The UN experts accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing

As Syria’s dictatorship is killing Syrians rising up against the repressive Assad regime, as Iran’s theocracy continues to repress its people, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt led an assault on a Nobel Peace Prize winner — the United Nations is preparing to give center stage to one of its favorite “experts” who is accusing Israel of ethic cleansing and apartheid. His evidence? Israel building apartments for Jews in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The adviser gave a preview of a report he will formally introduce to his UN employers in which he recommends that the General Assembly (a hotbed of antisemitism) seek an opinion from the International Court of Justice, with the goal of formally charging Israel with crimes against humanity. He writes the language of ethnic cleansing, etc., “in the special rapporteur’s view, more accurately describes the realities of the occupation as of the end of 2010 than the more neutral seeming description of factual developments that disguises the structures of this occupation which has undermined the rights under international law of the Palestinian people for 43 years.”

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