Rabbis ask Bush to cancel his visit to Israel

“Even if it is not your intention, the slanted media in Israel is
interpreting your visit as applying pressure to accelerate the
implementation of “Disengagement II” a move that will place in mortal
danger all residents of Israel,” the Rabbis wrote.  
The Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP) comprised over over 350 leading
rabbis in Israel have sent an urgent letter to U.S.President George
Bush requesting that he cancel his upcoming trip to Israel next week.
“Even if it is not your intention, the slanted media in Israel is
interpreting your visit as applying pressure to accelerate the
implementation of “Disengagement II” a move that will place in mortal
danger all residents of Israel,” the Rabbis wrote.
The RCP move came came after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sent an
official letter on Sunday to the ministers of defense, housing and
agriculture with an order to refrain from authorizing any construction
in the West Bank without his and Defense Minister Ehud Barak's prior
Officials in the PM's Office said that the order was a follow-up to the
announcement he made in the cabinet meeting before the Annapolis peace
conference, that Israel would not build additional settlements and
would evacuate …

Israel bars Jews from moving lips in prayer on Temple Mount

Even slightest 'sign' of Jewish worship prohibited at Judaism's holiest
By Aaron Klein
Temple Mount in Jerusalem
JERUSALEM – Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount in any way
whatsoever, even if they only move their lips or demonstrate other
“signs” of prayer on Judaism's holiest site, ruled Avi Dichter,
Israel's public security minister.
Dichter was responding to a recent decision by two Knesset members who
said they would ascend the Temple Mount quietly – without informing the
media or making any protest – and attempt to pray on the holy site.
The lawmakers, Uri Ariel and Aryeh Eldad from Israel's National Union
Party, said Muslim prayer services take place throughout the day in the
many mosques and Islamic religious schools situated on the holy site,
and Jews should be able to pray as individuals on the Mount.
In a letter to the lawmakers, Dichter, Israel's highest ranking public
security officer, wrote that while police cannot generally arrest a
person “conversing with his maker … however it is possible to carry
out an arrest for expressions of outward and demonstrative signs [of
prayer on the Temple Mount].”
Dichter's use of the phrase “conversing with his maker” …

Olmert sees 'hand of God' in 'peace' process

By Stan Goodenough
Jan 01, 2008
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday he believes he can
almost see “the hand of God” in the coming together of purportedly
Israel-friendly countries which are working to create a Palestinian
state on the historical homeland of the Jewish people.
In an exclusive interview timed to coincide with the start of 2008,
Olmert told The Jerusalem Post he believed the current constellation of
key international personalities who were “favorably disposed” to Israel
created “comfortable conditions” for negotiations that may not exist
again in the future.
The prime minister, a secular Jew, said it is “a coincidence that is
almost 'the hand of God' that Bush is president of the United States,
that Nicolas Sarkozy is the president of France, that Angela Merkel is
the chancellor of Germany, that Gordon Brown is the prime minister of
England and that the special envoy to the Middle East is Tony Blair.”
“What possible combination could be more comfortable for the State of
Olmert maintained that it was imperative that Israel make every effort
towards progress in the land-for-peace process as long as this lineup
of friendly faces remains in place.
It is an historical irony …

Bill Koenig to accompany,President Bush on his trip,to Israel and the Middle East

I have the opportunity to travel to Israel and the Middle East with
President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and the White
House press corps from January 8 to 17. The trip will include stops in
Jerusalem, Jericho in the Palestinian territories, Kuwait, Bahrain,
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.
I will travel on the White House press charter and will be departing in
what may be one of the most important times in the history of Israel
and the Middle East. Many are praying that doors would open and that I
might have the opportunity to share my heart with President Bush,
Secretary Rice, and others as to the importance of America’s position
on the land of Israel.
Moreover, the volatile issues that have arisen in Pakistan in recent
days make the region even more stressful and dangerous. It is said that
security for President Bush's trip will be unprecedented. In Israel,
8,000 policemen will provide security during the visit in addition to
members of the US Secret Service.
According to Haaretz, President Bush has changed the itinerary of his
trip to Israel in order to fit in a visit to Capernaum, on the northern
end of …

Revocation of citizenship

A new campaign by Israel's Ministry of Interior to revoke the
citizenship of believers highlights an urgent need for reform.
By Michael Decker
The Law of Return, in its current wording, grants every Jew the right
to immigrate to Israel. Moreover, the Law of Return also grants the
family members of Jews the right to immigrate to Israel, even if they
themselves are not Jewish. As a result, a situation has been created
whereby, as of today, there are many citizens in Israel who are related
to Jews, yet hold to different religious beliefs. There are also
citizens who are devoid of any religion whatsoever. What's more, among
mixed families who immigrated into Israel, there are many people who
have grown up with a mixed religious worldview. Nonetheless, the
uniting factor is that all of the abovementioned are Israeli citizens.
Lately, a troubling situation has arisen. Certain faithful citizens of
the nation of Israel have been receiving letters whereby they have been
summoned into the offices of the Ministry of Interior in order to
review their civil status. What was the transgression of those who
received these strange letters from the Ministry of Interior? Have they
betray the nation? Do …


Behind the growing fascination with all things pagan, occult and magic
When the day's news is about “witches,” many Americans reflexively
conjure up images of ugly, wicked hags from stories like “Snow White”
and “The Wizard of Oz” – or more recently, the smiling “good witches”
of Harry Potter books and films. But none of these fictional fantasies
has anything to do with the real thing.
The real thing – that is, the stunning phenomenon of more and more
American housewives, students, professors, and even soldiers
self-identifying as “witches” – is the topic of the January edition of
WND's elite monthly Whistleblower magazine.  
Titled “WITCHCRAFT IN AMERICA,” Whistleblower explores Wicca in
particular, and the New Age movement in general, in this dramatic,
entertaining, but powerfully eye-opening and mind-boggling
What is witchcraft? Is it the same as Wicca? Is it a form of Satan
worship, as critics allege? Or can witches be good? Can they really
cast spells that somehow call forth the spirits beyond the world of
nature to help them accomplish their will – whether good or evil? Is
magic real? Why do witches often perform their ceremonies naked? And
most of all, why do so many …