Gun seized after Katrina? NRA wants you

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press Writer
The National Rifle Association has hired private investigators to find
hundreds of people whose firearms were seized by city police in the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, according to court papers filed this
The NRA is trying to locate gun owners for a federal lawsuit that the
lobbying group filed against Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Superintendent
Warren Riley over the city's seizure of firearms after the Aug. 29,
2005, hurricane.
In the lawsuit, the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation claim the
city violated gun owners' constitutional right to bear arms and left
them “at the mercy of roving gangs, home invaders, and other criminals”
after Katrina.
The NRA says the city seized more than 1,000 guns that weren't part of
any criminal investigation after the hurricane. Police have said they
took only guns that had been stolen or found in abandoned homes.
NRA lawyer Daniel Holliday said investigators have identified about 300
of the gun owners and located about 75 of them. Some of them could be
called to testify during a trial, he added.
“Finding these folks has been a nightmare,” Holliday said. “That is
really the guts of our case …

U.S. Mint to spend a year moving 'God'

2007 demands from Congress will be implemented in 2009
The U.S. Mint has announced that it will spend a year implementing a
new requirement from Congress that instructs the motto “In God We
Trust” be moved from the edge of the $1 coins to either the front or
the back.
Congress has approved a consolidated spending bill, and President Bush
signed it into law in just the past few days, that includes a provision
for the motto to be placed on either the front or back of new coins in
the series, which honor U.S. presidents and are scheduled now to run
thru 2016.
The motto had been placed on the edge of the coins when the series was
launched in 2007.
The U.S. Mint placed the “In God We Trust” motto on the edge of the $1
presidential coins, not on the face, triggering an outcry from
“The United States Mint proudly produces the coins that Congress
authorizes and will promptly take steps to make these changes,” Greg
Hernandez, public affairs deputy director for the Mint, told WND. “This
legislation directs the Secretary of the Treasury to move the
inscription as soon as 'practicable' after enactment of the …

'Shooting Back' shows why Christians should own guns

Biblical defense of bearing arms by man who fought terrorists attacking
What would you do if armed terrorists broke into your church and
starting attacking your friends with automatic weapons in the middle of
a worship service?
Would you be prepared to defend yourself and other innocents?
Would you be justified in doing so?
Is it time for Americans to consider such once-unthinkable
There is one man in the world who can address these questions with
first-hand experience.
His name is Charl Van Wyck – a South African who was faced with just
such a shocking scenario.
In “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense,” Van Wyk makes a
biblical, Christian case for individuals arming themselves with guns,
and does so more persuasively than perhaps any other author because he
found himself in a church attacked by terrorists.
“Grenades were exploding in flashes of light. Pews shattered under the
blasts, sending splinters flying through the air,” he recalls of the
July 25, 1993, St. James Church Massacre. “An automatic assault rifle
was being fired and was fast ripping the pews – and whoever, whatever
was in its trajectory – to pieces. We were being attacked!”
But Van …

Border crossings cut by Texas crackdown

By Sara A. Carter – A strict policy to arrest, prosecute and jail
illegal aliens who cross into the U.S. has shown significant success in
reducing crossings and crime along the Texas border, U.S. Customs and
Border Patrol officials said this month.
The first 45 days of Operation Streamline — a collaborative effort of
local, state and federal agencies in Texas — has resulted in decreased
illegal border crossings and crime since its implementation Oct. 31
compared with last year's numbers, said Laredo Border Patrol Sector
chief patrol agent Carlos X. Carrillo.
“As more and more illegal aliens are prosecuted and incarcerated under
Streamline-Laredo, the word is spreading quickly that illegal entry has
its consequences,” Mr. Carrillo said. “Those found guilty of violating
this statute face penalties that can include fines and up to six months
in prison.”
During the first 45-day period of Operation Streamline in the Laredo
sector only 2,833 illegal entries were reported, compared with last
fiscal year, when 4,424 illegal entries were reported during a similar
The operation covers a 60-mile span along the U.S.-Mexico border at
Laredo. Mr. Carrillo also noted that there was an overall reduction of
33 percent in apprehensions along the …

Ancient pyramid found in central Mexico City

By Miguel Angel Gutierrez
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Archeologists have discovered the ruins of an
800-year-old Aztec pyramid in the heart of the Mexican capital that
could show the ancient city is at least a century older than previously
Mexican archeologists found the ruins, which are about 36 feet high, in
the central Tlatelolco area, once a major religious and political
centre for the Aztec elite.
Since the discovery of another pyramid at the site 15 years ago,
historians have thought Tlatelolco was founded by the Aztecs in 1325,
the same year as the twin city of Tenochtitlan nearby, the capital of
the Aztec empire, which the Spanish razed in 1521 to found Mexico City,
conquering the Aztecs.
The pyramid, found last month as part of an investigation begun in
August, could have been built in 1100 or 1200, signaling the Aztecs
began to develop their civilization in the mountains of central Mexico
earlier than believed.
“We have found the stairs of this, much older pyramid. The (Aztec)
timeline is going to need to be revised,” archaeologist Patricia
Ledesma said at the site on Thursday.
Tlatelolco, visited by thousands of tourists for its pre-Hispanic ruins
and colonial-era Spanish church …

Report: North Korea Sets Up Fake Underground Churches to Expose Christians

The North Korean government is reportedly setting up fake underground
churches and disguising national security agents as defectors to expose
Christians, reported a North Korea-focused online news agency.
The North Korean government is reportedly setting up fake underground
churches and disguising national security agents as defectors to expose
Christians, reported a North Korea-focused online news agency.
The Daily NK, established by long-time activists who have been working
to change North Korea, claims that a portion of underground churches
existing in North Korea are disguised churches controlled by North
Korea’s National Security Agency.
“The fact that North Korea government formed a fake underground church
with National Security Agency agents was revealed as the truth,” an
inside source told the Daily NK.
According to the source, NSA agents disguise themselves as defectors
and approach Korean church organizations based in China to receive
Bibles and money. After they receive funds by claiming to church
organizations that they are engaging in mission activities, they start
up secret churches beginning with NSA agents and then concentrate their
efforts to arrest real secret churches connected with China.
The Daily NK’s inside source said they verified this fact with an
NSA-related member. Among NSA agents, the operation …