Where Lincoln prayed

By J. Ben-Joseph – The graceful Jefferson Memorial, majestic Capitol
Building and the cloud-piercing Washington Monument exhibit our city's
extraordinary prominence. Yet away from this visible public city there
exists a more private Washington where historic jewels are rarely seen.

One hidden gemstone is where Abraham prayed — the president, not the
patriarch. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln attended the New York
Avenue Presbyterian Church; a red-brick church sitting on a
triangular-shaped block so near to the White House that Lincoln could
have walked to it. In my mind's eye, he did, slowly and even paced, his
ladder-like frame weighted down by an ominous awareness of thousands of
Americans warring in battle, many of them only 70 miles away.
Though tall buildings surround this church today, history endures
inside. Downstairs you will find a lighted case exhibiting Lincoln's
original manuscript proposing that the federal government compensate
any state freeing its slaves. This was a forerunner to the Emancipation
When Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation, he sent it to the
New York Avenue pastor here, Dr. Phineas D. Gurley, for reaction. A
photograph of the long-side-burned Gurley can be seen in an adjoining
Nineteen stained-glass windows are in …

Human ID Chips Get Under My Skin

The technology is available, but the potential for misuse is almost
limitless. Our columnist takes you through the dangers of this
futuristic process
by David H. Holtzman
While it's easy to reject the notion of placing little ID chips inside
humans as an ominous Orwellian invasion of individual rights, I suspect
it's inevitable that in my lifetime we will all have some kind of
computerized implants. My problem is not with the technology, known as
chipping, or with the companies that sell it. My concern stems from my
lack of trust in institutions and lack of belief that the technology
will be forever restricted to beneficial, socially acceptable uses.
Chipping involves implanting a transponder chip below the skin for
identification purposes. VeriChip (CHIP), the one company that has
gained FDA clearance to perform this procedure, has emerged as the
process's leading advocate. The implant procedure itself is simple and
mostly painless, accomplished in a doctor's office in a matter of
Generally speaking, the only data stored on the chip is a 16-digit ID
number that cross-references to a record in VeriChip's database.
Nevertheless the chip raises a number of troubling concerns:
Health. Before diving into privacy and security concerns, …

PA TV Bunny Rabbit Threatens to 'Eat the Jews'

7 Adar 5768, 13 February 08 06:17by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (IsraelNN.com) The latest TV character created to incite Palestinian Authority children to anti-Semitism, Islamic triumphalism and violence has debuted on a popular show produced by Hamas. The character is a cute rabbit who aspires to finish off the Jews and eat them.
The rabbit's name is Assoud, which translates as “lions,” and he has come from Lebanon “in order to return to the homeland and liberate it.” News of the program and a translation of the dialogue was provided by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization.
In the PA children's program, called Tomorrow's Pioneers, a young girl hostess asks the new character, “Why is your name Assoud, since you are a rabbit?”
Assoud replies: “A rabbit is a [term] for a bad person and coward. And I, Assoud, will finish off the Jews and eat them.”
“Allah Willing!” the girl exclaims.
Later in the show, children are taught that the Jewish city of Tel Aviv is actually Arab and that it must be “liberated” by way of Hamas-style terrorism.
Assoud asks the child hostess of the program, “Do you know the original name of our city… Tel Aviv?”
“It's our city: …

Magnitude 4.0 earthquake shakes Israel

Mild tremor felt across north, Jerusalem area Monday night; no injuries or damage reported
Jonathan Weber
A mild earthquake measuring 4.0 on the Richter Scale was felt across Israel Monday night, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to the Jerusalem area.
GII picks up two small earthquakes in Jordan rift valley area over past few days. Study shows major quake is pending 
The quake's epicenter was located about 12.5 miles east of the south Lebanese town of Tyre. No injuries or damage were reported.
Police and emergency centers in the north were flooded with phone calls from concerned citizens wishing to report the quake.
Raviv Amos, a Petach Tikva resident, told Ynet: “I was sitting at my desk when it suddenly began moving from side to side. The quake lasted about three or four seconds and some objects at the house shook a bit, but nothing was broken.”
Aryeh Dror from Kibbutz Hagoshrim added that the tremor was clearly felt in the north, unlike in the previous earthquakes. 
The most recent earthquake, measuring 4.1 on the Richter Scale, was felt in Israel about three months ago. Earlier that week, two earthquakes, measuring 3 and 4.2 on the Richter scale, were …

Boim: We are building all over Jerusalem

Bids will soon be submitted to build 1,100 apartments in east Jerusalem, 370 apartments in Har Homa and an additional 750 in Pisgat Ze'ev, Construction and Housing Minister Ze'ev Boim said Tuesday.
The announcement came a day after Jerusalem city manager Yair Maayan told a parliamentary panel that the government was holding up construction of hundreds of apartments in Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.
Boim disputed that contention.
“We are building all over Jerusalem within its municipal borders,” Boim said. “What people call delays are in fact final stages of coordination with city hall.”
The Housing Ministry, Boim said, was preparing to carry out the infrastructure work that has to be done before bids are issued for 750 apartments in Pisgat Ze'ev. Some 370 apartments are in the pipeline for Har Homa, in addition to 350 apartments already put out to bid, he said.
Boim disputed allegations that political considerations were holding up building in Jerusalem.
“There is a directive from the prime minister requiring his personal approval for planning, bids, etc,” he said. “There is nothing regarding construction in Jerusalem.”
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'We'll build an Arab city in the North'

The Interior Ministry has begun planning the establishment of a new Arab city in the Galilee, Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said Tuesday.
Speaking during a tour of Arab settlements in the North, Sheetrit said in Umm el-Fahm that he intended to upgrade Kafr Kassem's status to that of city and that he had ordered his ministry to examine the steps necessary to establish an additional Arab city.
“I'm talking about a modern town where a young couple can buy an apartment and live, like in any other modern city,” he said.
During his tour, the minister was asked to stop demolition orders issued against buildings constructed without a license. Sheetrit clarified to his host, Umm el-Fahm Mayor Sheikh Hasehm Abd el-Rahman, that he was not authorized to prevent the implementation of court orders.
Sheetrit, however, announced that he ordered the Planning Administration to finish the general plans for Arab settlements during 2008. He said that his ministry would authorize the establishment of local councils in any settlement of more than 15,000 inhabitants.
“In such a situation, the mayor is head of the council and the city council is also the committee on urban planning – an elected mayor will be …