Electro-Magnetic Pulse – an increasing danger

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Islamic terror organizations supported by Iran, the same ones who keep planning massive terror attacks, are once again considering a type of attack that could paralyze infrastructure systems across an entire nation.

It seems like all efforts go towards stopping the Iranian nuclear program – Israeli efforts, since the world has come to terms with Tehran having nuclear weapons. However, the Iranian-supported organizations, who consider the U.S. and Israel enemies to be destroyed, also present other threats.

While the world is doing nothing, and not just against the Iranian nuclear threat, there is another threat that is generally ignored. In the past it looked like Israel and other countries started to prepare for the threat, but in the current chaos it seems to have been neglected.

The following scenario was formed by American intelligence experts – according to them the threat is more serious than ever. A cargo ship, according to the scenario, might enter a port in the U.S., Europe or Israel. One of its holds opens, and a short-range missile is launched. The missile is tipped with a relatively small nuclear warhead, that will go off at the highest point in the missile’s trajectory. The result: a total shutdown of a country’s electronic, communications and control systems. The effect will cover many American states simultaneously, or an entire nation in the case of countries smaller than the U.S.

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