Hizbullah ready to fight Israel

Intelligence assessment says Lebanese Shiite organization has completed its military, logistic preparations for resumed confrontation with IDF
Hanan Greenberg
The Hizbullah organization has completed its military and logistic preparations for a confrontation with Israel, a senior defense official told Ynet on Monday evening, based on recent intelligence assessments.
 Hizbullah's preparations reinforce the intelligence estimate that a conflict in northern Israel is closer than a wide-scale conflict in the Gaza Strip. This may be one of the reasons why the IDF is not rushing into a comprehensive operation in Gaza. 
The annual intelligence review, presented to cabinet ministers Sunday by officials from the Shin Bet internal security service, Miltary Intelligence and the Mossad, said that the likelihood for a wide-scale Hamas attack in 2008 was slim. 
However, the likelihood that Hizbullah will resume its violent acts against Israel is higher than the likelihood for an escalation on other fronts. An escalation on one front may lead to a similar situation on additional fronts. 
Hizbullah monitoring IDF's movements
Hizbullah fighters are closely monitoring the IDF's movements on the northern border, and have even come up with dozens of scenarios for the moment Israel acts against the organization. 
According to the defense establishment, …

Syria 'intensely' arming itself

Rockets, missiles place all of Israel within firing zone
By Aaron Klein
JERUSALEM – Syria is in the midst of “intensely” arming itself, placing into position rockets and missiles capable of striking the entire Jewish state, according to an assessment presented to the Knesset today by multiple Israeli security agencies.
The announcement follows a WND exclusive report last month quoting security officials stating Syria, aided by Russia and Iran, has been furiously acquiring rockets and missiles, including projectiles capable of hitting any point in Israel. The officials listed anti-tank, anti-aircraft and ballistic missiles as some of the arms procured by Syria.
Yesterday, Israel's Mossad and Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence chiefs presented an annual security report to the Knesset warning of Syria's armament program.
The chiefs also warned of a possible flare-up at Israel's northern border with the Hezbollah terror group and said in their assessment Iran could cross the technological threshold enabling it to assemble a nuclear bomb by the end of next year.
The assessment came after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced last week negotiations between the Jewish state and Syria should be seriously considered it if would bring an end to Syrian-sponsored terrorism and Damascus' “involvement in …

Allies of Syria and Iran Ready to Confront Israel

Political factions backed by Syria and Iran on Monday said they are prepared to confront any Israeli attack on Lebanon and declared support for the killing of eight students at a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem.
The self-labeled Lebanese Parties issued a statement after their regular meeting at the offices in Sidon of Ousama Saad's Popular Nasserite Organization claiming the United States has dispatched naval vessels to the Mediterranean to “support the ruling majority.”
The statement said the groups are “fully prepared and perfectly ready to confront any Zionist aggression that leaders of the Zionist entity's criminal terror could launch.”
It praised as “heroic” the killing of Jewish religious students in Jerusalem, saying it was the “real and factual response to Fascist-Zionist practices carried out by the enemy's army in Gaza.”
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Israel facing worst water crisis in decade after meager rainfall

By Zafrir Rinat, Haaretz Correspondent
The past winter's meager rainfalls and sharp rise in domestic water consumption have brought Israel to the most acute water crisis in the past decade. The country's main water sources are expected to drop below the safe minimum levels by the end of the summer, which threatens the water quality. The Water Authority will have to take conservation measures while drilling for water in an effort to increase the supply.
The Water Authority's operating committee is to meet next week to discuss the crisis. 
The Water Authority's Hydraulic Service predicts that the levels of Lake Kinneret, the western Mountain Aquifer (Yarkon-Taninim) and Coast Aquifer will plunge below the safe minimum by the end of the year. The Kinneret's surface is expected to drop to 214.2 meters below sea level, more than a meter below the safe minimum.
The deficit in the water balance (amount of water pumped out compared to rainfall) will reach 410 million cubic meters by the end of the year, almost twice as much as last year's deficit. Altogether, the past four years' accumulated deficit is almost a billion cubic meters.
The Kinneret is 60 centimeters lower today than it was last …

Rabbi Shapira: Strong Government to Replace the Hollow One

by Gil Ronen(IsraelNN.com) “Instead of the thorn bush, the cypress will come up, and instead of a hollow government, a strong one shall grow,” said Rabbi Yaakov Shapira on Sunday, in a paraphrase on a verse from Isaiah 55. Rabbi Shapira, the head of Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva, spoke to journalists following the Thursday-night massacre at its campus.
“At this time, we need to realize the potential power that is hidden in this entire nation, enlarge the Torah and make it great, [and] maintain proper and true educational systems for the general public, until the ministry which is in charge of education touches the deep roots of these powers,” the rabbi said. 
No Torah – No Moral Fiber
The rabbi went on to quote from Judges 21: “And in those days there was no king in Israel, and each person did what he thought right.” He explained that the meaning of the word “king” is Torah.
“If there is no Torah, there is no moral fiber and the physical strength is also lacking,” the yeshiva head added. “All day long, we are on the defensive vis-à-vis our neighbors. The nation expects and yearns for a systemic change in thinking, and …

Humans vs. Hamas' animals

The killing of 15 and 16-year-old Jewish seminary students in West Jerusalem last Thursday is firsthand evidence that the leaders of Hamas are the lowest animal form in existence. I just wonder when the world will understand that. And as with any rabid animal, negotiation is not an option.
To watch the response on the Arab street to this senseless killing is chilling. Thousands of people screaming “Allah Akbar” – God is great. Gunfire and cheers for the bloodshed of innocent Israeli children. An open celebration of dead Jews.
Can you imagine if such a barbaric display occurred after the Columbine massacre or the Virginia Tech killings? While innocent children lay dead in their classroom, thousands of radical Islamists take to the street to celebrate. What else can capture such a scene as this other than the word “sick”?
Hamas leader Sami Abu Zuhri extolled, “This heroic attack in Jerusalem is a normal response to the crimes of the occupier and its murder of civilians.”
Heroic? Normal response? This guy is not only deranged, he is evil. He went on to say Hamas “blesses the heroic operation in Jerusalem,” calling it a “natural reaction” to Israeli attacks.
The specific attack …