Shabbat Shalom-Parashat Vayakhel 5768

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
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Avraham Avinu and the Internet
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Stories of Rabbenu – Our Rabbi: Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah Ha-Cohain Kook –
Our Rabbi and honoring of the State – Part 3
Shut She'eilat Shlomo – Questions of Jewish Law:
On Air – Court case against a Jew during Adar, Sleeping in gloves,
Buying books with tzedakah, Time watching program on computer,
Informing fellow workers of rights, Relying on a miracle, A student who
davens for a long time
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Talk given by Rav Aviner in the yeshiva during lunch
Q: Does a person need order in his life or is order secondary to the
truly supreme and holy ideals?
A: Both are the words of the Living G-d. The Gemara in Yoma (33a) says
that Abaye created order from the traditions of Abba Shaul. However, he
drew them from the words of Abba Shaul which were beyond mere order.
There is chaos without order, but we do not simply want order since
there are ideals which are higher: The supreme world, self-sacrifice,
love of Hashem, awe of Hashem, devotion to Hashem, etc… Yes, a yeshiva
student – as everyone …


“And the whole valley of the dead bodies and of the ashes, and all the fields as far as the Brook Kidron, to the corner of the Horse Gate toward the east, shall be holy to the Lord. It shall not be plucked up or thrown down anymore forever.” 

(Jeremiah 31:40) You shall have a song as in the night when a holy festival is kept, and gladness of heart as when one goes with a flute, to come into the mountain of the Lord, to the Mighty One of Israel. The Lord will cause His glorious voice to be heard, and show the descent of His arm, with the indignation of His anger and the flame of a devouring fire, with scattering, tempest, and hailstones. And in every place where the staff of punishment passes, which the Lord lays on him, it will be with tambourines and harps; and in battles of brandishing He will fight with it. For Tophet (Tophet = Hinnom, Jeremiah 7:31) was established of old, yes, for the king it is prepared.  (Isaiah 30:29-30, 32-33a)
There is a reason for our choice of the Hinnom Valley as chief venue for the ICZC celebration …

Did Jesus Live in Occupied Territory?

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is at it again, although other denominations have engaged in this abysmal behavior as well. Their 225-page report, “Israel-Palestine: A 2007-2008 Mission Study,” likens Jews to “monsters” and compares the actions of Israelis to Nazis. Strange, indeed, when Hamas TV is currently running a kids' special suggesting that they “eat Danes, not Danish pastries.” The UMC uses “terrorism” to describe Israeli actions while the actions of Palestinian Arabs are described as “activism.” The desire to strap explosives onto oneself has dropped to that level, I guess, in the eyes of the UMC.
The 11 million-member church is expected to take up the issue of divesting stock from companies that do business with Israel at its quadrennial national conference in April. And those behind the effort are asking for the following:
1) That Israel end its “occupation” and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantle her security wall which has reduced homicide bombing by 95%. Here's a note to the UMC: Israel didn't “occupy” or “colonize” anything. She has seized land since 1948 only to take territory that would defend her from further attack. She got her God-given land back very officially in 1948. But at …

Iran 'number one world power': Ahmadinejad

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared on Thursday that Iran was the
world's “number one” power, as he launched a bitter new assault on
domestic critics he accused of siding with the enemy.
“Everybody has understood that Iran is the number one power in the
world,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech to families who lost loved ones in
the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.
“Today the name of Iran means a firm punch in the teeth of the powerful
and it puts them in their place,” he added in the address broadcast
live on state television.
Ahmadinejad's comments come amid renewed Western efforts on the UN
Security Council to agree a third package of sanctions against Tehran
over its refusal to suspend sensitive nuclear activities.
They also came a day after former top nuclear negotiator Hassan Rowhani
launched an unprecedented attack on Ahmadinejad's foreign policy,
accusing him of using “coarse slogans and grandstanding”.
“You can see how some people here… try to materialise the plans of
the enemies and by showing that Iran is small and the enemy is big,”
added Ahmadinejad.
“These are the people who put the enemies of humanity in the place of
God,” said the deeply religious president.
He also …

A Messiah That Hates America

By Spengler
“Cherchez la femme,” advised Alexander Dumas in: “When you want to
uncover an unspecified secret, look for the woman.” In the case of
Barack Obama, we have two: his late mother, the went-native
anthropologist Ann Dunham, and his rancorous wife Michelle. Obama's
women reveal his secret: he hates America.
We know less about Senator Obama than about any prospective president
in American history. His uplifting rhetoric is empty, as Hillary
Clinton helplessly protests. His career bears no trace of his own
character, not an article for the Harvard Law Review he
edited, or a single piece of legislation. He appears to be an empty
vessel filled with the wishful thinking of those around him. But there
is a real Barack Obama. No man – least of all one abandoned in infancy
by his father – can conceal the imprint of an impassioned mother, or
the influence of a brilliant wife.
America is not the embodiment of hope, but the abandonment of one kind
of hope in return for another. America is the spirit of creative
destruction, selecting immigrants willing to turn their back on the
tragedy of their own failing culture in return for a new start. Its