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Iron Dome intercepts 2 rockets fired at Israel

Terrorists in Gaza fire at Ashkelon after IDF retaliates for terror attacks, system to be re-deployed in Beersheba

While the IDF continued to search for the terrorists who committed four deadly attacks in the south, the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted two rockets fired at Ashkelon from Gaza.

Four rockets were fired altogether, of which the system intercepted two. The other two exploded in open spaces, and no injuries or damage were reported.

Of the first rocket attack, Yaakov Ronen, a resident of the city, told Ynet, “I heard a siren and went to the window. I am certain that Iron Dome was activated because I saw smoke go up.”

Lucy Zutub, another resident of the city, also reported hearing a loud blast. Meanwhile, defense officials said Thursday that Iron Dome would be re-deployed in Beersheba, due to fears that the IDF’s retaliation in Gaza to the days’ terror attacks would cause an escalation of violence there, as well.

Israel’s Iron Dome intercepts first rocket

Ashkelon residents report seeing Grad explode in midair as dozens of rockets fired at south

Shmulik Hadad

Residents in Ashkelon reported Thursday seeing Israel’s new Iron Dome defense system intercept a Grad rocket fired towards the southern city from the Gaza Strip.

Eyewitnesses told Ynet they saw the rocket explode in midair and realized that the system had intercepted its first rocket.

Moshe Ben Hemo, a resident of Ashkelon, said, “I was in the street and I heard a strange sound, like someone pushing the gas pedal of a car. Then I saw the rocket fly through the air and explode. Immediately I realized that it was Iron Dome, that’s what has been said here.”

1,400-Year-Old Winepress Uncovered, One of Israel’s Largest

The Israel Antiquities Authority announces the discovery of a 1,400-year-old wine press in the vicinity of Nahal Sorek – one of the largest ever found in Israel. The location is approximately midway between Jerusalem and Ashdod. The wine press was unearthed during a salvage excavation in a region to be used for agricultural farmland by Gush Katif expulsion victims from Ganei Tal. Their permanent homes are being built nearby, just outside Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim. The head of the Nahal Sorek Regional Council, Eli Eskozido, said he will ensure the conservation of the site and its opening to the general public.