‘Humiliate Christians until they convert’

Sermon by Salafi Islamist leader in UK details the bullying tactics advocated by global jihadists in the pursuit of an ‘Islamic State’.
Ari Soffer

In a sermon earlier this year, a British Islamist leader outlined how under an “Islamic State” Christians and other non-Muslims would be systematically humiliated and persecuted to encourage their women and children to convert to Islam.

Abu Walid, an Islamist affiliated with the hardline Salafi stream, cited sources in the hadith (Islamic teachings outside of the Koran, based on the words of Mohammed’s companions) which detailed how the “People of the Book” – referring to Jews and Christians – were to be treated as second-class citizens, or dhimmis, if they chose not to convert to Islam.

Those measures include, among other things: being forced to walk on the narrower side of the street to Muslims, shaving their foreheads, wearing red belts around their necks, being forced to wear odd shoes and only being allowed to travel sideways on donkeys.

The aim is essentially to bully them into accepting Islam – or at the very least to encourage their children and wives to leave them to escape humiliation.
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