Global governance hidden inside Obamatrade

Suzanne Hamner
Everyone in Congress is either brain-dead, an idiot, insane or they are actively working to destroy the United States while thumbing their nose at every citizen in the nation. It has to be the latter as the Senate voted on Friday to allow Obama “fast-track” authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), aka Obamatrade. It has now gone to the House where Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is pressuring the GOP majority leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to delay the fast-track on Obamatrade.

Breitbart exclusively obtained the letter Hunter wrote McCarthy. In it, Hunter asks McCarthy to “slow down and consider the ramifications of what it is doing.”
In the letter to McCarthy, Hunter wrote, “I write to you today to request that you delay any vote on fast-track authority for the Executive until the President has made public all text and information pertaining to the new economic union known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission, as well as the ‘Living Agreement’ authority. My concern is that this allows the President and the members of the union to change the agreement and its membership following adoption.” 
Hunter has a valid point. It seems very few in the House or the Senate have even read the bill. Those who have are under a “gag” order they voluntarily participate in by signing a non-disclosure statement while ignoring their oath of office. These individuals are voting to basically “pre-approve” a trade deal that no one knows exactly what is in it and a deal that could change after “fast-track” approval. In other words, our representatives are committing the taxpayer to a deal they haven’t read and the people know nothing about except what has been leaked.
What is known about in the TPP is the “Living Agreement” which means that Obama and the other TPP nations could admit any other nation into the “collective” without having to seek approval from Congress. It also means that Obama could outsource huge portions and control of the US economy, which would include the internet, to foreign governments and foreign regulators. Obama has already confirmed that China is interested in entering the TPP. If the House follows the Senate and approves the fast-track authority for Obamatrade, which will guarantee the TPP approval. China could enter the TPP, which means China would be empowered thereby undermining the United States.

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