1Flames lit up downtown Cairo, where massive clashes raged Sunday, drawing Christians angry over a recent church attack, Muslims and Egyptian security forces. At least 24 people were killed and more than 200 injured in the worst sectarian violence since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February.

The rioting lasted late into the night, bringing out a deployment of more than 1,000 security forces and armored vehicles to defend the state television building along the Nile, where the trouble began. The military clamped a curfew on the area until 7 a.m.

The clashes spread to nearby Tahrir Square, drawing thousands of people to the vast plaza that served as the epicenter of the protests that ousted Mubarak. On Sunday night, they battled each other with rocks and firebombs, some tearing up pavement for ammunition and others collecting stones in boxes.

From Caesarea, Israel, Beck and speakers kick off event with â

By Adam Taxin

This past Sunday, August 21, Glenn Beck began the series of programs leading to his main “Restoring Courage” event, in Jerusalem, Israel on Wednesdady. Kicking off “the Countdown to a Global Movement,” the Beck broadcast welcomed the world to the Jewish State.

Sunday’s “Courage To Love” program was broadcast from the Roman occupation-era amphitheater in Caesarea, Israel. 3,000 people filled the amphitheater, hearing a range of speakers which included Beck, David Barton (Aledo, Texas-based historian and minister), John Hagee (San Antonio-based pastor), Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (founding rabbi of the Upper West Side’s Lincoln Square Synagogue and currently chief rabbi of Efrat in Israel’s Judea region) and Dr. Mike Evans (Phoenix-based Christian-Zionist journalist).

In many ways, this first broadcast was geared toward drawing Christians into the meaning and reasoning behind Beck’s pro-Israel agenda. To that end, Beck spoke to his audience as Christians. As the evening continued, Glenn Beck evolved this Christian approach into an all-encompassing approach. By night’s end, it was clear that Beck could reach out to his Jewish viewers and draw them in with a sense of belonging and community.

The Galilee opens hiking trails for Christians

Galilee network of footpaths, roads and bicycle paths links sites central to lives of Jesus, disciples

Israel hopes to attract Christian tourists with a new pilgrimage route unveiled in the Galilee, a network of footpaths, roads and bicycle paths linking sites central to the lives of Jesus and his disciples.

Developing sites linked to Jewish history has long been a priority for the Jewish state. But the Gospel Trail, inaugurated recently by Israeli tourism officials, is a nod to the growing number of Christians traveling to the country in recent years, outnumbering Jewish visitors.

Tourism Ministry launches new initiative geared to attract Christian pilgrims to Holy Land, offer tours to sites including mother of Jesus Christ birthplace near Nazareth, Tomb of the Virgin near Jerusalem

More than two-thirds of the 3.45 million tourists in Israel last year were Christian, double the amount of the previous year, and about 40 percent of them defined themselves as religious pilgrims, according to Israel’s Tourism Ministry.

Do you know what al-Hijra is? You had better!

1Redacted from Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders’ Speech …Do you know why America is better than Europe? Because you enjoy more freedom. European and Canadian people are dragged to court for telling the truth about Islam.

I, too, have been dragged to court. I am an elected member of the house of representatives in the Netherlands. I am currently standing in court like a common criminal for saying that Islam is a dangerous totalitarian ideology rather than a religion. The court case is still pending, but I risk a jail sentence of 16 months.

…I am here today with an unpleasant message. I am here with a warning. I am here with a battle cry: “Wake up, Christians of Tennessee. Islam is at your gate.” Do not make the mistake which Europe made. Do not allow Islam to gain a foothold here. Islam is dangerous. Islam wants to establish a state on earth, ruled by Islamic sharia law. Islam aims for the submission, whether by persuasion, intimidation or violence, of all non-Muslims, including Christians

‘We’re coming for you’

Missionary says plight desperate after political unrest in Ivory Coast

Laurent Gbagbo “Once we take control we’re coming for you.”

