Obama’s plan to Islamicize America by 2016

By Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai. At a meeting of the David Allen Lewis “Eschatology Club” one year ago in Springfield, Missouri, USA, where I was the featured speaker, I was told by the organizers that in the preceding monthly meeting, a Pastor Don Jones made a rather disturbing statement about US President Obama’s plan to Islamicize America by 2016.

The short of the story is that Pastor Jones went to one of his orphanages in Haiti after the massive earthquake there and met with a senior UN official to told Pastor Jones that President Obama had told the UN official that America would be a Moslem country by 2016, or by the end of his second term of office.

So, of course, any rational human being who knows that America has always been a

Christian or Judeo-Christian nation until recently will ask the questions: Why and how will this happen.

Firstly, it is a given that President Obama’s biological father was a Moslem… which makes Obama a Moslem. His step-father Soetoro was an Indonesian Moslem and raised Obama as a Moslem in a mosque and madrassa in Indonesia until age 11.

His half-brothers in Kenya are Moslems. My wife, Rachel, who is a tv/radio monitor in the Arabic language for Kol Israel in Jerusalem picked up a broadcast

on January 19th, 2010 of Egyptian Nile TV featuring former foreign minister Abul

Gheit who said nonchalantly that Obama, during his visit to Cairo immediately after his inauguration in 2009, told him that Obama is a Moslem and that he would show the Moslem world what he would do Israel “when the time came.” (ie destroy Israel).

Rachel also picked up broadcasts prior to the 2008 elections where the Saudis claimed that “They would have a Moslem in the White House in 2008.” Other Saudi

broadcasts included: “Obama’s job is to terminate the Shi’ite threat (Iran) and the Jewish threat (Israel). And if he cannot do this, he should pack his bags and go home.”

Rachel is picking up incessant Arabic language broadcasts affirming to the fact that Obama is Moslem, and America will be a Moslem coountry under Obama. It is ironic that this fact is common knowledge in the Middle East but the only people

who don’t know that the American president is a Moslem are the Americans!

Now, I was born in 1949 in the US and was raised knowing that America was a Judeo-Christian country and that we Jews were “No. 2” after the Christians. The

Christians were 250 million people and we Jews were 6 million in the US. But today, the Jews are about the same, maybe less, and all of a sudden in one generation, the Moslems in the US today are about 20 million (9 million Iranians

who fled after the fall of the Shah, 7 million Arabs and at least 3 million black Muslims with the remainder being from Somalia and the former Yugoslavia.)

So numerically, the Jews are now number 3 or even number 4 after the Hindus in America since the latter’s numbers are very close to the Jewish numbers. So America now according to the Inauguration Day speech of Obama is a “Christian-Muslim, Jewish-Hindu” country. Numerically, Obama is right. So much for Judeo-Christian America.

In the last month’s June edition of Israel Today, I wrote about the worsening conditions of the Christians in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Basically, the US Government under President Obama, and even previously under George W. Bush, supported the overthrow of former president Husni Mubarak because he refused to join the US coalition against Iran. President Bush also demanded a “Palestinian State in 2008.” So, therefore the US is solidly behind the rise to

power of the Sunni Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. This is

all nice if one wishes to see the overthrow of the Shi’ite regimes in Iran and Syria, but very dangerous for Israel, the US and the Christian West.

So we now have the Why? But what about the How?

International investments in Egypt have all but dried up. One of the reasons is

the ethnic cleansing of the Coptic Christians which has been going on for decades if not centuries (the Coptic Christians were the majority) but is now accelerating. What international (Christian) corporation will invest in a country which is killing and ethnically cleansing its Christians. What corporation wants its employees to be brought in to Egypt to be killed? So the Egyptian economy is doomed to collapse as the Moslem Brotherhood takes power in September, 2011. This will inevitably, sooner or later, leave more than 70 million Moslems in Egypt starving after the Christians are gone. The same applies to all the other countries in the Middle East that will be taken over by

the Moslem Brotherhood. In the case of Syria, the Shi’ite Alawaites will share the same fate as the Christians and will also flee to the West.

If the Bible is correct, Egypt will be a desolation and the Egyptians will flee to other countries, because Egypt will be uninhabitable for forty years (Ezekiel

29). If the official Syrian newspaper of June 7th, 2011, Tishrin, is correct in

saying that 600,000 Syrian peasants and farmers will march on the Golan Heights to reclaim their land, then a war is inevitable with Syria which could mean that

Syria will be a desolation as well (Isaiah 17).

The result will be up to 100 million Moslems fleeing very soon to where the grass is greener: The US and of course some to Europe. President Obama will be more than happy to receive these “brethren” and make America a country populated

by Moslem immigrants, or in other words a Moslem country.

If/when Al-Qaeda takes revenge on America for killing Osama bin Laden, I predict

that President Obama will say something like this: “We are against fanatic terrorism and will fight it to the finish, but moderate Islam is OK.” And he will pass a law call the hatred and racism law in America which will make it illegal to speak up against Islam as is the case in Europe and more precisely in

Switzerland where I was just convicted and given a three year jail sentence for helping Switzerland to defeat the Moslem mosque minarets from being built by a 57% majority. By the way, the Moslems in Switzerland are returning with a new minaret initiative to build their minarets in Switzerland. They are tenacious in their plans to Islamicize Switzerland and Europe. Why not the US?

The great Dutch leader Geert Wilders is fighting a similar court conviction in Holland, Lars Hedegaard in Denmark and Ms. Sabatisch in Austria. I am indeed in

good company.

America will “rise to the humanitarian challenge” of bringing in these starving tens of millions Moslems and anyone who criticizes will go to jail. Any pastor,

priest or rabbi who speaks up against Islam goes to jail. Any Christian who preaches the superiority of Christianity over Islam goes to jail. Goodbye freedom of speech in America. Good-bye Judeo-Christian America. What will happen then to Israel? God knows.

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  1. July 18, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    You are absolutley correct. Psalms 83 !

  2. Moshe Pupick
    July 15, 2011 at 11:51 am

    F., 07/15/11 common era

    The world rulers don’t factor in one thing in their quest for a 2-State Final Solution 2. I’m thinking of a 3-Letter Word that begins with a capital G. Amalek’s days are numbered now. No politician can change that Torah fact.

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