Western Wall tears

Some tears more important than those shed by paratroopers who liberated Jerusalem
Meir Shalev
Earlier this week, our Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, said that for the sake of peace we must cede some parts of the Land of Israel. However, she promise that when she returns to the negotiations table she would make sure not to forget the tears of the paratroopers who liberated the Western Wall in Jerusalem in the Six-Day War. 
As the Western wall is a site where many Jews have been crying at, or because of, for 2,000 years at least, and because rivers of tears have already been shed over it throughout history, I am left to ponder one question: Why did the foreign minister choose the tears of the paratroopers of all tears? 
In my opinion, when it comes to all the tears that were shed at the Western Wall, on the Western Wall, near the Western Wall, and because of the Western Wall, the paratroopers’ tears are the least significant. 
I do not belittle the tears shed by the paratroopers, of course. I think they stemmed from an genuinely touched heart. But what can we do, the Western Wall has already been soaked …

Kadima MKs discuss Jerusalem without Olmert

As prime minister continues his official visit to Japan, his faction's members take advantage of his absence to express their objection to negotiations on capital
Attila Somfalvi
Eleven Kadima Knesset members met Monday afternoon at the Knesset to discuss the diplomatic negotiations and their fear of talks with the Palestinians on the future of Jerusalem.
Most of the meeting attendees expressed their absolute objection to a division of the capital and even to discussions on its future.
Jerusalem Controversy 
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat says no agreement to exclude or delay talks on Jerusalem
MK Yoel Hasson even suggested that if Israel reached a diplomatic agreement with the Palestinians, the prime minister would be obligated to present the agreement to the public and receive its approval through elections or a referendum.
“Kadima's platform is our road map and we must not deviate from it,” Hasson said. “The platform speaks about a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. Those who say otherwise are causing damage to Kadima.”
MK David Tal added that “Jerusalem cannot be touched, and making concessions on this issue are not part of Kadima's platform. When the public elected us, it did not know that we plan to make concessions …

Montanans insist on gun rights

By Valerie Richardson – Montana officials are warning that if the
Supreme Court rules in the D.C. gun ban case that the right to keep and
bear arms protects only state-run militias like the National Guard,
then the federal government will have breached Montana's statehood
Nobody is raising flags for the Republic of Montana, but nobody is
kidding, either. So far, 39 elected Montana officials have signed a
resolution declaring that a court ruling of the Second Amendment is a
right of states and not of individuals would violate Montana's compact.

“The U.S. would do well to keep its contractual promise to the states
that the Second Amendment secures an individual right now as it did
upon execution of the statehood contract,” Montana Secretary of State
Brad Johnson said in a Feb. 15 letter to The Washington Times.
The resolution also was signed by Rep. Denny Rehberg, Montana's lone
Republican congressman, and state Sen. Roy Brown, who is running to
unseat Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat.
The dispute goes back more than a century. Back in 1889, the settlers
of the Montana territory struck a deal with the federal government:
They agreed to join the union, and the government …

'Any person' has right to gun, state says

Montana claims 2nd Amendment questions already resolved
Montana officials are saying that the United States already has
resolved any questions about the 2nd Amendment's application, defining
that “any person” has the right to bears arms.
That's the issue at hand in a pending U.S. Supreme Court case
originating in the District of Columbia, where authorities have banned
handguns under the claim that such a limit is “reasonable” and
therefore enforceable even given the rights granted by the 2nd
U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Va., has asked President Bush to order the
U.S. Justice Department to submit a brief to the high court supporting
the rights of individuals under the 2nd Amendment. A similar request
already has been submitted by officials for the Gun Owners of America,
whose executive director, Larry Pratt, warned: 
“If the Supreme Court were to accept the Solicitor General's line of
argument, D.C.'s categorical gun ban of virtually all self-defense
firearms could well be found to be constitutional. …”
He warned such a precedent to affirm any and all gun restrictions if
they are considered by a judge to be “reasonable” would place those
rights on the lowest rung of the constitutional ladder.
“In contrast to other …

Meditate On This: A Christian Response To New Age Spirituality

By Jeffrey K. Radt
So this is what happens when the flock is left unguarded?
It hasn’t happened overnight, but slowly and surely this nation has
succumbed to the perils of false religions gaining a foothold in
mainstream society.
Due to their widespread acceptance, I’d venture to guess that many of
us are oblivious to what’s been happening right under our noses.
I for one have had enough! This is especially true now that I’ve
learned about some “well-meaning” types who have preyed on the emotions
of a family member following the death of her husband.
If we Christians can’t stand for truth even if it runs the risk of
public ridicule and humiliation then should we really call ourselves
So much for following the command to be “watchmen” or the “salt and
light of the earth.”Give the devil and inch and he’ll become your ruler.
There seems to be a growing trend these days involving unbiblical
practices such as mysticism and eastern practices being introduced into
local churches under the guise of Christian self-awareness and
spiritual healing.
Worse is the fact that many so-called Christians are beginning to fall
for these blasphemous and dangerous teachings with open arms …

How Many Isaiahs?

My early zeal for studying the Scripture was dampened many years ago as
I encountered what is often called “textual criticism.” I was surprised
to learn that it was naive and unlearned to regard the Book of Isaiah
as actually written by the prophet Isaiah, as was commonly thought.
With its 66 chapters, Isaiah is the longest prophetic book of the Old
Testament. Most scholars agree that the book falls naturally into two
major sections, Chapters 1-39 and Chapters 40-66.
The first section has a distinctive style which changes noticeably in
the final section. It is easy to remember since it parallels the Bible
itself, with 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.
(But don't make too much of this; the chapter divisions, as we know
them, were added in the 13th century.)
The Deutero-Isaiah Theory
The “textual critics” have insisted that the Book of Isaiah is a
compilation of two different writers, each calling himself Isaiah but
writing at different times. This “Deutero-Isaiah” theory is
surprisingly prevalent in many modern (“liberal”) commentaries. (There
are some that even advocate a three-Isaiah theory.)
The first section of the book deals with God's approaching judgment on
the …