Dependency breeds suffering, death

There's a bold new political and cultural push on in America to make
everyone dependent on government.
You don't need guns to defend yourself and your family, just call 911.
You don't need to prepare for disasters, just call 911.
You don't need to worry about paying for health care yourself, just
call 911.
There isn't anything government can't do for you.
That's what we're being told.
We're all going to live in brand new utopian world, according to the
swirling rhetoric of Barack Obama and the shrill demands of Hillary
Clinton. We'll just tax the rich, then the rest of us will be on Easy
Street. All our basic needs will be met. We'll live in a just and fair
It's amazing so many people actually believe this stuff – especially
after social experiments like this have failed miserably over the last
century – resulting in massive suffering and deaths numbered in the
hundreds of millions.
But believe they do.
I'm not sure there's any way to reason with people who are
intellectually dysfunctional – whose own greed and envy motivate them
to resemble the French revolutionaries far more than our own American
Having said that, let's …

Does Balkanization beckon anew?

When the Great War comes, said old Bismarck, it will come out of “some
damn fool thing in the Balkans.”
On June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip shot the archduke and heir to the
Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo, setting in motion the
train of events that led to the first world war.
In the spring 1999, the United States bombed Serbia for 78 days to
force its army out of that nation's cradle province of Kosovo. The
Serbs were fighting Albanian separatists of the Kosovo Liberation Army,
or KLA. And we had no more right to bomb Belgrade than the Royal Navy
would have had to bombard New York in our Civil War.
We bombed Serbia, we were told, to stop the genocide in Kosovo. But
there was no genocide. This was propaganda. The United Nations' final
casualty count of Serbs and Albanians in Slobodan Milosevic's war did
not add up to 1 percent of the dead in Mr. Lincoln's war.
Albanians did flee in the tens of thousands during the war. But since
that war's end, the Serbs of Kosovo have seen their churches and
monasteries smashed and vandalized and have been ethnically cleansed in
the scores of …

Warning to Shas: Jerusalem Has Already Been Given Away

by Hillel Fendel( A 4-page pamphlet distributed in
synagogues around the country this past Sabbath is devoted to one
topic: Getting Shas to quit the government. It warns that Olmert is
using the continued presence of Shas in the government to formulate an
agreement endangering Jerusalem, other areas of the land of Israel –
and hundreds of thousands of Jews.
Shas chairman Eli Yeshai appeared to backtrack on previous promises to
quit the government as soon as negotiations over Jerusalem begin.  On
Monday, however, he changed “begin” to “continue.”  Speaking before a
Conference of Presidents audience in Jerusalem, Minister Yeshai said
the final decision to quit or remain will be made by his party's
rabbinical leaders, but “if negotiations on Jerusalem continue, Shas
will immediately leave the government.”
No address, organization or publisher is printed on the pamphlet
calling upon Shas to leave.  However, it does feature a full-page
article by Yossi Elituv, long-time Shas affairs commentator and writer
for the weekly Mishpacha magazine.
The top article is headlined, “Israel has Secretly Agreed to Divide
Jerusalem,” and cites a PA source bragging that major progress has been
made in “the secret talks, especially regarding Jerusalem.”  The source
said, “Today we …

Iran: Cancerous Israel to be destroyed by Hizbullah

In letter of condolence to Hizbullah secretary-general following Imad
Mugniyah's assassination, Revolutionary Guards commander says, 'In the
future we will bear witness to the disappearance of this cancerous
bacterium, Israel'
Dudi Cohen
General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary
Guards, has sent a letter of condolence to Hizbullah Secretary-General
Hassan Nasrallah following the assassination of the organization's
senior commander Imad Mugniyah, saying he believed “the cancerous
bacterium called Israel” would vanish soon, the Iranian news agency
Fars reported Monday. 
According to Jaafari, “I am convinced that with every day that passes
Hizbullah's power increases, and in the near future we will bear
witness to the disappearance of this cancerous bacterium, Israel, by
the Hizbullah's fighters.” 
In the letter comforting Nasrallah over the death of the “shahid”
(martyr) Mugniyah, Jaafari wrote, “There is no doubt that the death of
this loyal fighter will strengthen the determination of all the
revolutionary and warrior Muslims in their battle against the Zionist
regime, and particularly the determination of those fighting alongside
this shahid.”  
Mugniyah was considered close to the Revolutionary Guards, and
particularly to the Quds Force, which was recently designated by the
United States as a supporter of terror. Together …

Israel deploys Patriot in the North-

Israel has deployed a battery of US-made Patriot air defense missiles
near the northern port city of Haifa as part of precautions against a
possible attack by Lebanon's Hizbullah in response to the assassination
last week of the group's top commander, Israeli security officials said
The officials said the battery was put on standby Sunday for the first
time since Israel's monthlong war with Hizbullah in the summer of 2006,
when the Lebanese guerrillas fired nearly 4,000 rockets into northern
Israel. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the
sensitivity of the matter.
Patriot batteries were first deployed in Israel during the 1991 Gulf
War, but they failed to stop most of the 39 Scud missiles launched by
Saddam Hussein's Iraq. They were originally designed to intercept
aircraft, and Israeli media reported their role in the current
situation would be to shoot down bomb-laden pilotless planes as well as
The IDF said it was not its policy to comment on what a spokesman
called “operational readiness,”
Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel is “prepared on all fronts” for
an attack.
Hizbullah and its Iranian backers swiftly blamed Israel for last week's
assassination of top Hizbullah commander …

State to build fortified rooms for 3,200 houses in Gaza periphery

Dan Izenberg
The state informed the High Court of Justice on Monday that the
government will start building security rooms for 3,200 homes in a
range of 4.5 kilometers from the Gaza Strip border pending cabinet
The state's brief came in response to a petition by Sderot residents
demanding that the state build security rooms for 800 housing units in
the city that have tiled, instead of concrete, roofs.
According to the plan, which was approved on Sunday by a special
ministerial committee, 2,100 security rooms will be build in Sderot and
1,100 in the surrounding rural communities including Nir Am, Kissufim,
Miflasim, Carmiya, Gavyam, Erez, Zikim, Netiv Ha'asarah, Ivim and Nahal
The state told the court that the plan will be brought before the
cabinet for approval no later than March 2.