Worshipers of Death

Zahra Maladan is an educated woman who edits a women's
magazine in Lebanon. She is also a mother, who undoubtedly loves her
son. She has ambitions for him, but they are different from those of
most mothers in the West. She wants her son to  become a suicide bomber.
At the recent funeral for the assassinated Hezbollah terrorist Imad
Moughnaya — the mass murderer responsible for killing 241 marines in
1983 and more than 100  
women, children and men in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994 — Ms. Maladan
was quoted in the New York
Times giving the following warning to her son: “if you're not going to  
follow the steps of the Islamic resistance martyrs, then I don't want
Zahra Maladan represents a dramatic shift in the way we must fight to
protect our citizens against enemies who are sworn to kill them by
killing themselves. The traditional paradigm was that mothers who love
their children want them to live in peace, marry and produce
grandchildren. Women in general, and mothers in particular, were seen
as a counterweight to male belligerence. The picture of the mother
weeping as her son is led …

Palestinian funding

By Joel Mowbray 
A showdown could be looming between Congress and the Bush
administration over a $150 million emergency aid package for the
Palestinian Authority government led by President Mahmoud Abbas.
At issue is whether or not Mr. Abbas has either the capacity or desire
to bring Palestinians closer to a peace deal with Israel, and it was
his own words that triggered congressional wrath.
In an interview with Jordanian newspaper Al-Dastur last week, Mr. Abbas
spoke with pride of violence he had waged in his past, suggested that
terrorism could start anew in the future, and essentially backed away
from repeated statements that he “recognizes” Israel's right to exist.
A top congressional appropriator, Foreign Operations Chairman Nita
Lowey, said flatly, “President Abbas' recent statements cast doubt on
his willingness to take the steps necessary for peace with Israel.”
But Mr. Abbas' comments alone likely would not have sparked this
fracas. Just one day after news of the interview shocked key
legislators and staffers, who learned of it last Thursday when it was
translated into English by watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch
(PMW), the administration sent over its plan for $150 million in direct
cash assistance to Abbas' PA.
“What …

Homeschoolers' setback sends shock waves through state

Bob Egelko, Jill Tucker, Chronicle Staff Writers
A California appeals court ruling clamping down on homeschooling by
parents without teaching credentials sent shock waves across the state
this week, leaving an estimated 166,000 children as possible truants
and their parents at risk of prosecution.
The homeschooling movement never saw the case coming.
“At first, there was a sense of, 'No way,' ” said homeschool parent
Loren Mavromati, a resident of Redondo Beach (Los Angeles County) who
is active with a homeschool association. “Then there was a little bit
of fear. I think it has moved now into indignation.”
The ruling arose from a child welfare dispute between the Los Angeles
County Department of Children and Family Services and Philip and Mary
Long of Lynwood, who have been homeschooling their eight children. Mary
Long is their teacher, but holds no teaching credential.
The parents said they also enrolled their children in Sunland Christian
School, a private religious academy in Sylmar (Los Angeles County),
which considers the Long children part of its independent study program
and visits the home about four times a year.
The Second District Court of Appeal ruled that California law requires
parents to send their children to full-time …

Pentagon Stiffs Soldiers out of Education Benefits After 729-Day Deployment in Iraq

by David Gutierrez
(NaturalNews) Members of the Minnesota National Guard returning from
the longest tour of any ground combat unit in Iraq were surprised to
learn that they were not eligible for the education benefits that they
expected to receive under the G.I. Bill.
The Minnesota National Guard's First Brigade Combat Team of the 34th
Infantry Division was deployed in Iraq for 22 months, 125 days longer
than they had originally been scheduled for. This involuntary
extension, a part of President Bush's “surge” strategy for the war,
made the 2,600 soldiers' tour of duty the longest of any ground combat
unit in Iraq. Recently, however, 1,162 of the soldiers learned that
because their orders were written for 729 days instead of 730 (as the
other 1,338 soldiers' orders were), they were not eligible for
increased education benefits.
Under the Montgomery G.I. Bill of 1984, soldiers who serve for less
than 730 days are entitled to Reserved Education Assistance program
payments for as long as they are still enrolled in military service.
Soldiers who serve for 730 days or more, however, have the option to
pay $1,200 in exchange for a $234 per month higher payment. Perhaps
more significantly, this benefit …

Colombia Announces Abortifiacient "Morning After Pill" Giveaway Program for Adolescents

Drugs will Allow Teenagers to Abort their Unborn Children After
Engaging in Sexual Intercourse
COLOMBIA, March 7, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The government of Colombia
has announced a new program through which it will distribute the
abortifiacient “morning after pill” as “emergency contraception” free
to all women who are of the age of fertility.
“The measure covers victims of rape and all women who have had sexual
relations without protection.  The first must make an emergency request
and the second through a priority consultation with her EPS (Health
Promoting Entity),” said Blanca Elvira Cajigas, Vice Minister of Health
and Well Being in an interview with El Tiempo.
All teenage women, regardless of their participation in the nation's
health care system, will receive the abortifacient contraceptives free
of charge.  Women older than 19 years must be enrolled in a government
or private health care plan to receive the benefit, although Cajigas
believes that even this requirement will be dropped.
“The plan is that next year, when we reach universal health care
coverage, everyone can have access” to the program, she said.
All three forms of contraceptives offered not only prevent pregnancy,
but also can cause abortions by preventing a newly conceived zygote

Graphic, Profane and Vulgar Homosexual Porn Novel Given to Students at Posh Illinois High School

DEERFIELD, IL, March 7, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Deerfield High
School, in Deerfield, Illinois, is offering the books “Angels in
America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes” (Part One & Two) –
laced with graphic sexual content, including gay sex, pervasive
expletives, religious denigration and mockery – in English classes this
The books contain graphic descriptions of sodomy heretofore only heard
of in hardcore homosexual pornography.  With numerous uses of the 'f'
word and vulgar sexual references to Mother Teresa, the Mother of
Jesus, and God.
“After almost 15 years of school advocacy and reviewing many
objectionable books and curricula, I have never seen anything this
vulgar and harmful to students,” says Lora Sue Hauser, Executive
Director of North Shore Student Advocacy.  “Parents, taxpayers and
concerned citizens must force themselves to read these excerpts, as
horrific as they are, so you know what kids are being exposed to.  The
school justifies this egregious choice because of its themes of hope. 
Evidently, all great literature with themes of hope have already been
exhausted so teachers need to start offering pornography.  We say –
North Shore Student Advocacy (NSSA), an organization to help parents
and students when they run into problems …