Trump takes over ‘Riskiest’ America since World War II

by Tyler Durden

While most are well aware that President Obama is leaving office having almost doubled the national debt during his ‘reign’, the more concerning fact is that this debt-splosion came with the weakest economic recovery in US history. What this means simply is that Obama is handing Trump the ‘riskiest’ America since World War II as debt-to-GDP is the highest since Truman.
As the champagne glasses clink in Washington over a record-breaking streak of job growth on record (as the percent of the population employed slumped), and the fastest wage growth since the start of the recovery (for managers), we just wanted to remind a few blinkered media types that Obama’s “recovery” has officially been the worst recovery in US history (despite adding almost $10 trillion to the national debt)..

When “fake news” and pedding fiction meet fact…And get this…the highest debt-to-gdp since Truman.
Trump is taking over America in its most perilous economic state since World War II.

With this…Biggest increase in debt ever…
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