Obama overtime order is Soros-funded pet project


By Aaron Klein

obama-signs-overtime-pay1-340x161A George Soros-funded economic institute has been one of the main advocates for requiring companies to pay more overtime to workers.

The long-term pet project of the Economic Policy Institute, or EPI, now may be put into action following President Obama’s executive order last week instructing the Labor Department to consider revising overtime pay regulations affecting millions of Americans.

In January, the EPI recommended that Obama use the Labor Department to change overtime rules.

Soros’ Open Society Institute is a major donor to EPI. The multi-billionaire hedge-fund manager is known for his strong influence on American politics and culture through his massive funding of left-wing causes. He also has played a key role in the toppling of regimes worldwide.

Apparently in fulfillment of EPI’s proposal, Obama signed an executive order March 13 directing the Labor Department to propose rules aimed at salaried workers who make more than $455 a week. Obama wants overtime pay for workers who currently are ineligible because they are designated as management even though their supervisory duties are minimal.

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