New Google tool reveals worldwide censorship Data

“Google, like other technology and telecommunications companies, regularly receives demands from government agencies to remove content from our services. Of course, many of these requests are entirely legitimate, such as requests for the removal of child pornography. We also regularly receive requests from law enforcement agencies to hand over private user data… However, data about these activities historically has not been broadly available. We believe that greater transparency will lead to less censorship.”

Internet users can now see how many times their government has asked the powerful Google search engine to remove content, or reveal information about those who use its services.

Google has rolled out a new tool to reveal to the “average Joe” the number of governments’ requests to censor information and to release data about Google users. Dubbed “Government Requests,” an explanation of the new technology appears on a separate page posted by the company.

Google added a disclaimer on the site noting that the map showing the number of such requests received between July 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009 was “imperfect and may not provide a complete picture of these government requests.”

US Among Top Censors, Israel at Bottom of List In the latter half of 2009, the United States filed the fourth highest number of requests to remove information, according to Google, and came in second on the list of governments asking the Internet company for information about its users.

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