California pastor says study points to 'faith deficit'

Allie Martin
A California pastor is calling a new study on religious affiliation
indicative of a faith deficit facing the nation.
According to the Pew study, the number of Americans who say they are ot
affiliated with any religion is growing. Study results found that 44
percent of adults have left the denomination of their childhood for
another denomination, another faith, or no faith at all. 
Phil Munsey is pastor of Life Church in Mission Viejo, California and
author of Legacy Now. Munsey believes Christian parents should leave a
“legacy of faith.”
“… [W]hat do you believe, what do you believe about God in your life?
Because what you believe is what you leave,” he explains. “And I think
a lot of people don't understand that we have a responsibility to teach
our children well ….” 
Munsey also believes many churches in America have forgotten their
primary mission. He says some churches need to pay attention to the
“fruit” of their members and make sure that they promote leaving a
strong legacy. Munsey says focusing on leaving a legacy will help
people take their faith to the next level. 
According to the Pew Study, the United States is on the …

DNA database will turn us all into suspects

Serial killer Steve Wright was caught largely through DNA samples
We seem to be busily building the world's first popular police state.
Opinion polls show high levels of support for identity cards,
surveillance cameras, detention without trial – and now a national DNA
database covering every individual, including those who have never had
any dealings with the police.
Given the growing fear of crime, such attitudes are not surprising.
Events in the past week have encouraged them further. Both Suffolk
serial killer Steve Wright and Mark Dixie, murderer of Sally Anne
Bowman, were caught largely through DNA samples. Police officers and
victims' relatives want the change. The case seems open and shut.
Britain already has the world's largest DNA database. Anyone arrested
in England and Wales is compelled to submit to a DNA swab and the
record is kept whether he is convicted or not. In Scotland this rule is
restricted to violent and sex offenders, and then for only three years
unless an extension is applied for.
But the operation of the scheme south of the Border has led to the
beginning of serious doubts. As so often with measures aimed at greater
security, people are far less enthusiastic …

Moneychangers destroying America–and Christians don't see it

Chuck Baldwin Chuck Baldwin
“And the Jews' passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem,
And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and
the changers of money sitting: And when he had made a scourge of small
cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the
oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables.”
John 2:13-15 (KJV)
The moneychangers of Jesus' day were the equivalent of the
international bankers of our day. With the consent and approbation of
the Jewish leaders, these bankers set up shop in the Temple. Their
purpose was to exchange whatever currency the Jewish worshipper brought
with him or her into Jewish currency, which would then be used to
purchase whatever sacrifice the worshipper required. Of course, the
exchange rates benefited only the bankers and Jewish leaders (and
Caesar, who collected a tax on the exchange, of course). For everyone
else, the system was nothing more than legalized extortion.
When Jesus saw what the bankers were doing, He was incensed. And
throughout the Gospel narratives, this is the only occasion where Jesus
is recorded as resorting to violence. He made …

Shas " Watchmen's Warning"

Homosexual activity cause of earthquake, Shas MK says
'The Gemara mentions a number of causes of earthquakes, one of which is homosexuality, which the Knesset legitimizes,' Benizri says regarding last Friday's tremor Amnon Meranda

The recent earthquake that was felt across Israel was the result of the “homosexual activity practiced in the country”, Knesset Member Shlomo Benizri said Wednesday.

During a special Knesset session on Israel's preparedness for the possibility of another earthquake hitting the region, the Shas member said “the Gemara refers to earthquakes as disasters, but you are searching only for the practical solutions how to prevent and repair.
“But I no of another way to prevent earthquakes; the Gemara mentions a number of causes of earthquakes, one of which is homosexuality, which the Knesset legitimizes,” Benizri said.

An earthquake registering 5.3 on the Richter Scale was felt by residents across Israel at 12:36 pm Friday. The trembling lasted for 19 seconds and shook structures in many major towns and cities.



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Alarmed rabbis: Prime minister dividing Jerusalem

Prominent Jewish leaders urge Israeli leader's partners to bolt government
By Aaron Klein
JERUSALEM – A group of hundreds of prominent Israeli rabbis this week urged a religious partner of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government to immediately bolt the Israeli leader's coalition amid rampant media reports Jerusalem is up for negotiations.
The rabbis warned that if the Orthodox Shas party remains in Olmert's government, they will urge Jews against supporting Shas. If the party bolts, Olmert's coalition government could fall apart, precipitating new elections.
“We are seriously considering issuing a statement signed by the hundreds of rabbis of the organization declaring it is absolutely forbidden for any observant Jew to vote for a party that lent its support to a government that negotiated the division of Jerusalem, a move that will place the entire population in Israel in mortal danger,” Rabbi Avrohom Shmuel Lewin, director general of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace, told WND.
The Congress is a coalition of more than 350 Israeli rabbinic leaders and pulpit rabbis.
Olmert repeatedly has insisted Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are not dealing with the status of Jerusalem, while Palestinian leaders, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abba, and many Israeli officials, including Foreign Minister Tzipi …

Vinegar: Sour Grapes or Sweet Success?

By Rabbi Tzvi Rosen 
Vinegar is one of nature's most unique and versatile products. Folklore maintains that vinegar was discovered quite by accident, when wine was inadvertently left to sour. This resulted in the first batch of full-bodied wine vinegar. Indeed, the word vinegar is derived from the French word vinagere, which means sour wine. Euphemistically, the Talmud refers to a ne'er do well son of a righteous father as a “vinegar, son of wine.”
Folklore aside, vinegar was well known in the time of Tanach (Scripture). The Torah forbids a Nazarite to drink wine vinegar or eat other grape and wine products. In Psalms, Kind David asked to drink vinegar. In the Book of Ruth, Boaz's workers dipped their bread in vinegar.
The Hebrew term for vinegar, chometz (pronounced ch-oh-metz), is very much akin to the word chametz (pronounced ch-aw-maitz), leavened bread products. This etymological similarity underscores a close similarity between the production of vinegar and the leavening of bread. The chemical process that allows wine to “sour” into vinegar, and effects the leavening of flour and water, is known as fermentation. Fermentation is a natural conversion process by which yeast, a fungus found in nature, converts sugar into …