Does Germany really want to lead the EU?

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Germany’s leading role in the euro crisis is provoking resentment in other EU countries

This raises the question of whether the country wants to maintain its role in the event that the deeper EU integration German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for actually comes about, Eric Gujer writes in the liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

“The thankless task of watchdog will almost automatically fall to Germany; only it has the necessary economic and political clout. The new question for Germany is therefore also whether Berlin really wants to be forced into the role of headmaster, constantly admonishing partners who live beyond their means and putting them under pressure. The future structure of the EU depends on the far-sightedness of Germany policy: whether it becomes a robust entity based on nation states in which each member assumes responsibility for itself, or a supranational construction that requires constant supervision by a supreme power. The second option can’t be in Germany’s interest because disciplinarians may be necessary, but they’re also unpopular.”

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