Recycle or go to Hell, warns Vatican

By Malcolm Moore in Rome
Failing to recycle plastic bags could find you spending eternity in
Hell, the Vatican said after drawing up a list of seven deadly sins for
our times.
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Damian Thompson: Catholic own goal on seven deadly sins
Climate change 'will spark global conflict'
The seven, which include polluting the environment, were announced by
Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, a close ally of the Pope and the head of
the Apostolic Penitentiary, one of the Roman Curia's main court.   
Polluting the environment by failing to recycle is one of the new seven
deadly sins 
The “sins of yesteryear” – sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath
and pride – have a “rather individualistic dimension”, he told the
Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper.
The new seven deadly, or mortal, sins are designed to make worshippers
realise that their vices have an effect on others as well.
“The sins of today have a social resonance as well as an individual
one,” said Mgr Girotti. “In effect, it is more important than ever to
pay attention to your sins.”
According to Roman Catholic doctrine, mortal sins are a “grave
violation of …

Farmers struggle to keep up with world food demand

By David Streitfeld
LAWTON, North Dakota: Whatever Dennis Miller decides to plant this year
on his farm, the world needs. Wheat prices have doubled in the past six
months. Corn is on a tear. Barley, sunflower seeds, canola and soybeans
are all up sharply.
“For once, there's great reason to be optimistic,” Miller said.
But the prices that have renewed Miller's faith in farming are causing
pain far and wide. A tailor in Lagos named Abel Ojuku said recently
that he had been forced to cut back on the bread that he and his family
“If you wanted to buy three loaves, now you buy one,” Ojuku said.
Everywhere, the cost of food is rising sharply. Whether the world is in
for a long period of continued increases has become one of the most
urgent issues in economics.
Many factors are contributing to the rise, but the biggest is runaway
demand. In recent years, the world's developing economies have been
growing at about 7 percent a year, an unusually rapid rate by
historical standards.
The high growth rate means hundreds of millions of people are, for the
first time, getting access to the basics of life, including better
diets. …

Parents urged to boycott homosexual indoctrination

'Day of Silence' in schools 'about coercing students to repudiate
traditional morality'
By Bob Unruh
What if homosexual rights advocates staged a huge promotional event and
no one came to see it? That's exactly what a coalition of organizations
is proposing for April 25, this year's “Day of Silence,” which is
sponsored in public schools across the nation.
“It's outrageous that our neighborhood schools would allow homosexual
activism to intrude into the classroom,” said Buddy Smith of the
American Family Association, one of a long list of organizations asking
parents to keep their students home from school on that day.
“'Day of Silence' is about coercing students to repudiate traditional
morality. It's time for Christian parents to draw the line – if your
children will be exposed to this DOS propaganda in their school, then
keep them home for the day,” he said.
The “Day of Silence” promotion is intended, ostensibly, to make
students “aware” of the “discrimination” suffered by homosexuals in
society, by having students remain silent for the day. Such events
typically are organized by a school's “Gay-Straight Alliance” group,
but the event has been promoted for its previous 11 years by the Gay,
Lesbian and Straight Education …

Reclaim your children

Watch out parents; they're after your children again, this time in
California, but it could spread nationally.
According to the judge in this case: “… parents don't have a
constitutional right to homeschool their children.”
Remember his name: Justice H. Walter Croskey. As he spoke of the 3-0
ruling issued Feb. 28, he added that failure to comply means that
parents can be criminally prosecuted.
He's talking about parents teaching their own children, in their own
Then the judge helpfully explained the primary purpose of the education
system: “… to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and
loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public
This statement, from an earlier, similar ruling, emphasizes “loyalty to
the state” but omits loyalty to family and the welfare of the family as
a basic right of citizens.
If you ever needed more proof that government and the courts are at
odds with individual freedoms, go no further than this.
It's no surprise the teachers union loves the ruling: It means full
employment for teachers, more dues paid and more money for colleges
teaching credentialing courses.
It also means pulling homeschooled children back into the …

California Screaming

Bill breathes life into Karl Marx
Karl Marx 
Editor's note: Michael Ackley's columns may include satire and parody
based on current events, and thus mix fact with fiction. He assumes
informed readers will be able to tell which is which.
The Soviet Union is long gone. Fidel Castro is in his dotage.
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is a harmless clown. Therefore, international
communism no longer is a threat, right?
How else can one explain Senate Bill 1322, which would delete language
in the California law barring public school teachers from “teaching
communism with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind
of any pupil a preference for communism”?
The bill is the work of state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, D-the Los
Angeles/Long Beach sprawl. Unlike many pieces of legislation, SB 1322
lacks a list of whereases and wherefores explaining and justifying the
measure. Perhaps this is because the need for the bill is self-evident.
Perhaps this is why the senator's press guy didn't return our call
seeking elucidation.
Perhaps this is why Lowenthal was comfortable with deleting from state
law such tired, Cold War verbiage as: “Within the boundaries of the
State of California there are active disciplined communist
organizations …

Perfect Storm Could Change Presidential Election

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By: – Robert Maginnis
A series of erupting international crises may force the presidential
candidates to change the focus of their campaigns this fall. There are
so many developing situations that a sort of geopolitical “perfect
storm” could hit them when they would rather be talking about economic
and social issues. Weather phenomena rarely combine in predictable
harmony: geopolitical events are more predictable.
The forces behind a 2008 perfect storm would likely be terrorists or
foreign governments creating a mass of challenges that overwhelm the
candidates and place the debate squarely on how the Bush White House is
dealing with the world in the president’s final months.
A major terrorist attack at home, the start of another war and the
emergence of a threatening nuclear enemy are examples of geopolitical
crises that could occur simultaneously. Such a confluence of events
would severely stretch our government’s resources, torpedo the
political rhetoric of the presidential campaigns and, thereby, expose
the country to dangers that have kept us at war since 2001.
A peaceful fall campaign bodes well for the Democrats but a …