Bedbug epidemic attacks New York City

Unfed bugs are 1/4 to 3/8 inch long. They are brown or red-brown in
color and the upper surface of the body appears crinkled. Recently fed,
they are engorged with blood, dull red in color.
A bedbug epidemic has exploded in every corner of New York City -
striking even upper East Side luxury apartments owned by Gov. Spitzer's
father, the Daily News has learned.
The blood-sucking nocturnal creatures have infested a Park Ave.
penthouse, an artist's colony in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a $25 million
Central Park West duplex and a theater on Broadway, according to
victims, exterminators and elected officials.
Once linked to flophouses and fleabags, bedbug outbreaks victimize the
rich and poor alike and are spreading panic in some of the city's
hottest neighborhoods.
“In the last six months, I've treated maternity wards, five-star
hotels, movie theaters, taxi garages, investment banks, private
schools, white-shoe law firms, Brooklyn apartments in Greenpoint, DUMBO
and Cobble Hill, even the chambers of a federal judge,” said Jeff
Eisenberg, owner of Pest Away Exterminating on the upper West Side.
The numbers are off the charts: In 2004, New Yorkers placed 537 calls
to 311 about bedbugs in their homes; the city …

The blood on Greenspan's hands

The former Federal Reserve chief now admits there is a housing bubble,
yet he still refuses to take the blame he so richly deserves.
By Bill Fleckenstein
A debate is beginning to rage about where to lay blame for the mortgage
mess: the lenders or the borrowers. In some cases, I'd point to the
lenders; in others, the borrowers; and beyond that, a combination of
But I think that where absolutely ridiculous mortgages were issued to
folks who didn't make much money and could be considered somewhat
naive, the blame ought to fall more on the lenders. Of course, the
lenders didn't worry about their own exposure to risk, as they passed
these mortgages on to financial companies. The latter sliced and diced
them into derivatives — products that, in turn, got peddled to the
next bag holder.
Claiming innocence abroad
Alan Greenspan
That brings me to the champion-in-chief of derivatives and the man
responsible for the lion's share of this debacle: Alan Greenspan. (He
has been on my mind the past couple of months, as I have been writing a
book about him, slated to be published around the turn of the year.)
And yet, in a recent …

Thompson warns threat of mushroom cloud real

'Most Americans know the forces of terrorism will not rest'
Fred Thompson
GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson is warning the biggest threat
facing America isn't economic or social or even political: It's the
danger from nuclear terrorism.
“That the years ahead will be dangerous needs no elaboration from me,”
Thompson, a former U.S. senator from Tennessee, says in a new video
prepared for Iowa voters who will caucus later this week.
“Most Americans know the forces of terrorism will not rest until a
mushroom cloud hangs over one of our cities,” he said.
Thompson, who is trailing several other candidates in Iowa, said those
other issues, such as “economy, taxes, protecting our borders, and
protecting the right to life,” are important but are not the biggest
concern this nation faces.
Rasmussen Reports, considered one of the most accurate polling
services, says Arizona Sen. John McCain held support from 17 percent of
likely Republican primary voters, former Massachussetts Gov. Mitt
Romney and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are at 16 percent, former
New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is at 15 percent and Thompson is at 12
percent heading into the new year.
Thompson's 17-minute video notes there is no “frontrunner,” and …

Chilling Warning To The UK

Chief Feature Writer
in Kahuta, Pakistan  
A FANATICAL Pakistani cleric told The Sun yesterday of his chilling
dream to turn the world Muslim – by force if necessary.
Qari Hifzur Rehamn, 60, spoke openly of imposing Islamic law’s stoning
and beheading on Britain – as Pakistan was rocked by unrest over the
assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
He warned: “We want Islamic law for all Pakistan and then the world.
“We would like to do this by preaching. But if not then we would use
Rehamn, 60, spoke in the Pakistani town of Kahuta as the call to prayer
echoed over the dusty streets.
He is Imam of the town’s fundamentalist religious school or madrassa,
where classes for kids as young as nine include Jihad or Holy War and
barbaric punishments.
His teachings are frightening enough. But his mosque lies in the shadow
of the secret bunker where Pakistan produces nuclear weapons.
And when asked if it would be right to nuke British infidels, he
laughed and answered: “Probably.”
Rehamn, in a flowing grey beard and turban, explained Islamic, or
Sharia Law as we sat surrounded by some of his 250 students.
He said: “Adulterers …

Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus marks 4th anniversary

Etgar Lefkovits
The Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus is marking its fourth anniversary
next week, at a time of burgeoning ties between Israel and the
predominantly supportive evangelical Christian community around the
But as the relationship flourishes, the lobby also faces growing
challenges from opponents of Israel's ties with the evangelical world,
both in Israel and abroad.
The increasingly influential parliamentary lobby, currently made up of
13 Knesset members from seven political parties across the political
spectrum, has come to epitomize Israel's newfound interest in garnering
the support of the Christian world, especially the largely pro-Israel
evangelical community, at a time when radical Islam is on the rise.
“Evangelical Christians are the most strategic ally the state of Israel
has and we have to be stupid not to understand this,” said caucus
chairman MK Benny Elon (NU-NRP), who spearheaded Israel's campaign to
court evangelical Christian support during his tenure as tourism
“This is not just friendship as a means to an end but true friendship,”
Elon said, negating ongoing concerns in certain streams of Judaism over
ulterior motives evangelicals may have in their relations with Israel.
Established in January 2004 amid a wave of Palestinian suicide
bombings, the parliamentary …

IDF: Chemicals were disguised as EU aid

Talia Dekel
The IDF and Shin Bet uncovered 6.5 tons of potassium nitrate hidden in
sacks that were disguised as aid from the European Union, the army
announced on Saturday.
Security forces discovered the stash in the cargo of a Palestinian
truck at a West Bank checkpoint earlier in December. According to the
IDF, the material, hidden in sugar sacks, was planned to be used by
terrorists in the Gaza Strip.
“Potassium Nitrate is a banned substance in the Gaza Strip and the
Judea and Samaria region due to its use by terrorists for the
manufacturing of
explosives and Kassam rockets,” the IDF spokesperson wrote in a
“This is another example of how the terror organizations exploit the
humanitarian aid that is delivered to the Palestinian population in the
Gaza Strip with Israel's approval,” the statement read.