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Sue Bradley
In 1798 Thomas Malthus predicted that population would increase by
exponential progression while agrarian growth would progress at an
arithmetic or lineal rate thus causing catastrophic degeneration and
inevitable famine and plague. Though Malthus’ solutions were reflective
of societal morality, his conclusions were based on economic ratios
where geometric progression always exceeds linear expansion.
While Thomas Maltus errantly applied his Essay on the Principle of
Population to nineteenth century Europe, his predictions seem eerily
prescient and applicable to recent global agricultural, environmental,
political and scientific events.
As recently as twenty years ago, with dramatic advances in food
enhancements, growth acceleration, preservation and delivery, the
ability to produce and provide better than subsistence level nutrition
was becoming feasible. The spectre of third world families on drought
stricken expanses might finally have been poised for extinction and
purged from modern memory and history.
And while the eyes of proud western civilizations watched political
walls collapse and treaties signed, then turned to focus on
‘humanitarian’ welfare and unprecedented technological and scientific
maturation, it seemed as though a seal was loosed just a bit somewhere.
Slowly a backwash began to seep in.
“Unusually active” hurricane seasons began to recur and became …

New Syrian missile can pinpoint Israeli targets

By Stan Goodenough
With the assistance of its ally Iran, Syria has developed a new, more
precisely-guided surface-to-surface missile with an improved ability to
hit strategic Israeli targets.
This was the top story Friday on the website of the Israeli daily
Ha'aretz – a leftist publication that normally plays down Arab
aggression and insists that the countries surrounding Israel are
interested in making peace with the Jewish state.
According to the report, senior Israeli ministers were recently
appraised of this latest threat to their nation's security, which
comprises an upgraded Iranian ZelZal missile with a 250 km range and
able to carry exceptionally large payloads.
Israeli installations likely to be targeted with the rocket include
airports, ports and factories.
The news comes at a time “when Israeli defense sources have expressed
growing concern at the rearmament program of the Syrian armed forces,
which is mostly being supplied by arms transfers from Russia,' Ha'aretz
It listed some of the recently-acquired weaponry, such as an
anti-aircraft missile system that fires up to 12 missiles at a time,
and anti-tank missiles allegedly able to stop Israel's most advanced
main battle tank, the Merkava Mark IV, in its tracks.
After describing these threats, …

'A battered town, abandoned by 20 percent of its residents' -

As Kassam rockets continued to hit the western Negev on Saturday, Public Security Minister Avi Dichter paid a visit to the beleaguered town of Sderot.
“I found a battered town where some 20 percent of residents have simply upped and left,” Army Radio quoted Dichter as saying.
The public security minister said that Sderot residents described to him how they were living from one miracle to the next and that on Saturday morning, there was a higher attendance in synagogues than usual.
“When I traveled in the direction of Sderot,” continued Dichter, “I saw crowds arriving for the 'Red South' festival, but when I got to Sderot, I saw desolate streets, emptied of people – people closed up inside their homes.”
On Sunday, the public security minister is due to brief the cabinet on his visit to the town.
After a turbulent Friday on which some 40 Kassams and mortar shells slammed into the western Negev, the attacks continued Saturday morning as two rockets fired from Gaza hit the Sha'ar Hanegev region.
One of the rockets landed next to a kibbutz, while the other fell near a junction. No one was wounded and no damage was reported.
The IAF hit …

Sderot residents block entrance to Jerusalem

Residents of southern city have had enough of government's helplessness in face of rockets fired at their town and its surroundings. Dozens of them protest outside Prime Minister's Office, are pushed away by police officers as they try to break into building. 'This is no joke, the Qassam kills,' one of demonstrators says
Neta Sela
VIDEO – Dozens of Sderot's residents were pushed away by police officers as they tried to break into the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon.
Earlier the residents blocked the entrance to the capital in protest of the Qassam rockets fired at their city from the Gaza Strip, following the serious injury of an eight-year-old boy Saturday. Dozens of Jerusalem's residents joined the protestors in solidarity.
Prime minister addresses rocket attack on southern town during weekly cabinet meeting, says residents' anger is 'understandable and natural, but what is needed is systematic and organized action over time.' Minister Dichter cites sections of Winograd report, says 'we mustn't conduct a strategy of luck.' Minister Yishai: Failure to make a significant decision on situation may lead to a catastrophe 
Several minutes later, after sitting on the road at the entrance to the city, the demonstrators got …

Republicans had their chance – and blew it!

The Republicans had their chance – and blew it. Republicans could hardly contain themselves when the Supreme Court issued its ruling that kept Al Gore out of the White House. Yes, they celebrated Al's defeat much more than George W. Bush's victory. Across the country, conservatives were especially grateful that Al was unemployed, but only cautiously optimistic about the prospects of a genuine return to constitutional government.
Conservatives, but not all Republicans, cheered when President Bush rejected the U.N.'s International Criminal Court, which outgoing President Clinton signed during the last hours of his reign. Conservatives, but not all Republicans, cheered when President Bush rejected the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol. Then, of all things, the president decided to rejoin UNESCO, a U.N. agency Ronald Reagan had dumped because of its gross corruption and anti-American attitude.
Rumblings began to stir in the State Department about reintroducing the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea and even the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity. Both of these treaties had been presented to the Senate during the Clinton era. Exceptionally hard work by conservative Republicans forced the treaties to be withdrawn from consideration. Conservatives, but not all Republicans, were mystified by the Bush administration's desire …

Families are running for their lives

By Olivia St. John
In a Feb. 7 press release, a broad coalition of Christian grass-roots organizations boldly banded together urging parents to either homeschool their children or place them in Christian schools. Prominent pro-family crusaders like Phyllis Schlafly, once a proponent of public school reform, are saying it's time to exit public schools.
Indeed, the situation is so serious that in states around the country, sexual material is being taught to children as young as kindergarten age. Barb Anderson, research and policy analyst with the Minnesota Family Council, details lewd content being taught in public schools in a policy paper titled “The Birds & Bees Project: Gay Sex Ed for Kids.” According to Anderson, a presenter at the annual Minnesota School Health Education Conference stated, “When speaking to teens you must tell them there is no right or wrong and no good or bad choices.”
Anderson goes on to say that on page 152 (A Day at the Clinic) of a 187-page guide distributed by the Birds & Bees Project, health educators encourage pregnant teens “to practice making an appointment to have an abortion … [and] that they can seek a judicial bypass to circumvent the Parental Notification law.”…