That’s the message Christians in the Ivory Coast got from Muslims during a long-fought dispute over the nation’s presidency, an election late last year apparently won by a Christian candidate when the government found voter fraud in Muslim regions. But that result was overturned following intervention by the United Nations and the United States, who insisted that the Muslim candidate be given the office.

Which puts Muslims now in “control.”

A missionary who asked to be called only Pastor Andrew serves in the Ivory Coast and says that the administration of newly inaugurated president Alessane Ouattara, a Muslim, has shut off the Internet and now likely is tapping the Christians’ telephones.

“Just before (the civil war), they were warning the Christians that when we get in power, the first we’re going to do is come against the church. We’re coming to get you,” Andrew revealed.

The Christian predicament in Syria and Egypt

By Avi Lipkin The last few months have seen an historical earthquake or volcano if you will in the Midde East. Islamic countries, some with sizeable Christian minorities are witnessing revolutions which on the surface seem to display a desire by the peoples of the these countries for a genuine democracy, something only to be found outside of the Middle East except for Israel.

The story begins with an economic trigger of $147 a barrel for oil in 2008 leading to the near collapse of the world economy. With this near collapse of the world economy, the barrel of oil dropped back to $30 even if for only a few days, and then slowly began to climb back hovering now around the $100 dollar mark. Whether or not the world economy recovers or not, we all know that food prices have gone through the roof of this OPEC greed. Higher oil prices mean higher food prices. Food prices will continue to spiral upwards and starvation will increase in many more places.

When the Tunisian fruit/vegetable vender self-immolated himself after a humiliating arrest by a policeman and then being slapped in the face by a a Tunisian Moslem policewoman and having his produce confiscated, ostensibly for not having a license (or paying a bribe) the word got out quickly in the Tunisian streets thus setting off massive riots with the help of such hi-tech media as Google, Facebook, Twitter and U-Tube. The corruption, the lack of employment, the lack of freedom and democracy led these people in the Middle East to want and demand more, primarily what is to be found in the West where there is work, democracy and food.

These revolutions spread to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and other countries and threaten to spread elsewhere as well such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco and perhaps even Iran.

The Egyptian Revolution is a case in point. Christians and Moslems demonstrated together in Tahrir Square and other places calling on the overthrow of the Mubarak regime hoping for a better future. The Mubarak regime suffered from the same corruption and elitist domination of the economy by certain chosen groups. US President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the “democratic revolution” in Egypt as they are now doing in Libya as well.

When the US Administration was warned of the dangers of the Moslem Brotherhood, Secretary Clinton’s response was: “They are only a 30% minority.” The problem is that throughout the Middle East, the governments are usually controlled by minority and not majority. By the way, Hitler came to power in Germany in January of 1933 with only 30% of the German democratic vote. Khomeini in Iran came to power in 1979 leading a wall-to-wall coalition of democratic forces but in the end it was his fanatic group of fundamentalist Shi’ites that eliminated all the other groups leaving only Khomeini’s group in power.

So today, the Egyptian Army in partnership with the Moslem Brotherhood are now the ruling forces. And there should be no doubt that the agenda in Egypt has never been for democracy nor is it now. On the contrary, the Islamic motto is: We kill the Jews on Saturday, and we kill the Christians on Sunday.

Now that there are no more Jews in Egypt (Saturday people), the Moslems say: “We will go for the Sunday people” (the Christians). There is no doubt that the condition of the Coptic Egyptian minority is indeed dire. Woman are being kidnapped, raped and forced to marry Moslem men who can anyway have multiple wives. When Christians protest about this, the Moslems riot and kill the Christians. Churches are being burned down and Christians gunned down. My fear is that the Egyptian Coptic community faces imminent and massive ethnic cleansing if not outright Holocaust at the hands of the Moslems.

When the Egyptian Christian community is terminated, the economy will completely collapse and Egypt will become a desolation with tens of millions of Egyptian Christians and Moslems fleeing to the West were the grass is greener and there is food, employment and freedom, at least for now.

