PM heading to Rome to oppose French initiative

707434419933092640360noNetanyahu expected to discuss his thoughts on the French peace initiaitive, to meet with John Kerry and Federica Mogherini and with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on his return to Jerusalem.
Reuters|Published: 23.06.16 , 20:48

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fly to Rome on Sunday to try to fend off pressure from the United States and Europe over his policies and opposition to a French-led effort to forge peace with the  Palestinians.

Beginning three days of intense diplomacy, Netanyahu will meet US Secretary of State John Kerry and the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, in the Italian capital, followed by talks with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Jerusalem.

One of Netanyahu’s immediate concerns is a forthcoming report from the Middle East Quartet, a mediation group made up of the United States, EU, United Nations and Russia, that is expected to use unusually tough language in criticising Israel and blaming it for the current impasse in the peace negotiations.

Photo Credit-Motti Kimchi

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