Former Kansas State Trooper: "Prepare While You Can"

By Greg Evensen
For thirty years, I have been writing, speaking, imploring, and begging
others to make rational, concrete plans for a time in life that would
offer no quarter, give no mercy, and that would in a word
be–catastrophic. We are coming face to face with that moment. You have
so little time left to do anything that will give you a fighting
chance. What are you doing?
National Guard units are training and preparing for urban combat. The
United States has just reached an agreement with Canada’s armed forces
to come in to this country and assume combat roles should they be
needed in American cities and towns. The Federal Reserve’s last ditch
effort to stem the “blood loss” in the sub-prime and other currency
markets has failed. The dollar has been abandoned for Euros. The stock
market can’t find its ass with both hands and a Chinese made, Wal-Mart
sold ass finder. Israel has demanded that all of the financial aid it
receives from Washington (that’s us) be paid for in Euros. The ultimate
irony and slap in the face. Oil, dairy, wheat, wheat products, gold,
silver, copper prices, the list goes on and on, are racing …


'Deception': Christians
war over worship day
Centuries-old clash continues
over disputed commandment
By Joe Kovacs
This sign at the Mesa Avenue Church of Christ in Grand Junction, Colo.,
is typical of churches announcing their worship services on Sunday.
Two thousand years after Jesus walked the Earth, Christians are at war
with each other concerning – as strange as it may sound – a day of the
week mentioned in the Ten Commandments.
The issue boils down to: “When is God's Sabbath?” In other words, what
is His holy day of rest?
Most Christians today think it's Sunday, when the majority of churches
hold services.
But others confidently say it's Saturday, calling Sunday worship “the
most flagrant error of mainstream Christianity,” believing
Sunday-keepers are victims of clever deception.
Some high-profile evangelical pastors such as California's Greg Laurie
say it's simply “wrong to set Saturday apart as a special day for
Today, some high-school sports teams refuse to play in state
tournaments for the sole reason the events are held on Saturday – what
they say is God's Sabbath.
Scottish sprinter Eric Liddell 
Conversely, the 1981 film “Chariots of Fire” was based on the story of
Eric Liddell, a Scottish sprinter …


by Rabbi Kalman Packouz
GOOD MORNING! Purim is coming up this week! It is celebrated Thursday
evening, March 20th and Friday, March 21st everywhere in the world –
except in cities that were walled cities in the time of Joshua. In
those cities, like Jerusalem, Purim is observed this year for 3 days –
from Thursday though Sunday!
Purim is the holiday that reminds us that God runs the world behind the
scenes. Nowhere in the Megillas Esther is the name of God mentioned,
though there is a tradition that every time the words “the King” are
used it also refers to the Almighty.
Megillas Esther is a book full of suspense and intrigue with a very
satisfying ending – the Jewish people are saved from destruction! I
highly recommend the book Turnabout – it has an English translation of
the Megillah (literally: scroll) as well as a rendition of the Purim
story incorporating the commentary of the Malbim (available at your
local Jewish bookstore, at or by
calling toll-free to 877-758-3242).
Purim is preceded by the Fast of Esther on Thursday, March 20th,
commemorating the three day Fast of Esther and the Jewish people before
she approached King …

Bereaved mother – Israel like sheep without a shepherd

The mother of one of the eight Jews killed by a “Palestinian” terrorist
on March 6 Thursday bemoaned the state of the Israeli leadership.
According to the Israeli daily Ha'aretz, Rivkah Moriah, in mourning for
her 16-year-old son Avraham, said:
“I feel we're now a nation of confused sheep without the level of
shepherding that we need. Some of our spiritual leaders are great
people. Our political leaders, I feel such pain when I see the distance
between what we need and what we have.”
Moriah expressed the hope that because the attack was aimed at
Torah-observant Jews, the national reaction might include non-religious
Jews being led to turn back to the Bible.
She supported a decision of the Israeli Foreign Ministry to use bloody
photographs from the massacre scene to raise international awareness of
the terrorism Israelis are suffering from.

Why is ‘Israel's best friend’ pressuring the Jewish State to act recklessly?

By Caroline B. Glick     
To understand the strange twists that Hamas's war against Israel has
taken over the past week, it is instructive to cast a glance at the
current situation in Pakistan. For in their dealings with Hamas, the
Bush administration and the Olmert-Livni-Barak government have
apparently been operating in accordance with Pakistani President Pervez
Musharraf's playbook.
In a radio interview this week, Michael Leiter, the Director of the US
National Counter-Terrorism Center noted that Al Qaida today is stronger
than it was two years ago. This development, he explained is the
consequence of Musharraf's decision to sign peace accords with the
Taliban in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA] along the
Afghan border.
The first agreements in North and South Waziristan were signed in
September 2006. They involved the removal of Pakistani military forces
from the areas, and the release of 2,500 Taliban and al Qaida prisoners
from Pakistani prisons. The Waziristan accords rendered the areas the
Taliban's and al Qaida's first safe havens since the US-led invasion of
Afghanistan in October 2001. Freed from the need to defend themselves
against the Pakistani army, al Qaida and the Taliban immediately turned
their attention to Afghanistan. Within weeks …

'Israel threatened to attack Damascus'

Israel has secretly warned Syria that it may strike the country if
Hizbullah attacks the Jewish state, Reuters reported on Friday.
In early February Hizbullah threatened Israel with revenge following
the assassination of the group's chief of operations, Imad Mughniyeh.
Israel has denied involvement in his death.
According to senior Israeli and European officials quoted by the news
agency, later that month Israel secretly conveyed a message to Damascus
through a third party that it would hold it accountable for any
Hizbullah assault.
“The message was passed around late February, before the last round of
fighting in Gaza,” an Israeli official said. “It has become clear to us
[that] Syria has to understand there is a price for its use of proxy
terrorism, especially as Damascus is itself a proxy – the long-arm of
A European source said the message made it clear that Syria could be
targeted, even if Hizbullah attacked from Lebanese soil.
The sources said Israel was mainly concerned that the terror
organization would barrage the north with rockets in the event of a
large-scale operation in the Gaza Strip.
Meanwhile an unnamed British official told the news agency that any
flare-up …