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A late-blooming Arab Spring in Jordan?

By ILENE PRUSHER Muslim Brotherhood, opposition groups, call for massive rally in Amman to demand reform and boycott upcoming elections. Photo: Muhammad Hamed / Reuters The Arab Spring has blossomed – and sometimes wilted – in nearly every country in the region, aside from Jordan.

Now, with large demonstrations planned for Friday in Amman – which organizers say will be the biggest the Hashemite Kingdom has seen in years – some question how long Jordan can remain immune from the demands for change that have swept through the region, sparking uprisings and unseating dictatorships.

Jordan is a relatively small, stable country with a measure of freedom and a popular monarchy. But the conflation of new pressures on the desert kingdom – an influx of Syrian refugees, an economic crisis exacerbated by the region’s recent instability, and the ascent to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – are adding up to a potentially combustible atmosphere that many analysts say should not be underestimated.

Only getting worse

by GADI ADELMAN J Since returning to the United States in 1981 I’ve been attempting to educate people on the truth of Islam. Over the years I have seen dozens of new people emerge writing about the same thing, and it is obviously helping. There is no doubt that we are making headway and more people are aware of the threat of Islam.

It would seem to me that if more people have become educated and are aware of the situation things should be getting better rather than worse but sadly, that’s not the case. Day in and day out, if you read publications other than the mainstream media, it’s the same headlines, stories and news reports from all over the world. Islamic terrorism, honor killings, child brides, female genital mutilation and innocent people being murdered for no other reason than not being Islamic.

The so called “Arab Spring” has certainly made matters worse with the birth of new Islamic Republics that are demanding Sharia governments and laws.

Since 9/11 there has been 18,985 deadly attacks all carried out in the name of Islam and explicitly for Allah.

God reshuffles the deck

By Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai With President Obama’s recent appointment of Samantha Powers as his “War Crimes Czar,” one may ask the question: “How will this affect Israel?”

Indeed, in 2002, during the presidency of George W. Bush, Samantha Powers was asked what she thought the president of the US needed to do regarding the Middle East. She said that if she were appointed assistant/advisor to the president, she would recommend that US/NATO forces militarily intervene against Israel on behalf of the Palestinian cause and help to create a Palestinian State with these Western troops ensuring that Israel would be forced back to the borders of June 5th, 1967.

Well, now in the year 2012, we see that indeed, the US president has appointed Samantha Powers as his advisor. With the handing down by a Turkish court of indictments against ten senior IDF officers and Israeli officials for “war crimes” for their involvement in the thwarting of the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza, we can begin to have a taste of what is in store for Israel in the not to distant future at the hands of President Obama’s “war crimes czar.”

In their incessant efforts at gaining international recognition, the Palestinians have been trying to bring about recognition by world political bodies including the UN for their “almost” state of Palestine. They tried at the Security Council of the UN. They are promising to bring this up again at the General Assembly. UNESCO, contrary to history and the truth, has recognized that various holy sites in Israel are not Jewish holy sites, like the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and the Temple Mount site in Jerusalem, but Moslem holy sites.

Arab Spring ripples through ultra-Orthodox Sukkot market

At the four-species market, merchants grapple with a lulav shortage caused by an Egyptian export ban. By Roy Arad

Although many in the ultra-Orthodox community preferred to ignore the winds of change in the Middle East, they learned a firsthand lesson on the Arab Spring – with the soaring price of lulavs.

The Egyptians halted the export of lulavs from El-Arish, causing a shortage and hike in the price of the palm fronds that are one of the four species of Sukkot. An effort was made to import lulavs through Jordan, but this was scuttled by the Hashemite Kingdom’s strict trading laws. Shas then intervened, and tried to obtain a permit to import the fronds from the Gaza Strip, thus forcing the state to breach its own laws concerning the siege on Hamas. In a strange twist, Gaza refused to export 50,000 precious lulavs, and despite whispers that Hamas authorities were trying to disrupt the Jewish holiday, the true reason was an insect that wreaked havoc on the palm trees in the Gaza Strip.

Major Genal of Israel IDF warns that an all out Middle East was was in the works

Israeli Major General warns all-out Middle East war is in the works #imag1 Elizabeth Delaney

Whatstarted out as being called an Arab Spring may be in the process of being renamed. Or perhaps upgraded for its increasing hurricane-type intensity is a better way to put it. As more radical elements take over in what started out as citizen protests about high unemployment, a plummeting economy and corrupt leaders, IDF Major General Eyal Eisenberg says it has become a “radical Islamic winter” which is increasingly leading to an intensified likelihood of “an all-out war,” CBN reported.

If such a war would break out, Eisenberg believes that there is a good possibility that weapons of mass destruction will be used.

To complicate matters even more, missiles were being lobbed at Israel on Monday night, and so Israel responded in self defense by striking a weapons manufacturing site in Gaza, according to Israel National News.