Hit the Road Barack: Newsweek cover calls out president on policy promises and proclaims all-but-certain Republican victory

article-2190982-149FBBD7000005DC-99_634x857British writer – who worked for John McCain in 2008 – bashes Barack Obama’s years of ‘failed’ policy Calls for new era of Romney/Ryan

By Emily Anne Epstein

Appearing on the cover of Newsweek, Barack Obama looks coy, half-smiling, half-surprised, gracefully clutching his suit jacket slung over his shoulder.

It might appear to be some sort of watch advertisement were it not for Niall Ferguson’s blazing headline ‘Hit the Road, Barack: Why We Need a New President.’

The article sizes him up on his economic and foreign relations accomplishments, as well as announces the rise of his apparent new nemesis: Paul Ryan. 

Niall Ferguson, a British professor of history at Harvard University, relies heavily on the idea of promises to lampoon Barack Obama into submission – a surprising argument for the historically liberal, and pro-Obama publication.


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