Technology will not help if you do not want to fight

34747182_mThe US Defense Minister, Ashton Carter expressed his dissatisfaction from the war and from the performance of the Iraqi military, who gave up the city of Ramadi, last week. In an interview to CNN he argued that the success in the war against ISIS is completely dependent on the performance of the Iraqi military.

“I guess the Iraqi military doesn’t want to fight,” said the Head of the Pentagon about the fall of Ramadi. In is opinion, “the enemy did not outnumber the Iraqi forces, and we are dealing with explicit lack of motivation to fight the enemy, on behalf of the Iraqi army.” He argued that the US will continue to back up and assist the Iraqi forces, and will continue the coalition bombings against ISIS. Eventually, the victory over ISIS depends on the desire of the Iraqi army to win the war. 

Fighting over Ramadi was the fiercest battle between the Iraqi forces and ISIS terrorists. Officials around US President Barack Obama said the fact the city fell to the terrorist hands was “a tactical failure” and “a generally successful operation by the coalition.

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