The Lesson of The Priestly Garments

by Moshe Kempinski    
The preoccupation in the Torah Portion of Tzetzaveh on the external clothing and apparel of the priests in the tabernacle seems unusual.The word for clothing in Hebrew is “Beged” and its root seems to be connected to the concept of betrayal and deception Livgode, for after all the role of clothing is to hide and conceal. We are living in a time and in a  world where falsehood and evil is dressed up in pretty clothing and flourishes unchallenged. More dangerous is the fact that an individual may even begin to believe in the mirage those clothes are trying to convey. Man must define himself by what he does and for what purpose he does it and not by what he wears. Only then can the clothes serve Man's higher calling rather than Man being enslaved to the image the clothes are meant to convey.
It is for this reason that Jewish spiritual understanding demands that we take that external “beged” and elevate it into a vessel of holiness. This is true in the concern Judaism places on how one is to dress in public and the modicums of modesty to be attained.
It is therefore also …

Biblical hero Joseph,'was really a Muslim'

Palestinians make astonishing claim,
deny they'll help restore burned tomb
By Aaron Klein
Building at Joseph's Tomb site after Palestinian Authority took control
in 2000 .
In the wake of an attempt by Palestinians to burn down Joseph's Tomb –
Judaism's third holiest site – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud
Abbas' Fatah faction issued a statement denying it will help restore
the shrine, referring to both the shrine and the biblical patriarch as
“Pay no attention to the rumors that we will work with Israel to
restore the burial site of the holy Muslim Joseph,” said the statement,
issued from Nablus, the biblical city of Shechem. “We are going to
guard this holy Muslim site.”
Joseph's Tomb is the believed burial place of the son of Jacob who was
sold by his brothers into slavery and later became viceroy of Egypt.
Palestinian security officials in Nablus said Monday they were called
to the tomb to find 16 burning tires inside the sacred structure. A
Palestinian police official who inspected the site told WND there was
some fire damage to the tomb.
He said the Palestinian Authority, fearing embarrassment, immediately
formed a joint committee from the PA's Force 17, Preventative Security

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's Son: Jews in Danger if Shas Won't Quit Now

 Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, the eldest son of the current spiritual leader of
the Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is charging the party with
endangering Jews.
Rabbi Yaakov Yosef said the Shas party should immediately quit the
government or bear responsibility for putting Israel in grave danger.
He charged Wednesday that Shas can no longer use the excuse that
negotiations with the Palestinian Authority to surrender parts of
Jerusalem are far from fruition.  
Shas party chairman and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, Eli
Yishai, expressed surprise Tuesday when reporters informed him that
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, chief negotiator for Israel, had
discussed the status of Jerusalem with PA negotiator Ahmed Qureia in
meetings Monday and Tuesday.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said repeatedly that the status of
Jerusalem would not be negotiated until after all other outstanding
issues had been resolved in the negotiations with the PA.
As late as Wednesday, the prime minister reassured Minister Yishai that
he remained firm in his commitment that Jerusalem would not be put on
the negotiating table at this point, despite numerous reports to the
Yosef said that Shas is betraying the decision of the Council of Torah
Sages and putting …

Education Ministry Poster 'Internationalizes' Jerusalem

by Hillel Fendel
 An Education Ministry '60th Anniversary of Israel' poster features a
non-existent Christian church over the Western Wall.
The poster, distributed to all schools across the country, features
eight symbols portraying important aspects of the State of Israel: The
Declaration of Independence flanked by the country's official flag and
emblem; photos of the Knesset, government complex and Supreme Court,
representing the government's three branches; a satellite photo of the
entire country; and a large photograph of the Western Wall (the
This last, however, is marred by technological manipulation in two
ways. In addition to the golden Dome of the Rock towering over the
Kotel, the minaret of another Moslem mosque is shown above the Wall –
despite the fact that in reality it is much further to the north and
out of sight of Jews at the Wall.  Secondly, a church spire has been
placed to the right of the minaret and above the Kotel – when in fact
no such church is located in the vicinity.
The photo thus creates the effect of a Jerusalem belonging jointly to
three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
An Attempt to Internationalize Jerusalem
Jerusalem City Councilman David Hadari (National …

Barkat: Secret agreement to divide Jerusalem reached

Jerusalem municipal opposition leader accuses Prime Minister Olmert,
Vice Premier Ramon of 'deceiving Israeli citizens'. Ramon aide: This is
Roni Sofer
Israeli and Palestinian representatives have reached an agreement to
divide Jerusalem, the capital's municipal opposition leader Nir Barkat
said Wednesday.  
“(Vice Premier) Haim Ramon and the prime minister are deceiving
Israel's citizens,” Barkat added after exchanging letters with Foreign
Minister Tzipi Livni on the negotiations with the Palestinians.     
Barkat based his accusations on information from “senior sources” which
he refused to reveal, claiming that Ramon and Palestinian tycoon
Muhammad Rashid had agreed in secret talks on Jerusalem's division.  
“Livni refuses to reveal the fundamental information she has, according
to which there is a secret channel which is not being led by the
Foreign Ministry. Knowing this makes her an accomplice in this
political deceit, which is really aimed at dividing Jerusalem behind
Israeli citizens' backs,” said Barkat.  
In his letter to Livni, Barkat wrote, “I was amazed to learn that a
senior and official Palestinian source was quoted as saying that 'we
can say that Israel is ready to pullout of all the Arab villages and
neighborhoods in Jerusalem.'”  
He went on to …

Israel issues warning over likely attempts to abduct Israelis abroad

By Barak Ravid and Yuval Azoulay,
Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau on Thursday issued an advisory
warning Israelis abroad to be vigilant in the face of likely abduction
attempts, as Lebanese guerrillas threatened to avenge Tuesday's
assassination of a Hezbollah commander tied to a string of terror
attacks against Israeli, American and Jewish targets.
Israel also ordered its military and embassies to go on alert Thursday,
and advised Jewish institutions worldwide to follow suit, as Hezbollah
leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed to retaliate against Israeli targets.  
Israel on Wednesday denied involvement in the death of Imad Mughniyah,
who was killed in a car bombing Tuesday in the Syrian capital of
The slain Hezbollah deputy secretary general was on Israel's and the
U.S.'s wanted terrorist lists, and Hezbollah, its Iranian backers and
others pointed accusatory fingers at Israel following the
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi put forces on
heightened alert, instructing them to take the necessary precautions by
air, land and sea in order to protect the northern border and other
Israeli interests, the army said Thursday.
The military sent more troops to the already heavily patrolled northern
border with Lebanon, defense officials said, without elaborating.
Soldiers were …