First pornographic app for Google Glass set to launch ‘within days’

article-0-19D2C74E000005DC-891_634x372MiKandi reportedly confirmed it is already making content
Comes after porn directors pledged to explore ‘full potential’ of technology
Likely to be embarrassing revelation for Google over the technology
Glass has already been banned in some cafes, cinemas and casinos in U.S.

By Daniel Bates and Amanda Williams

Porn could come to Google Glass as early as this week, with the first X- rated app set to be launched for those who have the £1,000 gadget.

Porn directors last week announced plans to use Google Glass eyewear for X-rated films to explore the ‘full potential’ of the technology.
Now the Android adult app store MiKandi has reportedly confirmed it is already making content to be viewed on the wearable computer, and it could ready within the next few days.
Excited: Porn directors are looking forward to trying out Google Glasses as a new way to shoot adult films. Here Google co-founder Sergey Brin poses in a pair the highly coveted technology
It is likely to be another embarrassing revelation for Google, which has faced somewhat of a backlash over their latest technology.

Cafe owners, cinemas and strip clubs in the US have already announced they are banning the technology from their premises out of respect for customer’s privacy.
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