Islamic summit to accuse Israel of 'war crimes'

Draft of Islamic conference's concluding statement charges Israel with
human rights violations
The world's largest Muslim body will accuse Israel of committing war
crimes against Palestinian civilians, according to a draft of the final
communiqué of an Islamic summit in Senegal seen by Reuters on Friday. 
“The conference denounces the current and increasing Israeli military
campaign against the Palestinian people and the serious violation of
human rights and war crimes including the killing and injuring of
Palestinian civilians,” the draft said. 
Harsh Words  
Abbas: IDF operation in Bethlehem a barbaric crime  / Roee Nahmias  
Palestinian Authority condemns killing of four terrorists, says 'crime
exposes Israel's mask'    
It called Israel's “collective punishment of civilians” a violation of
international human rights law and said “the occupying forces must be
held responsible for these war crimes.” 
The communiqué is due to be approved at the end of a two-day meeting in
Dakar, Senegal, of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference
(OIC), the second largest inter-governmental bloc after the United
'Clash of ignorance'
Meanwhile, leaders at the summit agreed to work with the West to fight
religious bigotry and a US envoy pledged support for a dialogue to

Threats to Israel are threats to us, says Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed solidarity with Israel in the
face of threats to the Jewish state on Saturday, the eve of a three-day
visit to the country, and said Iran must halt its nuclear program.
“The threats to which the Israeli state is exposed are also threats to
us,” Merkel said in her weekly podcast.
She said she would underline on the trip that “the Iranian nuclear
program cannot continue and Iran must finally play to international
The U.N. Security Council imposed a third round of sanctions on Iran
earlier this month for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, adopting
a resolution that Germany co-sponsored, though not itself on the
Western powers suspect that Iran is secretly trying to build nuclear
weapons, but Tehran denies this and says it nuclear program is intended
only to produce electricity.
Judaism is a recognized minority religion in Iran, but Tehran does not
recognize Israel and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has often predicted
Israel's imminent demise.
Merkel will be the first German chancellor to address Israel's
parliament, more than six decades after the end of World War Two. Her
visit will launch yearly talks between the governments.
She will also visit the Yad …

Pentagon: China's lack of transparency makes it hard to know the extent of activity

China trying to crack U.S. computers, buy nukes
Story Highlights
Pentagon: Chinese military expanding its Navy, investing in weapons

Officials worry China is trying to hack into U.S. military computers

“Intrusions” have already happened, officials say, though info was not

Mike Mount
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Chinese military continues to increase spending
on efforts to break into U.S. military computer systems, expand its
Navy, and invest in intercontinental nuclear missiles and weapons to
destroy satellites, according to the latest U.S report on China's
military power.
The annual report from the Pentagon to Congress says China's total
military spending in 2007 was between $97 billion and $139 billion, but
it is hard to tell exactly how much was spent and on what.
In comparison, the U.S. military budget request for 2008 is $481.4
billion, not including war requests.
Pentagon officials said a chunk of China's spending went to
cyberwarfare, because 2007 saw several “intrusions” believed to be from
the Peoples Liberation Army. In the incidents, unclassified U.S.
military computer systems were broken into and information was taken,
according to Pentagon officials.
While the information taken was not classified, Pentagon officials said
the worry is the Chinese hacking required many of …

When Thousands Can't Breathe Who_Get a Ventilator?

 by Jacob Goldstein
There may some day come a flu pandemic so horrible that the number of
Americans in respiratory failure will far exceed the number of
mechanical ventilators needed to keep them alive. What do we do then?
The state of New York has taken a crack at the answer. A paper
published this month in the bracingly titled journal Disaster Medicine
and Public Health Preparedness lays out a plan for deciding who would
get a ventilator and who wouldn’t. A draft of the full guidelines is
online here.
To learn more, we called Tia Powell, an author of the draft guidelines
and the director of New York’s Task force on Life and the Law. Here are
the highlights.
Would it be possible to stockpile ventilators, so we would never have
to ration them?
There actually are extra ventilators bought by the federal government,
New York State, New York City and a lot of different facilities. Even
if you were going to say, “I’m going to buy an infinite number of
these,” the resource that’s really scarce in a situation like pandemic
flu is staff, is people. If you’re sick enough to have that kind of
intensive care, we …

Gas being rationed in Iran

Global money woes hit, with inflation at 19%
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
LONDON – Financial analysts for British intelligence agencies have
produced a graphic view of how the global financial crisis is affecting
the Iranian economy, with inflation rampaging at 19 percent and fuel
for cars on a ration-only basis, according to Joseph Farah's G2
The assessment comes just as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad secures his
hold on the country after this week's elections, which saw hard-liners
overwhelmingly returned to power.
The elections affirmed the Islamic Republic's continuation through a
combination of brutal suppression and a highly effective security
system controlled by the Revolutionary Guards.
But behind that, there are growing signs the financial crisis that has
rocked Wall Street and world stock markets has begun to bite ever
deeper into the Iranian economy. 
A country which is awash with oil – Iran produces 4.3 million barrels a
day and possesses the world's …

Imams promote 'our values' on taxpayer dime

Academy's goal to 'appreciate traditions, histories of Asia, Middle
A charter school for kindergarten through eighth-grade students in
Inver Grove Heights, Minn., is named after a Muslim warlord, shares the
address of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, is led by two
imams, is composed almost exclusively (99 percent) of blacks, many
Somalis, and has as its top goal to preserve “our values.”
And it uses funds from taxpayers of Minnesota.
The school's agenda was revealed by Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist
Katherine Kersten, who noted that she asked for permission to visit the
school and interview officials for her report, but was denied. The
school also declined to return a WND telephone request for an interview.
But it has been drawing objections from a number of people, including
Robert Spencer, the expert who monitors such developments at Jihad
“Can you imagine a public school founded by two Christian ministers,
and housed in the same building as a church? Add to that – in the same
building – a prominent chapel. And let's say the students are required
to fast during Lent, and attend Bible studies right after school. All
with your tax dollars,” he wrote. “Inconceivable? Sure. If such …