In Syria, another country ruled by a minority, this time a pro-Iranian 10% Alawite minority, another volcano is about to explode. The Sunni population of 80% is seeking “democracy” or rule of the majority of the people. The Christian population is about 10% and until now protected by the Alawites, but if the Bashar Assad and his regime fall from power, the Sunnis, led by the same Moslem Brotherhood as in Egypt, I am afraid, will decimate both the Alawites and the Christians, thus terminating the Christian presence in Syria, and by extension the Christians in Lebanon as well. We already have seen how the Sunni/Shi’ite struggle in Iraq killed Christians and forced them to flee to Syria. Now, I am afraid, this is about to happen in Syria and by extension in Lebanon.

Unfortunately, the Christian world in the West is silent about this as are most of the churches and denominational leadership. By the no one in the Christian world is saying or doing anything about the slaughter of Christians in Africa. And, of course, as the fundamentalist Moslem Brotherhood takes over in Egypt and Syria as it already has in Turkey and Gaza, I believe we are witnessing the creation of a Sunni Caliphate that will soon be surrounding Israel as well. Could this be a Gog and Magog scenario in the making? Will the world do anything about the Christians of Egypt and Syria? Will the world do anything to stand by Israel at that time? I believe it is time for Jews and Christians to awaken and unite in an alliance for the defense of Christians, Jews, and all of Western Civilization threatened by this rising wave of Sunni Moslem Brotherhood fundamentalism.

Christian violence in Egypt

A Muslim mob surrounded and burned a church in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Saturday, killing at least 10 people and wounding nearly 200 more.

#imag1 The confrontation was sparked by a rumor among Muslims that the Coptic Christians at the Saint Mena Church in the Cairo neighborhood of Imbaba were holding against her will a woman who wished to convert to Islam.

The mob began hurling firebombs at the church and reportedly opened fire on the Christians. Some reports suggested the Christians responded in kind by returning fire.

Security forces eventually broke up the Muslim mob using tear gas, and firefighters were called in to hose down the scorched church building.

Israel Today reported last month that Christians have begun to flee Egypt following the ouster of former dictator Hosni Mubarak and the rise of more radical Islamic elements within the country.

Why aren’t Christians helping other Christians

By Dennis Prager #imag1 Christians should organize an international day or week of solidarity for persecuted Christians in the Muslim world.

In 1969, at the age of 21, I was sent to the Soviet Union. I was a young American Jew who spoke Hebrew and Russian and who practiced Judaism. My task was to bring Jewish religious items into the Soviet Union, and the names of Jews who wished to leave the Soviet Union out of that country. Upon returning to the United States, I became the national spokesman for the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, one of the most effective organizations for Soviet Jews in the world.

As such, I spoke before synagogues of every denomination, Hadassah groups, Jewish federations, Jewish groups on college campuses. If there was a Jewish organization, it cared about the plight of Soviet Jews. For decades, virtually every synagogue in America had a “Save Soviet Jewry” sign in front of it.

Why is it ok for U.S.Government to burn Bibles

But Condemn Burning the Koran

by Roger Kimball

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that the ability to hold two contradictory ideas in the mind simultaneously was a mark of genius.

If that were true, the U.S. government must be full of geniuses. Consider: it was just a week or two ago that everyone from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., sort of, SC) to Gen. David Petraeus and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton loudly condemned the Rev. Terry Jones for presiding over his Koran barbecue. Burning a holy book, you see, was hateful, intolerant, and extremely disrespectful.

That’s how General Petraeus put it: “hateful, intolerant, extremely disrespectful.”

For his part, Sen. Lindsey wondered aloud on Face the Nation about how the government could “push back” against individuals who did such things. “Free speech is a great idea,” he said, “but we’re in a war.” Ann Barnhardt did for Lindsey Graham what Apollo did for Marsyas, and I hope that who ever runs against him in 2014 plays his statement and Ms. Barnhardt’s video again and again and again.