How the Islamist death cult is destroying a generation of youth
Almost everyone agrees that there's nothing more beautiful than a young
child – the brightness of spirit, the innocence, the natural
intelligence are breathtaking.
What, then, possesses an angelic little girl to chant confidently in
front of television cameras: “When I wander into Jerusalem, I will
become a suicide bomber”? Or a little boy to exclaim: “We will destroy
the chair of the despots, so they will taste the flame of death”?
What has happened to these children in their earliest, most vulnerable
and tender years to poison their souls and set many on the path
ultimately to madness and murder?
What goes on in their homes, schools and mosques that induces them to
strap on explosive belts and kill themselves and countless unsuspecting
innocents in a pizza parlor?
How, after growing up in a home with a mother and father and brothers
and sisters, can a young man suddenly stab his own sister to death –
knifing her not just once or twice, but dozens and dozens of times,
like a maniacal serial murderer – just because she supposedly held
hands or was seen in public with a …

'Tallit campaign' launched by Israel

Israel decides to take advantage of Thursday's bloody terror attack in
Jerusalem in order to launch aggressive campaign against Hamas
Israel has decided to take advantage of Thursday's bloody terror attack
in Jerusalem in order to launch an aggressive campaign against Hamas.  
Yedioth Ahronoth has learned that the political echelon instructed the
Government Press Office to distribute the shocking images from the
yeshiva shooting worldwide, including pictures of holy books perforated
with bullets, a blood-stained praying shawl and the terrorist's body
inside the yeshiva.  
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni decided
that the Foreign Ministry would work to convey the Israeli messages to
the international community.  
Livni spoke to a large number of foreign ministers and expressed the
State of Israel's abhorrence over the deadly attack.
A sources in the Prime Minister's Office said Thursday, “There is a
direct link between this terror attack and the ongoing rocket fire and
attacks against IDF soldiers in the south. It's the same motivation and
the same organizations.”The Palestinians will stop at nothing in their
attempts to target innocent people. This time they intentionally hurt
young students studying Torah at a rabbinical seminary.”   Israeli
officials harshly condemned …

'Peace partner' praises 'heroic' Jerusalem shooting massacre

'Kill them and then Allah will torture them in your hands and bring joy
to believers'
By Aaron Klein
JERUSALEM – The military wing of Palestinian Authority President
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization today labeled this week's Jerusalem
yeshiva shooting massacre an “heroic act,” called for more terror
attacks against Israelis and urged Fatah to forge a unity government
with the Hamas terror group.
The official statement came hours before Abbas told an international
group today peace talks with Israel should continue despite the bloody
attack, in which eight yeshiva students were gunned to death while
studying in their school's main library.
“Despite all the circumstances we're living through and all the attacks
we're experiencing, we insist on peace. There is no other path,” Abbas
said today in a speech marking International Women's Day.
The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Abbas' military wing, meanwhile released
an official pamphlet obtained by WND declaring their appreciation of
“the heroic operation in Jerusalem.”
“We bless the martyr [who carried out the shootings] with all the blood
of the heroes of the resistance and with the soil of our land,”
continued the Fatah statement.
“Kill them and then Allah will torture them in your hands and …

ID database will be 'universal' by 2017

By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor
All British citizens will be signed up to a national ID scheme within
10 years under plans outlined by the Government today.
Your View: Will ID cards and biometric passports make you feel safer?
In full: Jacqui Smith's Identity Scheme speech
Millions of people in sensitive jobs, including teachers, carers and
health workers will be among the first to be entered onto the identity
Gordon Brown is thought to be less enthusiastic about ID cards than his
predecessor Tony Blair
Up to 100,000 airport staff will be issued with unique personal
identity number starting later this year in a bid to kick-start the
multi-billion pound project.
Foreign nationals working in Britain will be issued with cards over the
next two years. From 2010 young people will be able to get an identity
card if they choose.
Later that year the scheme will be opened to voluntary applicants of
any age. From 2011 – after the next general election – anyone applying
for a new passport will automatically be fingerprinted and their
personal details logged on the database.
In one change from original plans, Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary,
said it will …

Europe is facing a triple threat

At a recent security conference in Munich, US Defense Secretary Robert
Gates told European nations that they were under direct threat from
Islamist extremists and that this phenomenon would not go away. Gates
tied European security to NATO success in Afghanistan. In fact, Western
intelligence services have recently established operational links
between al-Qaida in Afghanistan and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb
(AQIM) whose goals include striking at the heart of Europe.
Al-Qaida has not made any secrets of its eagerness to target Europe.
Indeed, al-Qaida's number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has repeatedly
threatened Europe. In 2007, numerous al-Qaida-linked plots were foiled
in Europe and several cells were dismantled in France, Spain, Denmark,
Belgium, Germany and the UK. This led Gilles de Kerchove, the EU's
anti-terror chief, to say last November that al-Qaida was the biggest
threat to Europe.
Thanks to the outstanding job of counter-terrorism services, al-Qaida's
only major success in Europe in 2007 was the June 30 attack on Glasgow
airport that killed one and injured five. That attack had followed two
foiled car bombs in the center of London that could have killed
hundreds if successful. The scheme was nicknamed the “doctors' plot,”
because it was planned …

Georgia bill pushes guns in churches

Christian Coalition supports expanded carry provision 
WASHINGTON – The Georgia Christian Coalition is getting behind a state
bill to expand gun-carry laws into company parking lots and churches.
State Rep. Tim Bearden is sponsoring the bill with the support of the
National Rifle Association. It is being opposed by the Georgia Chamber
of Commerce as a violation of private property rights.
The bill is currently in a House-Senate conference committee.
Christians began recognizing the threat for mayhem in the pews after an
armed rampage in Colorado recently. After killing two people at a
Christian training center in Arvada, Colo., 24-year-old Matthew Murray
went to Colorado Springs intending more murder and mayhem. 
Murray shot and killed two girls in the New Life Church's parking lot,
then headed inside the building where thousands of worshippers were
concluding a service.
A volunteer security guard, Jeanne Assam, confronted him almost
immediately and fired at him. He fell, and an autopsy later said he had
shot himself.
In fact, church shootings have been on the rise in the U.S.
A tabulation of church shootings, or those closely related to a church
setting, was done by Gary Cass, chairman of the Christian
Anti-Defamation Commission, and included …