IDF closes hiking trails near Egypt border

Defense officials decide to seal off tourist sites near Egyptian border
due to Palestinian breach of Egypt border; on Thursday, the army closed
down borderline highwaynet
Hiking trails and tourist sites near the Egyptian border will be closed
down as of Saturday night as a result of the Gaza border breach that
saw Palestinian masses enter the Sinai, the IDF Spokesperson's Office
On Thursday, the army sealed off Highway 10 along the border.     
The decision to temporarily seal off the area was taken by defense
officials in order to boost the level of security in the area and
better protect Israeli citizens. The defense establishment is concerned
that terrorists may have taken advantage of the Gaza border chaos to
cross into Egypt.  
The army called on Israelis to refrain from arriving at the areas
closed off as a result of the heightened security threat.  
Sinai abductions feared
In addition to Thursday's road closure, the IDF adopted several other
measures in order to boost the level of security along the border,
military officials said.   
Security officials from the various defense establishment branches have
been consulting to assess the situation, while the IDF has maintained
contacts …

20 Years of Research Reveals: Jerusalem Belongs to Jews

by Hillel Fendel
( Jacques Gauthier, a non-Jewish Canadian lawyer who spent
20 years researching the legal status of Jerusalem, has concluded:
“Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, by international law.”
Gauthier has written a doctoral dissertation on the topic of Jerusalem
and its legal history, based on international treaties and resolutions
of the past 90 years.  The dissertation runs some 1,300 pages, with
3,000 footnotes.  Gauthier had to present his thesis to a world-famous
Jewish historian and two leading international lawyers – the Jewish one
of whom has represented the Palestinian Authority on numerous occasions.
Gauthier's main point, as summarized by Israpundit editor Ted Belman,
is that a non-broken series of treaties and resolutions, as laid out by
the San Remo Resolution, the League of Nations and the United Nations,
gives the Jewish People title to the city of Jerusalem.  The process
began at San Remo, Italy, when the four Principal Allied Powers of
World War I – Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan – agreed to create
a Jewish national home in what is now the Land of Israel. 
San Remo
The relevant resolution reads as follows: “The High Contracting Parties
agree to entrust… the administration of Palestine, within …

Global government, mankind's gravest need – Ahmadinejad

IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Monday evening at the
inauguration ceremony of new head of National Center for Globalization
Studies, “mankind's gravest need today is a global government.”
Appreciating the services rendered by the former head of that center
(formerly called the International Center for Dialogue among
Civilizations), Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian, the President said that
choosing Esfandiar Rahim-Masha'ie was “based on precise calculations,
and in accordance with a plan for the center.”
The president added, “The Center for Globalization Studies must be a
very dynamic center, able to take long studies forward, thanks to the
presence of thinkers and intellectuals from various academic fields,
able to pursue globalization discussions throughout the world.”
Pointing out that God has definitely been pursuing objectives in
creation of man, he stressed, “Almighty Allah has drawn the horizons of
man's blessed life in this world and how to achieve that objective,
based on man's innate desires and in the framework of his social
relations with the others.”
The President emphasized, “Man is created to be a global creature, as
all divine religions are global, and if he would be deprived of this
aspect of his personality, neither anything would remain of his
humanity, nor …

Israel suspects Iranians already working on nuclear warhead

WASHINGTON: Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, in an interview
published Saturday, that Iran is “quite advanced” in its work on atomic
weapons and may already be fashioning a nuclear warhead.
“We suspect they are probably already working on warheads for
ground-to-ground missiles,” Barak said in an interview with The
Washington Post and Newsweek magazine.
He also suggested that Iranians “probably … have another clandestine
enrichment operation beyond the one in Natanz.”
The remarks were in stark contrast the conclusion of a US National
Intelligence Estimate released late last year that said Tehran had
abandoned its quest for nuclear weapons as far back as 2003.
Barak sharply disagreed with this assessment. “Our interpretation is
that clearly the Iranians are aiming at nuclear capability,” he said.
“It's probably true that … they may have slowed down the weapons
group in 2003, because it was the height of American militarism.”
But he said Israel now believed that Iranians “are quite advanced, much
beyond the level of the Manhattan Project.”
He did not elaborate. The World War II-era Manhattan Project helped the
United States develop the nuclear bombs that were dropped in August of
1945 on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  …

Iran receives more Russian nuclear fuel

Iran has received nearly all of the initial nuclear fuel it needs for a
power plant in the southern port of Bushehr with the arrival of a
seventh shipment from Russia on Saturday, state media reported.
The 11-ton consignment of enriched uranium arrived at the light-water
nuclear power plant Saturday morning. The final shipment of the fuel is
expected at a “determined time,” the Islamic Republic News Agency
“Of 82 tons of initial fuel needed for the Bushehr nuclear power plant,
77 tons have been shipped to Iran so far,” it added.
Iran received the first shipment of nuclear fuel from Russia on Dec. 17
after months of dispute between the two countries, allegedly over
delayed construction payments for the reactor.
Iran has said Bushehr, the oil-rich country's first nuclear reactor,
will begin operating in the summer of 2008, producing half its
1,000-megawatt capacity of electricity.
Tehran heralded the first shipment as a victory, saying it proved its
nuclear program was peaceful and not a cover for weapons development as
claimed by the U.S. and some of its allies.
The U.S. initially opposed Russian participation in building the
Bushehr reactor and supplying it with fuel, but reversed its position

Iran produces more than 300 tons of uranium hexaflouride gas

Iran continues to process uranium; gas is placed into centrifuges,
becomes enriched uranium used for either producing electricity or
manufacturing nuclear weapons depending on level of enrichment. New UN
sanctions expected
An Iranian official said Sunday that the Islamic republic has increased
its production to more than 300 tons of a gas used for uranium
enrichment, a semiofficial news agency reported.  
The announcement comes as the UN Security Council is deciding whether
to impose new economic sanctions against Iran for refusing to roll back
its nuclear activities.   
Defense minister tells Washington Post Israel suspects Iran 'much
beyond level of Manhattan Project'    
“The Isfahan uranium conversion facility is active, and it has produced
more than 300 tons of UF6,” otherwise known as uranium hexaflouride
gas, the Fars news agency quoted Javad Vaidi, deputy of Iran's Supreme
National Security Council, as saying in meeting to members of the
Revolutionary Guards. The Fars news agency is considered close to the
elite branch of Iran's military.
The central Iranian cities of Isfahan and Natanz house the heart of the
Iran's nuclear program. In Isfahan, a conversion facility reprocesses
raw uranium, known as yellowcake, into uranium hexaflouride gas. The
gas is then …