Is Google running the world (or Trying To)?

Whoever controls the gates of the Internet and the flow of its information controls the world — and right now, Google, with its massive reach, is in control.

But the immense — and growing — power of America’s search giant poses risks for privacy and competition, and raises the question, Is Google too big?

Newsmax magazine’s special report “Google vs. Everyone” offers an in-depth look at the online empire that the Times of London dubbed “the fastest-growing company in the history of the world,” a behemoth that logs 2 billion searches a day, controls 69 percent of the online ad market, and has a value greater than the gross domestic product of nations such as New Zealand, Kuwait, and Ukraine.

And with control of about 70 percent of the U.S. Internet search market, Google is in a unique position to determine the destiny of individuals, corporations and America itself.

The new issue of Newsmax magazine also features Fox News analyst Dick Morris’ “Magic 10” — the 10 Senate races Morris says the GOP can and must win to gain control of the U.S. Senate.

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