Start Your Centrifuges

by Hal Lindsey

Saturday, November 23rd, in Geneva Switzerland, the United States of America sent a clear message to the major powers of the Middle East: “Gentlemen, start your centrifuges.” The contestants were already in place, ready for the order to begin the contest and now they have it. A new atomic weapons race began Saturday in what was already the most volatile part of the world . . . and planet earth will never be the same.

Secretary Kerry told the press that economic sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table. Later he said that sanctions would no longer work. In other words — they did work, but they don’t work.

But did they really work? What was the goal in imposing sanctions? Was it to bring Iran to the negotiating table, or was it to convince Iran to stop work toward building nuclear bombs? If the latter, then the sanctions have not yet worked, though they showed promise. As the sanctions cut into its economy, Iran began to behave in un-Iranian ways. Good things were happening. But the United States acted like a girl who marries the first boy who shows interest in her. It fell all over itself at the first sign of the tiniest capitulation from Iran.

On Saturday, Charles Krauthammer wrote, “Precisely at the point of maximum leverage, President Obama is offering relief in a deal that is absurdly asymmetric: The West would weaken sanctions in exchange for cosmetic changes that do absolutely nothing to weaken Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.”


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